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I miss Musang, who has never met before.
When I knocked on the door, I saw Xie Yiming sitting on the sofa and staring at Xie Yiming, but instead of looking at it, I stared at the screen of my mobile phone with my head down.
"Xiao Ran came back after dinner, didn’t you eat together?" Xie Yiming looked up at me and stood up from the sofa and smiled brightly at me.
"No, I have already eaten." I refused Xie Yiming’s invitation.
"Then let Goo Tsai accompany me to eat, or the food will wave, and there will be no waves with Goo Tsai." Xie Yiming said with a deep smile.
I can’t refuse Xie Yiming’s proposal. I’ve decided that I won’t eat Xie Yiming’s cooking any more. I won’t eat it alone, but it’s ok to let Goo Zi eat with him.
I summoned Goo Zi from Yin Zhu to have dinner with Xie Yiming.
Goose boy is no longer depressed at the moment as he was last night. When he heard begging, Goose boy was so happy that he ran to take Xie Yiming’s hand and called his brother to the table for dinner.
I went to decide whether there was milk or mother. Xie Yiming’s meal completely reduced Goo Tsai. I looked at Goo Tsai and his reaction was very rude.
Goose boy accompanied Xie Yiming to eat and take off. I went to the balcony to dry my clothes and backpack.
I was a little distracted when I received the clothes.
How did Xie Yiming wash this dress for me at that time? Did he throw it into the washing machine together with his clothes? Or did he have an expression when he dried my clothes after hand washing?
What the hell am I thinking? I’m so delicate. I’m annoyed at my sudden initiation of inquiry psychology
I put the clothes belonging to my balcony and returned to my room without looking at anything else when I received my arms.
Fold the clothes and put them in the wardrobe. I have to practice every day.
When I finished practicing every day, Goose Boy hasn’t returned to my room, I heard Goose Boy chatting with Xie Yiming in the living room with a smile.
"Brother Ming, you and Sister Ran are at odds, aren’t you?" Goo Tsai’s sweet waxy sound clearly entered my ear, and I was looking at the ceiling.
Gu Zi is still a child’s mind, and he can’t talk about anything that comes to mind.
"No, Goo Tsai, how can you ask this question?" Xie Yiming chuckled and turned against Zhen Tuan.
"Sister Ran’s face is heavy, and it’s almost wringing out of the water. I still scream that my brother has made Sister Ran unhappy." When I heard Goo Tsai’s words, I reached over and took a photo in the mirror of the bedside table.
My eyes are cold and my expression is blank in the mirror.
As soon as I look in the mirror, I move it aside. I look in the mirror, and I can’t bear to look straight at it myself, like someone who owes me a lot of money is not happy.
"How dare I make your sister Ran unhappy? It’s good that she doesn’t bully me in a hurry." Xie Yiming’s smile increased.
"Brother Ming, you know that girls love to play small temper, but you have to let Sister Ran be a good and hard life." Goo Tsai’s voice was very low, but I can still hear it clearly.
"I know Goo Tsai can rest assured that I will let you run, sister." Xie Yiming Goo Tsai made a promise when he landed.
What am I going to do? Let Goose continue. It’s uncertain what Goose will say again, let alone make irrelevant remarks. I’ll get ready from bed to greet Goose back to his room.
But before I walked to the door, Goo Tsai and Xie Yiming had stopped talking. Goo Tsai asked Xie Yiming to play with him. He never tired of guessing Tao Xiangqiu.
The so-called guess Tao Xiangqiu is the first time I met Goo Zi in front of me that night when I was 18 years old, and Goo Zi pulled me to play games.
The players take turns to roll the ceramic balls in their hands and let the other side guess which word is dry, Kun, shock, Xun, Gen, exchange, Kan and Li when the ceramic balls come to a standstill.
The game is won or lost by luck and IQ.
Hearing that Goo Tsai and Xie Yiming stopped talking to me about something, I turned around and went back to bed to get ready for bed.
On the fifth floor, the gossip house is noisy. After a few days of quiet, the gossip house is haunted again.
Since the gossip was haunted by ghosts, her family has sent someone to exorcise ghosts for her every now and then.
Although such a move can really make the gossip family quiet for a few days, it can also be quiet for a few days.
Gossip is entangled in ghosts and ghosts, and there is not much energy to divination. Although others still have the spirit of divination, their mouths are not as good as before.
Taking the chatterbox’s noisy sound as a lullaby, I took out the soul-eating whip from my backpack, pressed the bottom of my pillow and closed my eyes to sleep.
The more experience I have, the more I feel that I am ready to turn a blind eye when I sleep after my life is guaranteed.
However, it is too difficult for me to turn a blind eye. I can be alert when I sleep, and I must not be too heavy.
I just closed my eyes and a cold breath swept through.
I opened my eyes in an instant and saw a ghost in black on the top floor just emerging from the window.
I saw the male ghost on the top floor appear, and I pulled out the soul-eating whip on the pillow and threw it at the male ghost.
The male ghost body flashed past me, and the soul-eating whip floated on the ceiling overlooking me, looking for my mobile phone.
The soul-eating whip in my hand didn’t reach the male ghost, but smashed the window glass. I turned over the bed with the soul-eating whip and confronted the male ghost.
Goose boy instantly entered the room and twisted the door handle to let Xie Yiming enter the male ghost and immediately hid again.
I stopped Goo Tsai from chasing a male ghost and waved Goo Tsai to the living room to continue playing. Goo Tsai is no match for a male ghost yet. If Goo Tsai goes after Goo Tsai, he will be injured.
On the top floor, the male ghost comes and goes quickly. The standard is to retreat when he shows his face. It’s purely a harassment rhythm. The male ghost on the top floor is hiding. I look at being smashed by my whip, and I feel depressed and vomiting blood.
It’s windy outside tonight, and the spring night breeze blows in. There is no spring breeze, and it feels warm. In my pajamas, I feel goose bumps when I am blown by the cold wind.
"Xiao Ran, you stay in my room and I sleep on the sofa." Xie Yiming brought a broom and dustpan to clean up the glass fragments that had just fallen into the house.
The window glass of the room is broken, and the cold wind has been pouring into the broken place. This room is really dead.
After listening to Xie Yiming’s words, I hugged him, and I was slept on the sofa in the living room with a pillow.
I have decided to alienate Xie Yiming. Although I say that Xie Yiming and I live under the same roof now, I can’t know the reason why Xie Yiming moved here, and then I will drive Xie Yiming away directly, but I should still avoid it.
Lying on the sofa in the living room, biting my soul and holding my palm, I’m going to spend the night like this
Xie Yiming looked at me and shook his head without speaking. He went to his room to take out the quilt and pillow and slept on another sofa.
The sofa in the living room is a combination of Nordic style sofas.
I slept for three people, and Xie Yiming slept for two.
So the length of the sofa where Xie Yiming sleeps for two can’t completely satisfy Xie Yiming’s height, and Xie Yiming’s sleeping position is curled up.
I keep silent about Xie Yiming coming to sleep in the living room.
I have a good room, I don’t sleep, I come here to gather together for fun, catch up with new trends and love, and I stop myself from making up my brain automatically. Xie Yiming is doing this to protect me.
Goose, the noble lady jumps around, her eyes glance at me for a while, and Xie Yiming smiles for a while, and her eyes become crescent-shaped
Seeing this goo-goo, I chose to sleep with my eyes closed with a black line on my face.
The ghost on the top floor didn’t come again this night.
As early as when I opened my eyes, I saw that Xie Yiming was serving food and setting the table. Xie Yiming was sleeping on the sofa and the pillow should have been taken back by Xie Yiming.
What I saw in front of me made me depressed again.
Where did I go with high vigilance? How can I sleep so deeply? How do you explain what I felt from getting up to cooking?
I didn’t live under the same roof as Xie Yiming. I’m not overworked. I can feel the slightest sign of trouble when I sleep.
It was last night that Xie Yiming accompanied me to sleep soundly and didn’t wake up until now.
Did I feel more secure around Xie Yiming? Unconsciously, I relaxed my vigilance. I was shocked by my own analysis.




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