So you still want to be the ghost king?
If the ghost king of the town prison has a staff and a spirit to see that such a weak guy turned out to be the ghost king-
Gu Qingshan cling to bite a tooth will delimit Excalibur a closed hands clenched tide sound sword.
"Ahhh-I can’t return it!"
Gu Qingshan roars all over and suddenly comes out with a layer of golden awn, which reflects the layers of flame around the Forgotten River.
A line of scarlet fine print jumped out.
"You are the god of the four sacred pillars."
"You started Dede"
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Virtual three techniques!
In the middle of the grave, two figures chase each other.
The aftermath of that fight blurred everything in heaven and earth.
All ghosts and gods have retreated for fear of being lost by the waves.
-that is by no means they can get involved in the battle.
There is no one else in the battlefield of Ghost King Tiandi.
In the whole world of the dead, there is another person besides the ghost king Tiandi.
He forgot the bottom of the river
Gu Qingshan broke into a roar and stepped forward again.
He was soaked in blood and looked like a man walking in the blood at the bottom of the river
Forgetting the river roots around him, approaching him slightly, was directly scattered by his body.
Line after line of fine print keeps popping up in the virtual space.
"Warning that the strength of the Heavenly Emperor and the Ghost King will be absorbed by the Ministry of Land, Germany and Law!"
"After the second battle, you can choose to transform all your forces into one."
"-you have to find a way to live first!"
Gu Qingshan one eye sweep brimming with body pain backhand pulled out the delimiting Excalibur.
He barely raised his Excalibur and made a stroke in the void.
Senluo sword world!
In an instant, the whole world returned to calm.
Gu Qingshan sat down in a white world panting.
Delimitation Excalibur hurried out.
"The aftermath of their battle is too strong. I am not strong enough to protect you now. After five breaths, the sword world will be broken!"
"Can hold five interest rates? Not bad. "
Gu Qingshan said and wiped the blood.
He locked a name in the sequence interface in his eyes.
"original pure love group"
-The last one to be summoned is Barry.
Barry’s ability is not to die in battle.
Gu Qingshan has always been reluctant to give up this ability.
But don’t choose now.
He sighed and directly launched the title skill.
"there is still one breath"
Delimited Excalibur wakes up
Gu Qingshan staggered up and clenched his sword with both hands.
-He forced himself to be ready for the battle!
an instant




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