"The creator created us, even though we were far away from home, we were still saved by its light and warmth, and we got a new home. The intention is to let us fight for it, and the will will will let us return to the revealer, expose the darkness and open the door to the eternal country!"
The previous listening tone rang again.
"Shout …" Then Lin felt a strong airflow, almost a storm. The fog around her quickly dispersed and her vision became more and more spacious. A vast land appeared in front of Lin’s eyes …
This is really special … I didn’t expect Ankylosaurus to blow the fog in this way? Although it is obvious that it is not their own blowing, but something else …
Lin is still shrouded in a lot of fog when she looks into the sky. The area affected by the wind just now has this place in front, and the fog is slowly increasing. It seems that it will return to its original state soon.
"honk! Go! Before the fog covers again! " Commander Ankylosaurus immediately gave the order, and all Ankylosaurus also moved.
The next road is not gray-black sand, but a dry yellow rock. The road surface is quite flat. Lin and Yinjialong walked into this wonderful place.
It seems to be a canyon. You can vaguely see the towering cliff through the foggy forest on both sides. There are some white velvet things moving on the cliff …
That’s Mao Yu. There are also species in the northern mainland. When they saw the Ankylosaurus team coming, they ran to a hole in the rock wall.
They came from the sea during the ice age? But it’s quite a long way here … on the sea journey, they only rely on their own body fat food, which is different from hibernation because they have to move all the time, so it is unlikely that they will come here for this reason.
Maybe there are other reasons …
Here in Mao Yu, there are diverse Ankylosaurus teams marching all the way in the canyon, and the metallic sound is constantly echoing. Every time Mao Yu comes out, the horse will be scared away.
Ankylosaurus makes a tool to transport things. This tool looks like a ship, but it is much smaller. One is usually four or five meters long. There are two Ankylosaurus sitting on the’ deck’. They drive the whole tool to move by constantly stepping on the pedals, while the back is filled with a lot of food.
This kind of tool is very loud and slow, mainly because the silver Ankylosaurus made the half fish help them carry it at the mouth of the Jade Dragon Harbor before moving things. When they got here, they moved it by themselves. It seems that the half fish didn’t adapt to the land?
Silver Ankylosaurus called this kind of tool’ land boat’ and its transportation ability was still relatively strong.
"Here we are!" The commander in front of the Ankylosaurus team suddenly shouted, and Lin saw that the road ahead became inclined. After seeing this road, the Ankylosaurus became very heart-felt and had a feeling of’ finally returning’ …
But it’s hard to get them. A large group of Ankylosaurus are pushing dozens of land ships to the slope, and it’s quite difficult to pull some ropes …
And the slopes seem to be quite far away. They are expected to be busy for a long time …
In this period, the spy just needs to look at them. The strange Ankylosaurus in front of them can’t push it, but he looks at the spy as if he doesn’t feel at ease when he pushes it.
And Lynn means … What happened to Susumi?
"Wang … what should we do?" Now the jade dragons in the sea look at the sunken ship, and they are all stunned. It seems that they don’t know what to do.
They don’t care much if the general commander dies, but Susumi is their long-term worship object.
But actually Susumi is not dead yet.
Lin also observed Su Sumi and those jade dragons, who stayed out of the fog until they were attacked by a group of strange fish.
Lin did a little research on some marine creatures, such as the huge strange fish.
This creature is similar to the emerald dragon, which raises half fish. Although it can crawl slowly, its land action ability is about 3% of that in the sea. According to their habits, they should not hunt on land.
However, these strange fish will be influenced by floating stones and torches, so they will gather torches and attack the passing creatures, but they don’t attack casually. It seems that for some specific reason, Ankylosaurus knows well when passing by.
The reason why this kind of flame has a certain summoning effect on strange fish is not clear, and only these flames are effective, but the dragon ignition handle is generally ineffective
But I don’t understand the large worms that took Susumi away. It seems that strange creatures live on the bottom of the sea here …
They seal the ship so that the air will not leak when it sinks.
In this way, they have been diving into the depths of the dark sea floor.
It seems that those worms don’t intend to eat the jade dragon, but want to take them somewhere.
Lynn is going to find one of them.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Abyss kidnappers
This is the fog, the deep sea is not very deep, but there is no light to reach here. It is a world where nothing can be seen, but if there is light, you can see a’ thorn ball’ parked on the seabed.
It’s actually a bunch of worms wrapped together, and dozens of worms wrapped together to form a thorn ball with a diameter of more than 10 meters. In the thorn ball, a ship Susumi and some jade dragons are trapped inside …
After the worm caught Susumi’s boat, it sank to the seabed, and then … nothing happened.
They don’t seem to be going anywhere. These worms show no signs of trying to move, but there is still a lot of gas in them because of their sealing.
They have been there for a long time. What are these worms trying to do? Although there is still enough gas in it, we can’t wait so long.
Lin has been letting an arms-Besimos watch them here. Besimos was originally on a journey to the East China, but because it is relatively close here, Lin let Besimos come to this sea area.
Now Lin wants to try hitting them and see what happens …
Thinking about Lynn, she let Bessie swim slowly and hit the thorn ball gently.
There are some bubbles in Gollum’s thorn ball, but it remains motionless.
Boom!’ Then, with greater force, Bessemer hit the whole thorn ball, and the seabed shook …
But these worms have been entangled in the boat and remain motionless.
That’s funny. Why are they so persistent? It seems that they have an odd purpose and they think it is more important to wrap the boat than their own lives?
Then let’s take a look at the answer with a bomb.
Bessemer stuck out the muzzle from both sides of his head and aimed at these worms. After calculation, Lin, this explosive bomb will not hurt the ship inside, but it will hurt the worms to some extent. Let’s see their reaction.
An explosive bomb flew into the thorn ball and exploded. There was a dull sound in the water.




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