Lin decided to take action when she thought so.
Of course, some preparations must be made first, and the pompoms will be followed. If they are followed and continue to be transformed, it will be meaningless.
At the same time, it is no problem that the star bus has enough energy, because Lin has many things to hide energy.
The last question is … where to send it?
It’s a better place, isn’t it? There’s a lot to explore there.
Chapter one thousand three hundred and three Pipeline exploration
"It seems a little strange."
"What was it like?"
"It just feels a little strange."
The ground is wet swamp.
Blue-green slime floats, muddy swamp water gives off a strange smell for these two creatures.
But they don’t really care about the smell. They care more about what’s in front of them.
It is a building that looks like stone, but it has been damaged, and a part of the wreckage still stands in the swamp.
"I smell food from there." "Then we shouldn’t go there." "What should we do?" I don’t know.
These two creatures are discussing some topics, but their topics are difficult to understand because they are two … brain monsters.
And their place is also a place called … engineering waste point, which has a strange structure.
In virtual view, it looks like a huge pipe with a diameter of 6 thousand kilometers … tumbling.
The total length of the pipeline is100,000 kilometers, but the thickness is inconsistent. The thinnest part is several kilometers, and the thickest part may be 100 kilometers. How this strange thing was constructed and how it can stay here after being abandoned is a mystery.
There will be different scenery, attraction and environment at different positions on the outer wall and wall of the pipeline, which is like being divided into many small areas, which are independent and some places are still wrapped by gas.
For example, this is the place where these two brain monsters are located. They are located somewhere on the wall of the pipeline, where there is a certain temperature and a lot of water is collected.
Formed this swamp-like environment, and then there are many stone buildings here, but they are all incomplete …
There are not only brain monsters but also other creatures who come here to explore, to be exact, star buses. Many creatures have come here to explore.
Brain monsters are also star buses … one was released by Lin some time ago to see them interact with those practicing creatures.
There is no friendly interaction at present.
And what special reaction will they have now with this completely strange environment here? There doesn’t seem to be any special reaction. The two brain monsters are chatting and wandering around.
The main reason for exploring here is that before Lynn wants to remove the pompoms … let’s have a look here.
Because this abandoned project site once sent the mirror world to the pompom, Lin felt that it was also a suspicious place, and the so-called’ past display’ device may or may not be in this position.
However, this exploration is not necessary. Whether anything is detected here or not, Lin will transfer the pompoms to other places.
But before a renovation, Lin decided to explore here first …
The reason for these creatures is that Lin wants them to see the new environment, and mainly, these creatures can also play some special ways.
Generally speaking, Lin won’t let her arms explore here for the time being …
And the star bus didn’t come here
How will the transpirator react when he comes here? Lin, this operation is actually very … hidden. Most biological transpirators don’t know it here.
Little … Lin doesn’t know the transpirator.
They seem to appear here by accident rather than being specifically assigned to do it, so they should not be … so guarded that even transpiration people will not care about them. This is one of the main reasons why Lin moved them.




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