It’s still the usual place. At this time, the instructor, Ape Fei Xinsuke, should pick it up from Huo Ying and get ready to go.
"What is the teacher’s broken D level today? I’m tired of pulling weeds and hoeing all day!"
Still wearing a windbreaker and a net bag, Little Red Bean ate Chiba and bought glutinous rice pills, but she was dissatisfied with the original graduation and followed orochimaru. She didn’t do it. I didn’t expect to spend two months chatting with Jidu in the D-class.
It’s red beans with their mouths full of food, and their words are a little vague
The ape-flying new assistant laughed with a mysterious expression. "You guessed wrong this time. As you wish, the mid-endurance selection exam is here this year."
Eating red beans opened their eyes wide and their hearts beat. "Oh, have you finally arrived? !”
I don’t know what I remembered, but Shinsuke Ape sighed, "I’ve passed the Zhongren Selection Examination, and I’ve recommended you three to Lord Huo Ying in my name, and I have to be careful and go all out this time."
He said to himself that there have been many great events in Konoha this year. Kyubi no Youko riots and Uchihiro are suspected of sacrificing his father for four generations, and he was ordered to continue to bear the shadow of fire. His village will surely find out the truth and falsehood through this forbearance selection exam.
Just now, the three generations have said that all the ninjas who have the strength and endurance must show their strong side to his village. It is natural for their team to have such excellent ninjas as Shuishui and Hongdou to be the first to attend.
Chiba doesn’t know if he can win, although he tries hard to remember it vividly, but the road of ninja is very difficult and bumpy, which doesn’t mean that hard work can surpass talent.
"This is the application form. Do you think about joining?" Shinsuke Ape sent the form to three people.
"Red beans, why are you so happy than taking pills? Do you want to participate?"
Chiba teased Red Bean Road
Red beans wrinkled Joan’s nose and hummed, "Hum, of course, it’s not as delicious as glutinous rice pills, but I like them best, but I just join your group and take the Zhongren selection exam, otherwise why would I come?"
She frowned. "Aren’t you going to attend? This time "
Generally speaking, three people participate in the Zhongren Selection Examination. If someone in the group quits for some reason, they can temporarily join others, but the tacit understanding of the group is insufficient due to temporary joining, which leads to the failure of the Zhongren Selection Examination.
Red beans are very much like Chiba, but because they are not as reluctant as Chiba, after all, Chiba’s strength is still there. The strength of the crane tail has been hard enough, but whether it can pass the Zhongren selection exam is another matter.
Chapter 12 the examination of forbearance selection
"I, of course, I …"
Just as Chiba was talking, a long-lost message suddenly appeared in my mind.
"drop! When triggering this period, the host’s low-key exercise to increase strength is contrary to the unified release of Uchibo’s glory plan, but the host is also a blockbuster. It is understandable, but how can a host of all major countries participate in the public examination and how can Uchibo not participate in hanging ninjas from all over the world! "
"Therefore, it is released in a unified way-taking part in the sub-forbearance selection exam to show Uchihiro’s elegant demeanor, winning the award of Qi Dan Gou Yu sharingan, and ultimately winning the award of Qi Shuang Gou Yu sharingan if the first place in the host exam is won. After the punishment fails, the host Mimi becomes a D cup for a week."
As soon as Chiba heard that I would take the China Tolerance Selection Examination, I refused. I can’t say that I will take the China Tolerance Selection Examination for the first time. After all, my strength there is only the quasi-China Tolerance level.
In the later generations, no one was embarrassed to take the forbearance selection exam.
However, Red Bean said that she would take part in Chiba, and that moral integrity shame system awarded her a reward for refusing-Kai sharingan was a double hook and jade sharingan.
If there is no unification of Chiba, I don’t know when I can start sharingan and sharingan. The conditions are very harsh. One is strong strength, and the other is strong feelings.
When Chiba comes, its strength is not as good as that of Shuishui and Skunk. Secondly, there is no life-and-death around you. You hate me and love dog blood.
Sharingan is even far away!
And if Chiba can own sharingan, it will not be a one-sided situation for stopping water.
It’s that perverted shame system, as always. What do you mean, Mimi becomes a D-cup old man? Is it good or not? Is it so ambiguous with Red Bean sister?
If red beans see their D cups, they must not scold themselves to death.
Combining advantages and disadvantages, Chiba is determined to participate! If you fail, you will commit suicide. It’s a joke. It’s a big deal to pretend to be sick for a week and say that you are sick and neither of you will meet.
"Of course I’ll take part, even if I kill you with red beans!"
Chiba Masayoshi’s words are so shameful.
Seeing the shame of Chiba, Shinsuke teacher ha ha smiled, raised his thumb and raised his eyebrows, which means that you are as small as I was; Stop water as calm as water, and your face is not shaking a few times; Red beans, on the other hand, are blushing regardless of whether Chiba said it was really moved or not. The little face is very cute.
"All right, let’s cut short the gossip. Because this Zhongren selection exam is of great significance, Huoying decided to let everyone prepare for it 15 days later. I hope everyone can fully prepare and fill out the form before signing up."
The next day, Chiba three people went to the registration office to prepare the completed form for the workers.
Chiba just entered the door, and it was crowded with people who came to register. Some of them knew their classmates in Chiba, and some of them had graduated for several years, such as red beans.
They looked up and saw Chiba coming in with a registration form. People who didn’t know each other directly looked at each other, but they were surprised and whispered to each other.
"What? That crane tail actually came to sign up. "
"I was lucky enough to graduate from school and become a forbearance. How dare I take the forbearance selection exam in less than a few months?"
"Who knows? Maybe somebody else’s forbearance selection exam is as simple as taking a three-body exam. I bet he can’t even know a simple fire escape technique. "
Chiba ignored these gossips, but before Chiba went to the desk, money came up to an ugly boy with a forehead guard.
This is the dog Zhang Zhenfei!
Chiba and Shimizu are among the best in their graduation exams.
After seeing Chiba, Zhang Zhenfei, the dog, made no secret of showing a look of contempt and walked straight over.
"What’s the matter?"
Chiba looked at the dog Zhang Zhenfei frowning slightly and asked calmly.
Eye-catching people knew that this fellow was looking for trouble, but Chiba didn’t show fear, but counted and dealt with it.
Chiba is no longer the timid Chiba before, nor does it depend on cramming to graduate from the crane tail, but after all, this is an office that can be as quiet as possible.
When the dog Zhang Zhenfei comes, he is condescending. He usually stares at Chiba with his nostrils proudly.
"You are a crane tail also come to see in the selection exam? Are you insulting us geniuses? Go back and pull your grass. Don’t delay everyone here. "
"Let you take part in it. It’s a Muye man. It’s a multi-country joint selection exam. It’s not your luck to pass the graduation exam."
I don’t give Chiba a a hard time humiliating Chiba. Chiba is angry and funny. You are Zhou Jie. You can judge people by your nostrils.
I’m afraid I’m sure he’s not the only one who thinks so. There must be someone behind me, or I’ll scare the dog to death with Uchibo’s name.
This fellow is posing for trouble. Obviously, he can’t get rid of Chiba’s heart, but he is more calm.
At the same time, Chiba quickly pondered over her long-term low-key exercise and supposedly didn’t provoke any talents.
Don’t …
Chiba suddenly remembered yesterday’s events. Last night, Uchihiro called a family meeting to encourage ethnic teenagers to see Zhong Ren’s selection exam. Uchihiro won glory.




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