Lin discovered that small nuclear protectors have a certain’ resonance’ with each other before, and they can know each other’s life or death. Lin feels that this resonance can be known even if it is far away.
Thinking about Lin entered the square dream.
This is a very narrow place. There is a gate, and this door was given by Lin. Now, even if it is connected to the mayor’s brain, it can reach the mayor’s brain.
Lynn already knows how to control this square dream, because there is a middle bolt control part that can adjust all kinds of things in the square dream.
At last, the little nuclear protector who was left here by Lin shouted, "What left me in this unguarded place?"
Lynn didn’t talk to it, but flew over and the fluff poked it.
"How dare you attack me? I’m going to be angry!"
Lin paid no attention to what it said, but stabbed it several times in a row and wrapped it around to make it struggle even harder.
"Our companion was attacked!" "Where is it?" Sure enough, the little nuclear protectors who were afraid of the sea reacted, and now they flew out of the sea, and Lin woke up from her dream and paid attention to the star bus.
It seems that … received some.
When the nuclear protectors perceive each other’s pain, they will send signals along with the star bus to immediately "send perception" to places near the kingdom of God at a long distance.
Generally speaking, sending perception is to judge what is at the destination, but because of the special signal tower, once it senses the dream energy, the signal tower will capture it.
And then analyze the star bus nervous system to know …
Chapter six hundred and seventy-one Gather together
"Do you feel it?" "It’s that place that’s boiling and it’s going to burn." "What are you talking about?" "Interesting things" "Describe things there" "Where is it?" "A special place"
….. This is a green land.
It’s also a place in the world called fluffy ball.
Several creatures in this land are looking at the blue sky and exchanging their information with each other.
They seem to feel something. What is it?
At the same time, Lin also felt something.
Not long ago, Lin’s small nuclear protectors communicated with each other, and at the same time, the star bus was sent to detect and detected the messages sent by these small nuclear protectors.
Of course, we also detected their location on one side, the location of the mayor’s office of the nuclear guardian, and on the other side, it was … far away.
That place should be the floating island host gathering place. According to the analysis of star bus nervous system, the coordinates of sending there have been known.
The coordinate distance … Lin’s arms are all very far away, but the continuous message should still be able to arrive soon.
Then Lin decided to send the starting position to the divine land, because the place with a pile of floating rocks is the closest area to the target.
Lin decided to let craken send it there directly. Of course, there are still many arms left in this place. Lin has decided to build a base on a floating rock and continue to explore the floating rock area
Lin thinks it’s about time to go and have a look at the black fog in the middle, but let’s get together first
Thinking of wandering in the rock area, craken’s figure disappeared instantly and sent it continuously, and there was nothing in it.
Then it goes on to send it to a place.
Now Lin has confirmed that it will not be sent to a dangerous place. Generally speaking, it is in vain, or something that is not dangerous will be seen, or near the star but not dangerous. Lin thinks this is caused by the’ subconscious’ of controlling the sending nerve system, but the details are not clear at present.
If it will appear in a dangerous place, Lin also wants to see it
When craken sent her, Lin also took the box connecting the mayor’s head, and at the same time told the mayor a little about it.
Lin mainly wanted to see its reaction.
"What? Have you decided to visit … that host gathering place? " The mayor said he was quite surprised. "It might be quite dangerous there … and how did you get there? By the way, do you have delivery technology? Can you share this technology with us? "
"…" Lin did not answer.
"Forget it" and the mayor didn’t continue to ask it. Then he said, "If possible, don’t cut off the’ road’ in my mind. I think my personality will change if I cut off the main road."
"Do you like your present personality?" Lin doubt way
The mayor said, "Of course, I don’t want to live that kind of life, but … I’ve been having some strange feelings recently."
"Strange feeling?" Lin is puzzled. The mayor seems to want to talk to Lin about his’ worries’.
"This feeling comes from the depths of the brain … it tells me what is going to happen to the black fog in the center of the world, that is, what the’ gods’ seem to be preparing to do." The mayor’s mood is also in a very strange state …
Lynn felt that she couldn’t quite understand herself. That’s how she felt when she spoke …
Thinking of Lin asked, "Did you receive some information from your head?"
"I … can’t describe this feeling now …" The mayor said, "It’s always a vague feeling that makes me think what those’ gods’ will do …"
"According to what you told me before, the road in my mind leads to the fear sea in the host colony and those’ gods’ have a connection. I can feel that they seem to be planning something …"
"… is it?"




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