"Want to know where things are?" The person stared at by Gao He finally couldn’t hold back his eyebrows and provoked a demonstration. "If you kneel to call grandpa now, I will tell you!" I’m in the hands of others, but it seems that these guys don’t have any fear and panic. Is there anything to rely on?
"To be honest, I don’t want to know!" Gao He faintly responded that the man was shackled and tied to a metal chair to move Gao He and squat down to be as tall as him. "I am very interested in something about you!"
The man who stretched out his right hand carefully touched the place where the magic weapon was hidden, as if he didn’t feel anything. The face showed a look of pain, but he kept holding back until Gao He tore his finger and put up with the pain. Then he simply said, "You have the guts to kill me!"
Gao He shook his head. It seems that this is not the case. You can think about it carefully. At that time, the details seemed to be the left hand. It should be the left hand. The left hand and what top metal the elder sent covered the skin surface of the left hand like a liquid.
Sad breath left hand like a sword penetrated the man’s flesh and blood, and everyone seemed to see a ghost. A square in his eyes and expression was pulled out. Take a closer look. It was the size of a metal brick. As something was taken out by Gao He, the man seemed to be stunned as if he had experienced a torture.
Gao He was surprised to see him like this. He turned to look at the guy who grabbed the chalcedony and was crushed by Gao He and took the sword away. "You are very good, and the situation is even more powerful than your companion."
Ice evil spirit seems to be some cleanliness, frowning from Gao He’s hand, holding the square with two fingers and rushing to a faucet next to it, then picking it up and studying it for a long time, shaking his head. "The poor quality is far from worth mentioning." After making this very frustrating conclusion, he casually threw things into the corner box as if it were really a brick.
The other two people watched all this happen. When the first injured companion came back, the magic weapon was lost. Everyone was caused by the destructive damage to his palm. But now all this happened in front of his own eyes. Everyone can’t believe that this subversive concept of practice will appear in front of him.
When Gao He walked to the third person, it seemed that the person was still immersed in shock, and even some people forgot to resist. However, the last guy had a genial smile that he was forced to launch a magic weapon regardless of his body being detained, and a flash of colorful brilliance firmly protected that guy’s body.
It turned out to be a magic weapon for protection. I didn’t see what it was, but I didn’t care much about the ice. I also despised this guy’s magic weapon and let the limp guy go straight to the last person.
It’s like Gao He is carrying some horrible virus. Even though his body is imprisoned, this guy who has offered a magic weapon is still heartbroken. His body keeps wriggling to say something, but he can find a suitable expression to make some simple words in his mouth. Hehe, his wounds quickly burst and blood flowed out, but there is no feeling that he is watching Gao He come over and his figure keeps twisting.
"Bang" Gao He hit it with his right hand with 50% strength. The strength of Gao He’s fist is not the same as when he finished the recruit training. Even if he just mastered Zhenyuan, it won’t be eleven now, but this punch to the colorful mask is shaking for a few times.
"Don’t make another mistake, you should probably estimate the strength of yourself and your opponent." Ice is very irresponsible and awake at will
Gao He nodded. This time, the force blow took Tao Zhenyuan’s one punch to go without sound. The whole colorful Guanghua was shattered, and the little broken light dissipated. The imprisoned guy promptly passed out without saying a word of blood.
Without Guanghua protector, Gaohe easily came to his side by the same method. A delicate Yuhuan was taken out by Gaohe and cleaned. It is estimated that the jade quality is very good if it is put on the market. Although it is not as precious as chalcedony, it is also a top-level Yuhuan surface. It is also carved with wisps of exquisite patterns, which vaguely flashes a fresh breath. It looks like a good thing. It is estimated that the magic weapon body and method are particularly powerful because of the poor skill of the owner.
"If you have good things, you have to rob others!" Gao He looked at the guy who was in a coma and gave Yuhuan a cold hum. He took it and didn’t look at it. He threw it directly into the piece of metal, which made Gao He nervous. This thing is now a military property. If it damages parents, their losses will be great.
The third person had already fallen into a state of sluggishness, and Gaohe solved his abnormal ability with little trouble. Four people completely lost their resistance.
It took less than half an hour to completely solve the problem of four armed men and verify Gao He’s new ability. The harvest was that one person was injured, vomited blood and fell into a coma. Two people were paralyzed because of the magic weapon. One person was too stimulated to watch all this happen, but Gao He had a metal block, a Yuhuan and a ribbon in his box.
Gao He thought about these things for a long time and decided not to give them to parents. Their research is heavy enough. If you get these things, you will be distracted, but it will be bad. Finally, you decide to take them out. That piece of metal is as sealed as the sword not long ago, and you should bring them to parents. Of course, it is necessary to report to the general.
Chalcedony was not found, but four people were caught less. Whether we can find chalcedony depends on the military’s ability to interrogate experts by torture. Gao He didn’t feel at ease. Anyway, it was something he had donated. I believe that after such a time, there will be a gap in the psychological endurance of four people. If the military can find it, it may be ecstatic. If it can’t find them, it doesn’t find its own reasons.
This time, General Zhao Qi was kind enough to bring Gao He a very unpleasant holiday again. Although he was very happy with Miss Rose Rose, it was far from diluting the trouble caused to Gao He by this incident. Panther had told Gao He that all the rich people in the hotel who were temporarily isolated did not ask the soldiers who were in charge of interrogating them about Gao He’s identity. It is estimated that when they came out, they would go crazy looking for Major Camel.
Of course, these high cranes won’t be at ease with General Zhao Qi. Those people just turn over the whole army, and they won’t know their information unless the general wants to.
Although the chalcedony incident has been solved, it is just one of many deeds of Gaohe’s holiday nemesis. The real Gaohe has no clue yet. It seems that the clue has reached the array law. There is nothing here except the portrait thirty years ago.
What should I do next? The general came to give Gaohe a rest, and now he can barely say that he has had a rest. It’s been less than almost a week. I wonder if there is any news from the Intelligence Bureau and the Chief of Police.
It’s hard to say for the time being, but it’s not the first time for Gao He, an intelligence agency, to close it, and he has his own acquaintances and special documents to give him a high-level inquiry limit. It’s easy to find Chen Zhihao, the Chen Zhihao base of Gua Wang. At that time, the intelligence director specially assigned Gao He to contact the intelligence agency personnel after learning that Gao He was in charge of the investigation, and he could look for him except what he wanted to investigate this portrait.
It’s a pity that even the so-called well-connected investigation department of the Intelligence Bureau has no news yet. Chen Zhihao is very resistant to telling Gao He the fact that it is not easy to find a needle in a haystack from a population of hundreds of billions 30 years ago. How many Gao He can’t be too demanding, and he is somewhat discouraged from the Intelligence Bureau base.
According to Chen Zhihao’s estimation, it will be about a month before the preliminary results can be obtained. But what are you doing at this time? If you go back, you will be bombarded by parents and generals in turn. Now Gaohe is also smart. There must be no good place to go back before finding the chalcedony. It is better to wander outside and wait for news.
Don’t you wander around for a month and wait for everything? Gao Heshi is not content to talk and stretch out his hand and touch out his things. Look at the ice evil necklace one by one, and now it’s different. It’s strange to be seen by the ice evil. It seems that he has equipment to go back and study one left.
However, Gao He’s eyes soon fell in love with a special chip, which is a standard interface high encryption chip. He gave it to Gao He after he captured Gussakent at that time. Now there is no news anywhere. Why not go to this place to see it?
Chapter one hundred and forty-one Secret base ()
Ice evil spirit has got something that can be studied, and no longer notes what Gao He does. Looking at this identity chip, Gao He hesitated for a long time, not knowing whether he should go and see it or not.
I have not reported to the Gaohe soldiers, especially the special soldiers, that they are disloyal to their loyalty to the people. Why should we continue to go like this? However, the sacrifice of 3 million soldiers sent by the military department also made Gao He realize that the current army or the joint parliament is not the real embodiment of the people’s will.
This idea makes Gao He feel better, but from the bottom of my heart, I still can’t get rid of my betrayal from my heart. Do you really want to go?
What if someone else finds out? Gao He believes that although parents have said that their private warships have no positioning and tracking equipment, if they also believe that Gao He is not a high crane but a high pig, although Gao He is now in the A3 level limit, the general is still a soldier with special abilities in their eyes. This ability is a shock to anyone, and mastering his whereabouts should be the most direct way, so even if he wants to go, he may not be able to be bold and aboveboard.
According to this, it is impossible for Gaohe to visit the secret planet base in Gassakant, but the curiosity of Gaohe can’t stop the chip method. Gassakant once said that it is good to find any communication equipment, and the chip will start automatically.
After hesitating for half a day, Gao He drove the warship to the ground and casually found a small city to let the ice evil spirit watch the warship enter the city alone. The identity chip is a standard interface that can be directly inserted into the communication equipment. Gao He did nothing, quietly waiting for the chip to start and see what reaction it would have.




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