It got into the alloy spider and looked at this message. The imam found that this message was sent by Lin.
"What?" After seeing this message, the dean suddenly became surprised. "Is there such a thing?"
"These worlds are alive."
On the other hand, Maya is watching the familiar star while paying attention to the excavation process of its troops.
These troops dug deep into the ground along the original vibration source, but now they have dug into a seemingly destination.
This is a vast cave with a diameter of 100 meters, which can accommodate all Maya troops.
And in the height of tens of meters, there are some things that Maya has never seen before. These things look like a white column.
Each pillar is three to seven meters in diameter and varies in size. They are distributed all over the cave and extend from the top of the cave to the ground.
Especially these column are soft to that touch.
An infantryman walked up to the column and poked it with his forelegs. Because the infantry forelegs squeezed the surface of the column, it immediately sank in, but its soft skin was not pierced by the sharp forelegs.
Gollum-and one second the whole column suddenly moved like an organ beating and made a sound from the inside.
Gollum!’ Then the surrounding columns made similar sounds, and they contracted every time they made a sound-as if they were losing something.
The infantry columns ran back and forth to observe their changes. Maya was very curious about these columns, but it soon turned its attention to some less normal columns.
Most of the columns here are intact, but some columns are surrounded by a large number of hyphae, which encapsulate them into a cocoon-like object.
However, even if it is encapsulated in this way, the column will still shrink and make a sound.
Seeing this scene, Maya is hesitant to cut a column to see what’s going on inside it …
Tick-tock!’ And just then Maya heard the sound
Maya wears some equipment with her, which can help her roll better, make her move in the moonlight and accept some information at the same time.
Maya found out that this message was sent by Mktu, and the message Rimktu said that it had received the message from the imam, and then she thought it necessary to send it to Maya for a look.
This makes Maya feel a little strange, because it is difficult to receive the information of the pompoms after it is empty, perhaps because it is close to the pompoms now.
"Unbelievable things …"
And Maya came up with this idea after seeing the information.
"You must reply to the message saying the situation here", thinking that Maya entered it into the equipment system and sent it out …
….. so that all the information is connected to each other.
So … Now it has been completely confirmed that the moon is a star bus.
Edge star exploration Lin studied the situation here and looked at some data sent from a distance.
The monthly life may be older than the star bus that Lin saw, but its growth process may not be as smooth as this star bus because it is relatively small.
Because it was attacked by the creator during its growth.
Lin feels that … this is the specific experience of …
The moon should be a star bus that parades among the stars. Maybe it’s not just wandering around pompoms and red rollers. Its action range should include many stars, and it also has its own ecological environment, which is made up of multicellular organisms. It needs normal temperature and water.
So at some point it was attacked by the creator.
The creator occupied the moon and then killed it, or … controlled it. With the creator, he maintained the moon’s ecology. Many creators occupied many different positions such as the surface of the moon or the ground, and then implemented a plan of’ periodic extinction’ for the ecology.
Is to regularly absorb all living things but leave another group of species to continue to form a new ecology.
Creators absorb organisms not only to grow nutrients themselves, but also to record the nuclear information of all organisms, which can also be called’ genes’, for their own bodies.
It may be because of this characteristic that creators form such a particularly powerful race. When they are in trouble, they should be the first to search for all the nuclear information that can correspond to the current situation, and then let themselves achieve rapid evolution.
At the same time, they will also help these nuclei to produce various viruses to transform other organisms.
However, at present, it is not known where the information is hidden in the creator’s body, but a creator’s descendants should inherit the information collected by his mother, but it may not be completely inherited.
After occupying the moon, the creator Li Yuexing’ sowed’ their offspring and threw them to various tumbling people nearby.
Unlike attacking the star bus, attacking the star bus seems to require many creators to attack together, while for the ordinary monomer tumbling, the creator should put a descendant on the surface.
Let that descendant tumble grow up.
And the creator of the fluffy ball is also the creator of the moon, and they release a descendant.
When the creator was released, it was still very primitive. At that time, the air was very thin and the earth was almost dry and desert, but the creator grew up slowly. It created its own ecology and rapidly increased its ecological scope. It produced viruses and made creatures change rapidly.
The creator may have made white cream in the early days to cultivate living things. Maybe it spread white cream into the ocean, but Lin felt that white cream should not only come from the creator.
The ecological growth created by the chief creator soon became a dinosaur world when other continents were still flourishing in arthropods.
The creator created his own dinosaur continent, and it has always created ecology like its ancestors, and then implemented a regular extinction plan.
And the creator of the Atlantis population created offspring. It released a descendant … that is, a spiral creature and gave it back to the moon to go to this.
Why put future generations back to the moon? Are you going to contact your partner? Or something else? This reason is not very clear at present.
And spiral creatures themselves don’t know.
After a series of events, the spiral creature didn’t reach the moon, but lost its body after a virtual trip and became a real spiral creature. With it, it returned to the ball and formed its own gold control army.
And at some point, there was a problem with the moon.
Virtual people initially searched for the moon and found it, but that group of virtual people soon found that the perfect ecology of the moon was actually full of horrible creatures like creators.
Then the virtual people threw type 7 bombs everywhere to try to get rid of the creator, and the moon was blown up into a dusty place where Genfa lived.
It should be so, but Lin thinks there may be some other problems in it, which will eventually destroy a few creatures and a few creators
After that, the creator of the fluffy ball also died because of the war with Lin.
The spiral creature of the Donghai Yunhai Construction Force finally escaped and was killed …
This is what Lynn knows about the experiences of the Moon Creator and the pompoms, but they still haven’t failed completely.
Because long after death, their remains will grow something like mycelium, which is quite amazing, even if the original remains are blown to powder, they will still grow back.
I don’t know why the debris of the fluffy ball creator sent a signal to the moon, but it was sent successfully because of the help of the brain monster.
However, the lunar organ still maintains a certain vitality, but after receiving the signal, it is located in the mycelium of the moon and sends information to the lunar organ, which makes it change its course and fly to the fluffy ball.
Chapter three hundred and thirty-nine The mystery inside




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