This is that b proof of "unification"
These scorpions are slowly losing their individuality, and their ability to act in unison and cooperate will become stronger and stronger.
They try their best to keep their consciousness awake. This kind of effort is to constantly say some small words to ensure that their personality does not disappear.
But they are quite difficult to maintain …
And the reason for this problem … Lin thinks it may be a virus.
If there are no external brain waves affecting them, they are dead. They may be infected with some viruses that affect them when they create viruses.
For example, the’ Abyss Alliance’ virus can make marine organisms combine and may also have some special effects on scorpions.
The simplest way to deal with this problem in practice is for individuals to pull each scorpion hundreds of meters apart. If there is no contact with their companions, it will not be unified
But now it seems that they are not going to do that, but continue to attack the sea of clouds together.
Lin feels that even if they are unified, they will continue to fight because there is nothing to control the scorpion. It is the scorpion that has formed a kind of’ group consciousness’
After they are unified, this consciousness will take over the whole scorpion community, and it will definitely continue to do what the former scorpions want to do.
Then the alliance between the scorpion and the abyss may be stronger …
At the same time, the imam continued to do his own thing …
Monte III, the secret room of the college, is still trapped. The dean of the room took all the eggs it laid to do some strange experiments.
Soon after, Monte III stopped laying eggs, but the imam had obtained enough experiments.
Some experiments have hatched into small species of Azteca, which are more than 10 centimeters long. They are now in deep rooms and put in transparent cans …
"The first test failed and the target didn’t respond. Go to the second test."
A group of white skeleton dragons are around the tank to test the arms inside. Their test is to feed some strange things to these insects.
These things were developed by the imam himself.’ Brain wave medicine’ is actually a pheromone. After the Aztecs eat them, their brain structure will be affected, so that they may obey the imam’s orders …
The imam’s aim is to change the arms of Monte III into other arms, but it is not very smooth at present. These arms have strongly rejected its medicine, and each arm has not been affected.
After each failure, the imam made more different drugs to try to change this situation.
But it seems very difficult to succeed because most of its drugs are taken by atmospheric organisms, and atmospheric organisms rarely contain those powerful toxins …
At the same time, the imam continued to try to persuade Monte III to join it, but Monte III never spoke again …
There seems to be no special reason for the imam to do these things, mainly because he doesn’t want to be controlled by the creator. He wants his own alloy army, but he doesn’t want to do anything with it
Lynn didn’t stop these things. Lynn always wondered if Monte III was so much like Maya, would Maya be so much like Monte III? If so, will it appear?
Where is it now? Lynn thinks it should be closer, but it is not clear if it is not free.
The war will continue soon, and then Lynn may see it.
Now Lin has some other things to deal with.
Another island far from the East China, where some Mao Yu has changed.
Here Mao Yu should be the first creature to successfully mutate into the future appearance in a dream.
Flying through the pompoms, you can see a big compost creature on the surface. These creatures are still like Mao Yu, showing a huge olive shape, but their appearance is completely different.
They are covered with solid carapace, which looks like a turtle-shaped creature, but in fact it evolved from Mao Yu, and there is a word in Lin’s mind that represents this creature-‘carved tooth beast’.
Although it looks like a turtle, there is a big difference between the’ carved-tooth beast’ and the turtle. The shell of the turtle is mainly formed by bones, while the shell of the carved-tooth beast is formed by the change of original fluff into flaky scales to some extent. They are more flexible than the turtle.
These creatures have appeared in large numbers in this island, and the island has plant food.
Because they were the first batch of Mao Yu to evolve, Lin also wanted to make the first batch of’ Moss’ on this island.
They live well here and then make them out of nothing.
Although the brave man in the dream was unwilling in every way, he chose a Lin alloy plate and saw that creature as a new body. Because he didn’t choose it, he couldn’t continue to take risks
In the dream, it is gradually getting familiar with this body, and it is getting familiar with it quite quickly because of its close size.
After the brave test, Lin created the first batch of’ Moss’ in reality.
Their shape is the same as that of alloy plate creatures, and the number of males and females is equal, so that they can live a normal life here.
Because of their personalities … it should be more interesting than usual.
In the dream, Lin selected some special moss to become this new and new creature.
But it’s not just Moss. There are also some … White skeleton dragons.
This is not a white skeleton dragon living in the sea of clouds, but some relatively’ gentle’ dragons selected by Lin a long time ago. Lin can make them into new creatures through pre-research methods, and Lin also wants to add some other creatures
This can cause many interesting situations, but the most important thing is their ability to live in virtual life …
Chapter two hundred and fourteen Virtual brigade
Lin doesn’t feel this way now, although Lin’s attention is empty now
A virtual organism, to be exact …
Every race in the eastern continent has done its own thing and worked hard, but nothing major has happened to them at present, and it is not time to fight.
Dust devils are called in the scorpion desert. These dust demons seem to be scattered all over the desert. Besides them, there are some other … weird creatures.
The golden statues stayed in the sea of clouds of white skeleton dragons, where they built fortifications and taught the white skeleton dragons to make some new weapons.
The imam is still screwing Monte III.
It seems that it is in a relatively peaceful stage at present, so before the war started, Lin’s attention turned to a very distant virtual reality
It has been more than ten days and nights since the’ virtual iceberg’ left the meteorite group. Although it is virtual day and night, Lin has lost sight of this creature in the meteorite group after so long.
Generally speaking, some new stargazers can see a long distance, and they can also use some special detection methods to identify those hidden star light targets.
But for this iceberg stargazer, he soon lost his goal.




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