However, this group of soldiers seems to have no training in explosion, otherwise they wouldn’t be unable to get out here.
"Don’t you think that something is an eyesore? I don’t know if there is that kind of worm in it. "An emerald dragon suddenly pointed to the head of the distant sand plague and said.
Another jade dragon said, "Yes, the more I look at it, the more I feel … there is a horrible feeling."
"Let’s look at something cute." Then it turned to look at the tunnel. "This thing … grows really fast."
Maya larvae on the ground continue to eat the corpse of Chibucha, and after eating it, they drill into the shell of the corpse to eat it.
And its growth rate surprised Emerald Dragons and scholars. Its growth rate can be seen directly. They can see that this larva is expanding bit by bit.
It feels like eating fat, but unlike obesity, its expansion is very uniform and its body is getting bigger. This is obviously not a phenomenon of being swollen by food, but a phenomenon of rapid growth.
"By the way, this larva seems to be a fast-growing larva."
Scholars remembered that it had read some information about Maya’s arms. Maya had a kind of larva that could really grow quickly and become an arm in a short time.
However, scholars know that this kind of larva can grow into a limited variety of arms, and it should become a large arm that can dig rocks and grow into some small arms.
However, this thing has really grown rapidly. Scholars have found that it has grown from the initial 10 cm to 30 cm long. Now it has emerged from the shell of Chibcha worm and seems to be ready to go to a target.
But scholars found that it didn’t climb to a goal. It rolled into a ball and spit out a lot of viscous liquid to wrap its body.
"It cocooned so quickly?"
Scholars think it’s a little strange, but this bug did it. Other jade dragons are not quite sure that this situation is just watching.
In this way … After a while.
During this period, scholars have not encountered any danger, and nothing has happened. Jade Dragon feels a little sleepy, while scholars have been looking forward to this cocoon. They want to see what bugs will appear in this cocoon.
Until it was almost dark …
Although it is said to be night, there is no difference in the cave, but the larva cocoon has a special state
"Look!" Scholars and several jade dragons formed a circle and watched the cocoon slowly crack like an egg. After the crack, a bug crawled out of it.
"This is … a bug!" Scholars suddenly felt disappointed when they looked at the worm crawling out of it.
After all, it has been here for so long, and it is this kind of thing that comes out … Scholars recognize Maya’s’ wrong birth’.
Actually, I don’t know whether this larva is born or carried with it. This bug should not be able to escape, and it is still very small. Usually, the bug is very big, and this one is about 30 centimeters.
But it doesn’t look like an endless deformity. It looks like a perfect miniature of a bug.
After this bug appeared, it took a look around and walked directly to Maya, who was still sleeping, and then opened his mouth as if he had said something to Maya.
"I know!"
At this moment Maya suddenly woke up and’ I know!’ This sentence is to shout out the bug.
"They tried to control me!" The small exploding bug around Maya said to several jade dragons and scholars, "They tried to add a lot of information to me and hide it."
"Wait a minute …" The scholar said, "What did you say? Control you? Brain spirit? "
The word "yes, slow things" is Maya’s direct saying, "Let me show you …"
At this moment, scholars suddenly felt that they had received a lot of information in their brains, which seemed to be mixed with many things, and they rushed through the brains of scholars as soon as they did.
Scholars feel dizzy because of the huge information impact, but it also knows … many things about Maya.
….. It seems that when Maya was caught, how did those Atlan put a lot of … something into Maya’s mind?
This kind of thing seems to be a liquid substance, and Maya will also receive a lot of information when it is injected.
This information seems to include all kinds of information such as Naoling’s plans here, their base, Atlan, and the distribution of their troops.
However, injecting some’ liquid information’ into Maya seems to have another function, that is, controlling Maya. Maya seems to know this and will involuntarily help Nao Ling to command their troops.
This was the original plan, but actually Maya was not controlled.
So they injected another substance into Maya and put her into a deep sleep …
Then Maya woke up again and it was already outside.
"Actually, this is the case …" The scholar was surprised to think about the information he just gave it, and at the same time, he wondered, "Isn’t the imam too … no, the brain spirit should have no chance to contact the imam … and what will escape later? Did Nao Ling let you out? "
"Something will save me," said the exploding bug around Maya.
"What is it?"
"I won’t tell you"
"…" The scholar paused and then said, "They always want to control you and give you information about their troops so that you can help them command the troops, but after finding that it doesn’t work, they want to find another way to make you forget those information … but this one also failed because it was shot by the Chibucha bug?"
"Let’s talk about it after we leave now," Maya said, looking at the blocked passage. "Their destruction will come soon."
Chapter three hundred and ninety-two Escape
"Goo … ah … ga …"
Deep scholars are getting together with several jade dragons and Maya.
Although Maya recovered its memory, they are now blocked, but Maya said it has a way to leave. Scholars and jade dragons have reached both sides of the passage.




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