I still have some taboos and worries. Although there is a light in the sink, I don’t know whether I should point my back at a person like Zhang Hefang in this situation, but he doesn’t seem to have any malice towards me, and he always keeps a certain distance behind me.
When I bowed my head and washed my face, I heard the sound of a lighter behind me. Zhang Hefang is really an old smoker, and it seems that he can’t live without the temptation of cigarettes all the time.
As I washed my face, he said behind me, "Mr. Fan, I don’t think you really need to delve into this matter too much."
"What do you mean?" I asked while washing my face.
I heard Zhang Hefang breathing heavily while smoking, and then he continued, "Because I think it’s urgent for you to find your mother’s body, isn’t it?"
"That’s true." I wish I could wash my head without lifting my head. "It’s me. I still have no idea."
"you can go to that man as I say."
"I will, but that’s after all his methods have failed."
Zhang Hefang ha ha smiled gently and coldly for two times and said, "What can he do? Is that why you came to the funeral home secretly tonight? "
I didn’t answer because I didn’t know how to answer Zhang Hefang, but I continued, "Mr. Fan still said that you suspect that your mother’s body is still in this funeral home?"
Hearing this, I couldn’t help frowning and saying, why didn’t I think of this possibility? I listened to Bu Jin’s advice at night, but I didn’t know what the real reason was that Bu Jin was coming to the funeral home. Maybe she thought so, too? -recognize my mother’s body is still in this funeral home?
Thinking of this, I not only think of Liu Zhen’s warning to me that I always say that my thinking is too rigid and I can’t think flexibly, so it is very likely that people will lead you around by the nose. If you are deceived in everyday life, you are very likely to be framed by others, but if you are in a conspiracy, you are very likely to be led to the pit step by step and finally manipulated by others.
Sometimes it’s too late when a person realizes that he may be in a conspiracy, because at that time, all kinds of traps and temptations have been ambushed. No matter how carefully you avoid them, you will be forced to follow the steps designed by others. If you want to get rid of this conspiracy, you must expose the other party before it is deployed in the future. This is also the biggest gain I got when I was in Yunnan.
I was thinking about washing my face and clothes, and although I spilled water, I also
Chapter 1 Office
Chapter 1 Office
It’s hard for me to express myself in words. When I saw the scene in the mirror, I felt that it was a feeling that made people get goose bumps all over.
Zhang Hefang is beside me, but I can’t see him in the mirror. What the hell is going on? I have heard that ghosts have no shadow and mirror since I was a child, and I naturally thought that this Zhang Hefang might be a ghost instead of a person!
Zhang Hefang was obviously aware of my reaction, but he still didn’t panic and asked me with his trademark polite smile, "What’s wrong with Mr. Fan?"
After that, Zhang Hefang gathered together in front of the mirror and cut his hair with a little finger in a decent way. It seemed that he could see his own image in the mirror, and I looked at the mirror and felt a kind of unspeakable fear.
If Zhang Hefang is really a ghost, why doesn’t he just kill me and look at me as if nothing had happened? Or does he intend to reveal his true identity?
I dare not make a move and just say "nothing, nothing" according to his meaning.
Zhang Hefang smiled at me after taking a photo and said, "Then let’s go to the office and watch the surveillance video first. To be honest, I really like watching those surveillance videos with you."
Say that finish Zhang Hefang pushed the toilet door toward the outside.
I don’t know whether I should follow this Zhang Hefang or not, but when I think of a bloody head staring at the outside in the toilet water tank, I’m scared. I said that even if I can’t follow this Zhang Hefang, I won’t stay in such a place, so I followed Zhang Hefang’s footsteps and walked out.
The corridor looks very dark. Zhang Hefang’s back is flickering in front of me. For psychological reasons, I feel that this person looks haunted.
At this time, I suddenly remembered one thing-BuJin is still in my mother’s mourning hall.
I want to go there and get Bu Jin, but if I do, how can I explain to Zhang Hefang that Bu Jin appears?
While I was thinking, Zhang Hefang and I had arrived at the door of my mother’s mourning hall in a blink of an eye. Zhang Hefang looked straight ahead and didn’t try to look inside, but I took a look at the mourning hall in a conditioned way-no one!
I was surprised to see the mother’s portrait hanging high on the wall in the mourning hall. The crystal coffin was not messy, and Bu Jin didn’t know where to go at this moment.
When I saw such a scene, it was said that I was worried about Bu Jin, but it was better to say that there was no Bu Jin in my heart, or simply to say that I was afraid without Bu Jin.
Zhang Hefang still walked slowly in front of me, and the tiles in the leather shoes corridor made a "click-click" sound, like a ticking time bomb, which struck my death rhythm one by one.
After walking for a short time, we came to the door of Zhang Hefang’s funeral home office, pulled out a bunch of keys from his trouser pocket, picked out a bronze old-fashioned key, inserted it into the lock head, twisted the wrist and the door was hit.
Zhang Hefang knocked at the door of the house and made a gesture of coming in with the other hand, and immediately said to me, "Fan, come in."
I’m a little hesitant, and my feet are like lead, because I always have a feeling that as soon as I enter that room, I will become a turtle in the jar, and then my life and death will be completely in the hands of Zhang Hefang.
"What’s the matter? Please come in! " Zhang Hefang urged me to say
I nodded my head and said that it would be unrealistic for me to turn around and run away at this point, so I crustily skin of head and went in, cursing that Long Bujin in my heart and not showing up.
As soon as I stepped into the office, I heard the door behind me "bang" and I was killed.
My in the mind a cold half turned to look behind where there is any Zhang He Fang Ying left me alone in this shabby office.
Then I heard a "click" door locked from the outside.
"hey! Zhang Hefang! " I rushed to bump into the wooden door and shouted, "What do you mean? Didn’t you say we should watch the surveillance video together?"
There was no response outside the door. I heard the "click-click" sound of leather shoes hitting the ground fading away.
I panicked and knocked on the wooden door and shouted, "Zhang Hefang! What do you mean? Give me the door quickly! ! Shutter! Let me out! "
Still no response.
So I tried to hit the wooden door with my body, hitting my mouth and cursing at the same time. Before I saw some strong men in the movie, I knocked down a door by dividing by three by five, but in real life, where would such a thing be so simple? My shoulders hurt, but the wooden door was not loose at all.
Besides, the more I shout, the more I panic. Think about it. When a person is dark and sealed, he still feels extremely scared. At this time, the more you shout, the more scared he is.
The more I shouted, the more I felt strange. I said that there was not a family wake in this funeral home. Although there were not many people in that family, there were five or six people. Although there was still a distance between the office and the mourning hall, I felt that the sound I made was enough to attract their attention, but no one came to answer.
Finally, I didn’t know whether I was afraid or tired. I stopped shouting and turned my back against the door, panting.
There is a window in the room, and it is very small, and there is no street lamp outside the window. There is no light coming in from the outside, and the room is almost opaque.
I reached out my hand and groped along the wall near the door for a house. It took me a long time to touch a square lamp.
I pulled my forefinger, but I didn’t see the ceiling light respond.
Mom, my heart was dark and scolded, and I sat down exhausted and my heart was pounding.
It was quiet all around, and I gradually calmed down, but when I was just about to breathe a sigh of relief, I didn’t know where a "hehe" smile suddenly came from in this dark room.
That smile is a little old, but it has a very familiar feeling.




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