"What are you talking about? Since the Chinese imperial doctor has proved his ability, I naturally won’t stop his father from treating diseases."
See two emperor promised so simply instead of several emperor some looked at each other.
When did these two emperors become so accommodating?
Doesn’t he know that if the emperor recovers his health, it will be the most unfavorable situation for him
Not to mention how long it will take to sit on the "grandfather" bench, it is still unknown whether even this "first heir" status can be maintained.
Are you afraid your name will be damaged? Still afraid of seeing hope and dying?
"But I still have one condition!"
Sure enough, things are not that simple!
Several emperors showed such an expression.
"What conditions?" Four emperors frown asked.
"I want to be there when I heal my father!"
What? Hearing this condition, everyone frowned and didn’t know what the second emperor wanted.
Glancing at each other, the four emperors finally nodded. "Good!"
Two emperors took a look at all with a smile and left.
"Temple! Wait for me! " Linda hurried after her lover when she saw him.
"Linda! You … "
It’s heartbreaking to see that his goddess was treated as a tool, and the ghost door was gone, and he was still so "stubborn"
However, when the Second Emperor was about to step out of the door, he suddenly turned around and looked back at Yun Nie meaningfully.
"Doctor Hua, are you sure that Huang Linda has taken three measures?"
A jump in everyone’s heart has been vaguely aware of each other’s words.
"Well … the so-called heart disease still needs heart medicine to solve the problem, and the physical problem of Miss Linda next door is not a terminal illness, but an ability."
"Heart disease still needs heart medicine to solve the problem …
Interesting! How interesting! Ha ha ha … "
The second emperor chewed this sentence for a while and left with a sudden laugh. Several emperors looked at each other …
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five You also think he is narcissistic?
After the second emperor left, everyone was relieved.
No matter whether you admit it or not, in the face of today’s monstrous situation, several emperors are overwhelmed.
Even the angry emperor tried not to send it.
As if to ease the awkward atmosphere at the scene, the four emperors laughed
"Ghost Pavilion didn’t expect you not only to be able to integrate the unruly pirates in the broken star domain in a short time, but also to have such extraordinary personal strength.
It’s the first time I’ve seen such magical mental powers. "
"I’m flattered by the Four Emperors, but I just know a little about everything before I was sent out to do some chores.
I am still an apprentice compared with those silver-level specialists in the organization. "
According to the convention, Nie Yunqian inflated the organization by himself …
Someone in the place was suddenly stunned.
So that talents can still come out to do odd jobs?
Then what are we doing?
Salted fish?
Just now, Yun Nie easily cracked all the means of the second emperor Linda without moving the instrument
This makes people incomprehensible, deepens the mystery of Nie Yun and the organization behind him, and makes Yun Nie blow "cow" and suddenly it becomes credible.
Don’t understand? Just don’t understand!
This is the advanced means of writing!
It was said before that ghost captain was a mechanical family, but now people are actually proficient in mental powers!
But it must be … Behind each other is definitely not as simple as the mechanical family!
Everything will return for a while.
What a terrible organization …
"Ghost Pavilion, did you find any trace of Linda being controlled just now?" At this moment, the emperor asked eagerly
Unexpectedly, NieYun shook his head and gave a surprising answer.
The emperor suddenly became anxious. "How is this possible?"
The goddess is not controlled. Doesn’t that mean that she is wishful thinking? This makes Huang Ru acceptable.
The Nine Emperors also wondered, "Yes, the last sentence of the other party just now is obviously meaningful. You also said that you saw the problem?"
"That’s what I call him" NieYunNai stand stand hand.
"The other party’s mental power is very difficult. According to my observation, this ability will only affect the person a little after a while.




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