"This title shows that you can achieve it and it will always be with you."
"When you get this title, you will automatically enter the identity application process."
"You will be interviewed for about 15 minutes."
"Please be patient."
Gu Qingshan out a huge question mark in my heart.
Identity application?
What is this thing?
He stole a look at the background and saw several people clapping their hands at each other, which seemed to be some joy.
First, the man got up and said, "I’m going to take part in the audit and everyone will be rewarded if he passes."
Gu Qingshan more scratching their heads.
By the way-
There’s a man hanging on her. She used to be a general. She might know something.
"What are the benefits of the title of Shiori?"
he asked
"The title is very difficult to get a reward, which represents a kind of recognition."
Shiori finally let him go and continued, "I’m not like you. I was caught in a rain, and our rewards are different-just now I hesitated whether to turn a man or regain my strength."
"What? Do you want to be a man? "
"Hum, I don’t want to be bullied anymore, but now the situation is special and the battle is imminent. Finally, I chose to restore my strength. The rank sequence has been reviewed."
No wonder you are so excited.
It is a dream of poetry to completely restore strength and obtain ranks.
Gu Qingshan was thinking of listening to the sound of General Yu Feng coming far away.
"All people come to me-"
"Get ready for action!"
Gu Qingshan and Shiori look positive.
Others around also show awe-inspiring colors and walk in front of the wind.
General Yu Feng Avenue "Now we are going to enter the world of destruction-"
There was a sudden surge of light in the crowd
Her body momentum suddenly rose and her equipment was replaced one by one.
The original rough leather armor was instantly replaced by dark black light scales, and two metal daggers disappeared and replaced by two sharp bone spurs with half arm length. A layer of light water mist hung around her waist.
"This strength … is what I should have."
Shiori said that he would cover his face with a black visor, which was both mysterious and dignified.
Yu Feng was stunned and immediately laughed. "Very good, our forward general is back!"
He all smiled and applauded at Shiori.
-more than a striker general team strength has been greatly improved, and the chances of success through the destruction are higher.
At the same time Gu Qingshan also got the news here.
A line of fine print appears on the interface of war sequence.
"Preliminary examination and approval"
"You will be qualified for the interview."
"Yu Feng sequence general"
Until now, Gu Qingshan still didn’t know what was going on at the moment.
Is in the wind general expression move to listen to color.
Yu Fengkou said, "Well, we have an extra striker general, which is a rare good thing."
"She may need a little time to adapt to strength."
"I’ll give you a quarter of an hour to rest-"




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