Ten thousand broken stars in the broken star city intelligence sales point can get the real-time update of the surrounding star fields. The patrol map is cheap!
"A dead horse is a living horse doctor and orders the fleet to turn to this coordinate!" Finally Beckman gritted his teeth and decided to gamble!
Seven days later …
Beckman and others fleet was almost bitten by the fifth fleet pursuers and plunged into the periphery of the broken star domain!
As soon as the two fleets chased and fled, they successively entered the broken star domain, and then they all came to a sudden stop!
Because in front of them impressively is a ticket embattled warships and surrounded by many mecha group!
"Who are you who dare to break into my ghost pirate site? Are all my tens of thousands of brothers vegetarians?"
Mechanical worm "…"
Familiar with the field, familiar with the taste …
Chapter five hundred and ninety-nine Stealing
Suddenly, the pirate group startled both sides and immediately made a warning gesture.
However, although the two fleets stepped on the brakes, the inertia of high-speed navigation still made them plunge into the ambush circle carefully arranged by Yun Nie
Behind the fifth fleet, it’s okay. The Beckman residual fleet in front is almost completely surrounded and can’t come if you want to retreat.
Beckman and his gang suddenly lost their minds. Now there are wolves in front and tigers in the back. They have almost made dumplings. With their dozen warships, there are not enough enemies on both sides to charge.
"Is this where Alsace gave the coordinates?" Beckman forehead sweat way
"It’s … it’s right here!" The adjutant swallowed.
"Damn it! It was a trap. That Arthas guy dared to set up friendly troops with his eyes open! " Beckman’s first thought was that he had been cheated.
But he couldn’t figure out what good it was for Arthas except to leave a handle.
Beckman’s side is surprised and angry, but the Fifth Fleet has sent a communication reply.
"The Lok Consortium’s idle people will retreat immediately!"
The tone is very arrogant. It seems that you have not paid attention to the pirate group opposite.
It is normal for them to have such confidence. Kinloch is the most powerful Lord in the nearby star domain, and it is also the gold master behind the black sails pirate group. Apart from the seven pirate groups, there are really few pirate groups who dare to offend them.
This is also the reason why they dare to chase directly into the broken star domain with hundreds of warships.
"Locke consortium? Ha ha! Sorry, when you enter the old site, you have an identity, that is, prey! Give you three minutes to put your belongings in the middle, or you will be ready for fire! "
The fifth fleet across the street was silent for a long time. Obviously, I didn’t expect that this little pirate group across the street, who had never heard of its name, would dare to be so arrogant.
This is obviously a bump in the head!
"You are a new pirate? Haven’t heard the name of Locke consortium, you should know the seven pirate groups black sails, right? If you continue to obstruct our pursuit of foreign language fugitives, you will be strangled by our joint efforts with black sails! " The fifth fleet threatened
The pirates on the other side are scattered in formation and can afford the word "United Ukraine", but this is the other side’s territory, and no one knows whether the other side still has his ambush or reinforcements.
In addition, just now, after the Beckman sea storm class fleet fought a battle, the fleet mecha units have suffered heavy losses. Once this complex terrain is out of control, it means that everyone is white.
The history of the encirclement and suppression fleet has taught everyone that it is absolutely unwise to fight a group of pirates in the broken star domain.
Black sails?’ There seems to be some scruples in the opposite direction, but I didn’t let go immediately. "In this case, I will sell black sails and leave this small fleet. You can go!"
"No, this fleet is our target!"




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