There is also a crack in the hard shell of the second layer. Although it is strong, it can also be used in the ordinary way. Let the developer aim at this crack and try to drill it.
"Stop this line!" "We know you, we know you." "Don’t make such a move."
At this time, Lin also found that those cult creatures around her were no longer crashing in vain, but communicating with Lin there …
They seem to know Lin and try to ask the pioneers to stop this kind of business.
Lin is also curious about this … So Lin stopped and responded to this group of creatures.
The response is to send signals directly because Lin knows what signals they can receive and asks them, "Can you tell me … all these questions?"
"No problem", "If you are willing to stop" and "We can let you know a lot"
Christian creatures have said that they seem to have become very peace-loving creatures at this moment …
Therefore, Lin also intends to communicate with them well
Chapter one thousand one hundred Communication
"That is to say …"
"it calls us", "it talks to us" and "once it’s done, stop it"
Here is a huge black object in the deep sea. Lin Tuo is communicating with a group of cult creatures.
They told Lynn a lot of things. They said they felt the’ transpirator’ sound.
At first, the leader felt it and told them, but now they all feel the information given by the transpiration.
Therefore, all creatures of the cult act according to the will of the transpirator, such as the dreamer, where they gather at the peak and then climb to the peak and wait to be sent away.
These are what the transpirator told them, and after coming here, the transpirator also told them a sentence-"Everything here is the enemy must destroy them."
Therefore, they strictly follow this instruction.
Lin believes that the transpirator seems to have controlled them in some way, because the creatures of the order did not completely obey the transpirator before, and they also thought about betraying the transpirator, but now they have no doubt about the transpirator.
That’s why they fought against fungal organisms … The whole war process was also taught by transpiration.
Transpirators tell them to say something … that is, to make certain gestures that look like dancing, so they can make special attacks.
For example, as before, the tiny water column cuts fungi or raises a tsunami, etc., which will make the tsunami. At that time, they will also be protected from being swept away by the tsunami.
In addition, some other transpirators seem to have sent many wonderful things here besides the creatures of the order, such as things that look like stones can float in the sea.
The transpirator gave the cult creatures a non-battle to assemble these stones into some shapes. Before that, those objects that looked like rafts and small stone houses were only preliminary. Finally, the assembled shape would look like a big … disk.
And the coverage is exactly one kilometer, which seems to have some special effect on the black objects on the seabed, but the order creatures don’t know it yet
Now, the biggest trouble they are facing is that fungal organisms have a problem, that is, occasionally they can’t receive the transpiration words … The order biological method attacks.
It should be said to launch that kind of’ special attack’, such as making the water column or something, but they still have to protect the transpiration, so they can rush to fight the fungal creatures themselves.
Just now, when they met the pioneer, they received the sound of transpiration. The transpiration made them do something and raised the seabed wall to stop the pioneer.
However, after the pioneers drilled into the seabed wall, they lost their transpirator voice. I don’t know if this is the case. There is a cult creature whose pioneers are not the creatures of this world, so they intend to communicate with them.
This order creature is … a leader.
"I once saw you there, and it made me see everything I know about you."
It said this to Lin … In short, it was when Lin … spy was discovered, and it was also said that the transpirator let it find it.
It noticed that the spy had something in common with the pioneer. It believed that the pioneer and the spy had an experimental mentality. It made the order creatures communicate with the pioneer, but it was really successful.
This seems to be quite amazing. When Lin asked it about the similarities between the developer and the spy, it said that the transpirator made it feel … the developer had some … dream energy.
"that’s something that make me uneasy."
It says it’s … the little nuclear protector.
It is true that this pioneer also brought a small nuclear protector to the fungal world. After that, Lin asked some arms to carry a small nuclear protector and let them put the small nuclear protector in the pioneer’s body. Because Lin felt that there were some places, but the main purpose was to … want them to … interrogate the brain.
There are still a few small nuclear protectors left here to do this kind of thing, although I don’t think it will have any special effect
But Lin still brought the little nuclear protectors. Because Lin has many small nuclear protectors, Lin intends to take them to many places to do … all kinds of things.
The reason why the cult creatures can find the small nuclear guardian is because of the transpiration. How did the transpiration find the small nuclear guardian?
Although it is not ruled out that the transpirator can find it himself, Lin thinks it may have something to do with the dreamer’s dream food. After all, it is likely to be mixed with the transpirator now.
"Then can I continue to study it?"
Although I know a lot of things, Lin also found that these cult creatures are completely unclear about the transpirator. Simply put, they are like a bunch of … tools that are completely ignorant of their own manipulators.
"no! We told you not to go near it! " "Stay far away. You don’t belong to this world. You … don’t belong to our enemy." "Maybe it came from this world?" "No, I don’t think so … hurry up and leave from here."
The creatures of the order unanimously reflected that Lin expected that they had now tried to protect the transpiration from danger.
Now Lin Tuo still hasn’t moved, but Lin has gone to explore the transpirator without their attention.
Because the former pioneer had cracked the second shell of the transpirator, the crack was small but enough for the micro spider arms to pass through.




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