Later, because there was no money to rent a house in the city, Xu Ting, her sister, was almost frozen to death by the cold wind, and Liu Huazhi, her mother, had the cheek to go to Liu Huabiao’s house for help.
However, Liu Huabiao didn’t take in Xu Niangza, but rented them the black house in the former slum.
It was rented to them.
When Xu returned to the poor alley, he heard a sharp sarcasm before he reached the end of the alley.
"Second aunt, you really don’t blame our family for being stingy. Who’s money is not blown by the wind? This rent is paid to others for one thousand yuan a month. Isn’t it cheap enough for the rent group to pay you one hundred yuan a month? This is tianhai city! It’ s a golden city! "
This sound is mean and indifferent. You can tell that it’s your cousin who has come to demand rent again.
Before, I always put my mind on a escort with big breasts, but now it’s not what it used to be.
Xu suddenly pushed the door.
There are three people in this room at the moment.
A woman with uncomfortable legs and messy hair is beside the bed with an angry expression on her face.
This woman is surrounded by a pretty girl.
This girl is lovely and sweet, just at the age of sixteen, but her face is not as naive as her peers. She is afraid of cowardice, and her dress is very simple as a rag.
The other two are beautiful young women.
They wear gorgeous high-heeled shoes, and their beautiful faces are disdainful.
The remaining four people are covered in tattoos, gangsters and beautiful women with baseball bats behind them.
When Xu came in, all eyes were on him.
A woman cold hum a way "xu? You are just in time! I just suggested to your mother that housing prices in Tianhai City are soaring and our rent should rise from 100 to 1,500. Does your mother agree with you anyway? "
This woman wears a sexy black jumpsuit, revealing a pair of slender white legs that make men salivate, and then being set off by high heels, a tall and charming figure and a gorgeous face with a lot of expensive makeup can easily arouse men’s original desires.
She is cousin Xu Ruying.
Xu Ruying face with a sarcastic smile.
It seems that Xu has always been a coward, and every time I see her, I grovel like a man driving a bitch.
So she is confident that she will say something that will make her feel better.
Her cousin has always been a bitch.
This time, however, she was afraid of disappointment.
Xu is not what it used to be
Xu coldly looking at Xu Ruying quipped "price? Ha ha! You’re afraid it’s a drunken man who doesn’t care about the bar. You want to scare our mother away by renting at a high price so that you can sell the house to a real estate company and squeeze into their high circle, right? "
Before answering Xu Ruying, Xu looked at the woman beside her.
This woman, Xu Ruying, is a group, but she is wearing OL. She is obviously a secret clerk or a salesman. She may see a business card pinned to her chest. Although she can’t see her face, the most important word is "production"
Xu Ruying just said that housing prices in major regions will rise. This slum area must have been taken a fancy to by many developers.
This OL woman’s business card label on her chest must be "real estate"
Xu Ruying, like her father, is bent on higher circles.
Xu Ruying’s idea was cleared up in a moment.
After saying this, Xu sighed and had to feel that he could have such clear logic because his IQ index was also limited and rose to 1.
At this moment, I obviously didn’t expect Xu to answer like this. Xu Ruying was surprised and said, "How do you know this?"
Xu Han snorted, "I not only know this, but also know that you didn’t bring these gangsters here to deal with me because I have always been weak and listened to you like a wagging dog. Did you bring these gangsters to throw my mother out?"
Xu Ruying’s face turned red with anger because Xu said it was right.
The OL girl with hot body and outstanding temperament also looked at Xu in shock.
Now she really wants to ask Xu Ruying, is this really the loser cousin in your mouth? Can a loser observe things so carefully and thoroughly? Is this the thinking logic of a waste? If such people are rubbish, there will probably be no wise people at the end of the day!
At this time, Xu Ruying, whose mask was exposed, became angry from embarrassment.
"What are you four still doing? Don’t throw these people and things out? "
The four ruffians and hooligans cried and smiled and raised their baseball bats.
Xu sneered, "Believe me, if you dare to go any further, you will have to go out sideways."
Xu Ruying laughed sarcastically.
OL women also think that Xu’s cowhide is a little too big.
LiuHuaZhi shouted "hurry up, you don’t go, you can’t run away! Don’t be brave! "
Make a promise not to move
Four local ruffians and hooligans gave a bad smile.
"Yo-ho, it’s the first time that our brothers have encountered such a force expert. Let’s show you today …"
The speaker turned into a black shadow and flew out without even saying a complete sentence.
The other three people gaped and didn’t react.
For a moment, the three of them glanced at each other, picked up a baseball bat and smashed it at Xu.
"Bang bang!"
Don’t say that these three gangsters didn’t even come to see how Xu attacked. These three guys add up to at least 360 pounds and have already followed the footsteps of the first person and been easily kicked out.
They really went out sideways.
The room was horribly silent.
Everyone’s eyes widened.
The fourth chapter gambling village
Xu Ruying, OL girl, Liu Huazhi and Xu Ting never thought that this scene would appear.
They never thought that the four gangsters with fairly good fighting capacity actually went out sideways.
They never thought that Xu, a loser, could do such incredible things.
When did Xu become so smart?
When did Xu become so powerful?
Liu Huazhi suddenly found that his son suddenly became mighty, like a great hero guarding his home!
Xu Ting’s reason may be that the loser didn’t take the responsibility. Every day, she was so fascinated by the big-breasted escort that she couldn’t find herself. She especially hated Xu Xian’s sweet and beautiful face, but she was so surprised that she almost burst into tears.
Xu blunt Xu Ruying cold hum a was about to mind suddenly broke into a mechanized sound.
"In view of the success of the host’s pretending to attract fans, the three people pretend to increase their experience and start the function."
"Host Xu"
"level idiot level 2"
"Experience 75/1 (note five experience values for a fan)"
Suddenly, Tathagata was about to get angry, as if he had punched cotton and almost spit out an old blood.




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