Usually a captain creature will try to control a large number of other solidified creatures and live with them.
The captain will also grow up slowly during this period
Their growth cycle is quite slow. During the growth process, they will order non-solidified creatures to collect and collect the light scraps … The captain will select some special creatures to let the light scraps’ infect’ them and make them form new captains.
But captains are not fertile. They can make more captains with light chips … If there is no light chips, their number will not increase and will slowly die out.
But captain creatures can live for a long time, and they don’t pay much attention to their offspring.
It may be because of this characteristic that these creatures were specially chosen as the captain of the death battleship.
Captain creatures have a very … long’ growth period’. They will grow slowly in the long years, and at the same time, their volume will become bigger and bigger, and their’ mental ability’ will become stronger and stronger.
And how big a captain can grow seems to be related to the creatures that integrate them.
It is mainly related to … the’ thinking’ of fusion organisms.
The stronger the thinking ability of this creature, the bigger the captain can grow.
This kind of thinking ability refers not to intelligence, but to the degree of’ fantasy’, mainly to see how many things a thing can associate with.
Lin now there is no way to know the details clearly … After the total fusion, the original biological thinking system or the captain body will grow up according to this.
The Death Battleship … should be a warship designed by Midgart to grow together with captain creatures.
Although there are still many things we don’t know about the design of the death battleship … but in general, this kind of warship … is not like the usual warship designer who didn’t directly set up the whole warship, but created a warship’ kind’
In this species, if you grow up, you will be free, not set.
Generally speaking, the stronger the captain is, the stronger the death battleship will be. It can’ evolve’ various weapons and abilities with the captain’s growth process.
Such as the’ disintegration ray’ of the death battleship, its nature and power are influenced by the mental control of the captain. It can be said that it is a weapon that grows according to the captain’s growth.
Lynn thinks we should carefully study whether a … Death battleship grows together like a captain.
In fact, there are still many things that Lin doesn’t understand about these solidified substances … mainly because of their’ properties’
They seem to have many wonderful’ cause and effect’ and many difficult to understand.
But Lin now knows how to assemble a lot of solidified substances.
By … continuous research, Lin may be able to build one herself.
….. It’s hard to say what the death battleship will grow to.
But … it can’t grow in a limited way, and it is also affected by the captain’s growth limit.
When the captain grows to a certain degree, he will stop this degree and merge with other creatures.
For example, a group of solidified biological fusion captains with poor thinking ability can grow a little … According to this captain, the death battleship may be a disintegration ray.
But the thinking ability is very strong, and the bio-fusion captain can make the death battleship exert a lot of wonderful abilities.
Lin believes that those workers, Lille Shimin … may have come to build a captain.
The Irshman’s ability to "fantasize about the sky" is very strong. If the Irshman … fuses a captain, it may grow to a very strong level.
Although the current captains can send out signals to affect the nerves of the people, this is because they know the people … so they can send out some influence signals.
Not because they are a fusion of the people of Ershi.
But Ershimin is a normal virtual cell creature, so it should be impossible to synthesize the captain.
Simply put, solidified substances … are not composed of’ basic particles’.
The foundations are all different, and Lin feels that it is impossible to integrate them.
However, the people of Ershi can still be benefited.
It is not that they directly fuse into a captain, but that their thinking ability fuses.
All this has been … squeezing their thinking ability and pushing the imagination of these people to the limit.
Chapter two thousand two hundred and thirteen Fusion thinking
Generally speaking, it doesn’t need too complicated means to study the biological thinking of a cell.
We just need to test their brains and record all the nerve signals and various changes in them.
Or let them dream and experience all kinds of things.
Actually, that’s what Lynn usually studies.
But it seems … Midgart doesn’t think so.
Therefore, it has created all kinds of harsh and extreme things for the people of Ershi, and constantly forced them to experience them to keep thinking and imagining.
And then integrate this extreme imagination in some way and then … fuse into a captain.
Lin thinks it should be like this. In addition to replacing transpiration, these people have another function, which is to integrate the captain.
Then workers should have something to record the extreme thinking of people’s livelihood.
Lynn thinks it should be a solidified creature to record these extreme thoughts, and then this solidified creature will fuse with the captain, so it is easy to understand.
Lynn tried to find it in the park.
Now … Lin’s fluffy ball is flying. In the historical play, there used to be all kinds of new buildings here, but now … there are only ruins left.
"quick! Shoot! " You can see a group of Kirshnikovs hiding behind a charred car. They are holding weapons and shooting at each other after hiding another car next to them.
No, they’re just fighting. All kinds of bullets and explosions can be heard all over the city
What should have been a peaceful history … has now turned into a war, mainly because some new plots have been added to that Phoenix’ history’.
Moreover, this part of the plot is quite simple, that is, after the end of the cold war, the people of Ershi felt very peaceful and talked too much, so they fought with each other
….. Phoenix didn’t add any special reasons.
However, I didn’t expect this to be effective. Now this is forcing the people of Ershi to "chat and fight."
A few people in Ershi didn’t want to … so they were thrown in. Don’t suffer.




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