Kwai Yi guards around the Imperial Heaven. "Now Li Shimin is directly away from Li Valve because Li Yuan doesn’t like Li Valve to attend Wang Tong’s birthday banquet. Li Xiuning was also invited by Li Shimin and secretly took Chai Shao."
Kwai said with a hint of murder.
The eyes of the Imperial Heaven are shining with fine mans with indifferent words, "If you don’t die, you won’t die. Li Shimin Brahma Qinghui, I really want to know what cards they have, and they have challenged my bottom line several times."
Imperial heaven rises slowly with a majestic momentum of murder.
Ten years ago, after Mundus and the Buddha Emperor ended, Li Jiancheng came to Li Jiancheng with Li Xiuning. In his words, he naturally showed a hint of ingratiation, and even secretly pointed to Li Xiuning Yutian Nature. He knew what Li Jiancheng meant. This Yutian direct betrothal gift was also considered to be an agreement.
After all, it is not a big deal for the Imperial Heaven to accept the Dugu valve and the Song valve. Of course, the Li valve naturally needs special treatment.
Li Xiuning is also a marriage partner, and now he is brought out by Li Shimin to collect firewood chips for himself. Li Shimin has never thought of imperial anger.
Li Shimin is so challenging the bottom line of Imperial Heaven, if it doesn’t let Imperial Heaven’s anger burn.
At the moment, Imperial Heaven walked directly to the mansion in front of him.
Wang Tong’s birthday banquet invited friends from all corners of the country.
Wang Tong’s generation of great scholars knew a variety of friends, and Li Fa was one of them.
At the moment, Wang Tong smiled. "How are you, my dear brother Li?"
Wang Tong looked at the young people with a bit of a smile.
Li Shimin confessed with both hands. "Uncle Wang’s father is physically strong and can ride horses and shoot arrows. Now my father has a lot of politics. My father can’t come to celebrate this little nephew’s confession instead of his father."
Li Shimin’s words are neither humble nor silent, but with a faint smile.
Wang Tong nodded with satisfaction and then looked at the girl. "This is Xiuning!"
Li Xiuning nodded respectfully. "Uncle Wang has been a long time."
The crisp sound brought Wang Tong a burst of joy. "Haha … the little girl who was still spoiled in her arms is now a big girl!"
Li Xiuning just nodded with a smile.
Li Shimin is also smiling and then pointing to a side man "This is Chai Shaoqin’s chess and painting is also proficient."
Li Shimin said and then pointed to the two youths behind him. "These two are uncle Yueshan’s disciples."
Wang Tong nodded his eyes and never paid attention to Chai Shao merchants’ generation. This era will not be respected by others.
Wang Tong stared at Kou Zhong and Xu Ling with a hint of shock. "I didn’t expect it to be an old friend, but I was still drinking and drinking with Brother Yue. Now it’s really sad to see an old friend in a few days!"
Wang Tong looked at Xu Ling and Kou Zhong as if he saw his own son.
"Ba Dao" Yueshan claimed to be the first knife in the day to make friends, and it was one of the kings who relaxed bowels. At this moment, Wang Tong looked at Kou Zhong and Xu Ling and saw his nephew.
Kou Zhong also respectfully said, "Uncle Wang, I’m sorry for your loss!"
Xu Ling and Kou Zhong got Yue Shancheng, which is naturally regarded as Yue Shandi’s younger brother. Now, they agree with this early death master.
Suddenly there was a loud noise.
"I heard that Feng Han came to celebrate his birthday, and I heard that Wang Laodoke’s martial arts were high, so I also asked Wang Laodoke to give me advice."
A young man with a cold face and a little bit of rage came out of his hand holding a knife and a sword.
Wang Tong stared at the young people in front of him in amazement.
Youth is a man who has lost the edge of martial arts life.
Wang Tong stared at the young people with a warm anger in his eyes. Although Wang Tong practiced martial arts, these martial arts were just health preservation. Now Wang Tong is over 60 years old and how many powerful hands are there?
At the moment, Xu Ling is holding the sword in his hand. "Uncle Wang, please invite my little nephew to come and have a try."
Xu Ling Wang Tongqian directly blocked this battle.
Wang Tong brushed his beard and laughed. "Good … good … I’m really afraid of some gangsters with Yueshan brothers and high disciples."
L ‘envoi Feng Leng stared at Xu Ling’s sword and waved it slowly.
L ‘envoi Feng Han didn’t practice any powerful martial arts. He came to the Central Plains several times to challenge and got some secrets. By relying on these secrets, L ‘envoi Feng Han made great progress.
At the moment, Feng Han raised his sword and said, "Please enlighten me."
Words fall colophon cold front directly waved the sword toward the eyes Xu Ling fall.
Postscript Feng Han has no moves, but he created them by slaying a horse thief. Now he has some cheats that will be integrated into creating this kind of sword-like non-sword-like non-knife moves.
Xu Ling one leng stare at colophon cold front "good strange moves"
Xu Ling finished just stabbing a sword forward, and the swordsmanship was stable. At that time, there was a domineering feeling in the atmosphere.
I have to say that Xu Ling and Kou Zhong are martial arts geniuses with high understanding. They dare to directly modify the art of using saber to integrate their martial arts after they get Yueshan’s sword.




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