"Dead pit goods"
"Pit master, you give me rough."
"Fill in the hole and tell me when the song Bai Yueguang will come out."
"When will the moon get into trouble?"
"Li Sao?"
"If you don’t fill the pit, even if you send out all the songs, you will go fishing and get me Younger."
The most amazing thing is that even poetry is on fire.
A poem that has been lonely for three years has been remembered by hundreds of millions of people in China overnight. It has been told by more than three most influential mainstream media in WeChat official account, such as People’s Daily, Xinhua Society, Tuantuan, Information Office of the Ministry of Education and Wenhui Daily, about the correct way to screen.
"Because of the classic chant, the amount of moss broadcast in this program may exceed the sum of the past 300 years."
Professor Kang sighed in Weibo.
A certain TV station has probably received more praise comments than the sum of the past ten years.
After a big fire burst into flames, it got out of hand and started a prairie fire, which continued to spread wildly.
An altar of wine made suluo lie down until noon before getting up. After drinking a large glass of water, he stretched out lazily and went to Xiahan Room to knock on Gong Yu with slippers.
Poor devil, you may not get up at night. It’s absolutely bragging that Beijing has never been drunk, but isn’t it purely abusive to fight with my brother? The sleeping position is very domineering. The devil’s glistening legs look at people and his blood is boiling. He didn’t wait to appreciate this graceful spring scenery, but he was kicked out by another beautiful leg.
"I blame you for going out and throwing up with her all night."
Gong Yu’s eyes glared at the blame and ran despondently.
There is a lunch meal on the table. Look at the gun, brother, knife, Yang Baobei and Yuxuan Leng. After eating, the company is busy, so there are a few lazy goods left to stay at home.
I just washed my face when I heard a beautiful piano coming from the room.
Well, the Turkish March is at this level, and you can tell that it is played by our senior teacher and sister.
Aren’t they all lazy eggs? At least our big teacher and sister are still very diligent.
Suluo rubbed his hands and went with Jean.
Chapter five hundred and sixty-six rashly DreamWorks
Little peanut curled up lazily at the piano and squinted, not knowing whether to enjoy music or to think about meowing.
The elder martial sister’s serious expression is so lovely that elegant and lively melody pours out in the fingertip dance. The old dean is guiding Master Wang to enjoy his face with his eyes closed and his legs shaken.
Suluo is outside the door, laughing at the little girl. What a genius! She is getting better and better at playing the piano. Yeah, it’s just a little.
"It’s not bad to play this time, but it’s not good to be a little impatient in it."
The old dean commented smilingly.
"Where there is impatience, I haven’t heard that Ke Ke is awesome."
How nice it is for Master Wang to sniff!
"What do you know?"
"Hey, anyway, I just think it sounds good."
"I have no taste in music at all."
"The whole body is sour and smelly, so it’s knowledge."
Seeing the two old urchins quarreling again, suluo hurriedly interrupted them with a strong hand.




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