Sure enough, the dragon’s nest is a canyon, but what kind of place is it?
Leviathan has flown about 2 thousand meters from the depths of the dark canyon, but it is foggy here and the little dragon has been shouting in a south direction
Leviathan flies to the south, and the more it goes south, the lighter the fog becomes …
Until the fog clears …
Accompanied by the little flying dragon, a world is called Leviathan!
This is a vast place, where the earth is covered by a low green plant. Occasionally, a tall tree appears in this green space. In the distance, the green space is a jungle environment. In the distance, Lin can also see a towering mountain peak with black smoke at its top.
This is a perfect environment, which is different from the wasteland that Lin saw before. There are skeletons and deaths in that area, but those terrible plague fungi seem to be stopped by the huge rift valley with a width of 10 kilometers, which has not affected life in the rift valley … Although I don’t know what fungi can’t float over, it is really a wonderful feeling.
Leviathan slowly landed on the ground and the ground was covered with a large number of short green plants. These plants were not moss, but a new kind of plants. It seemed that moss evolved. They had long leaves and deep roots, so they were called’ grass’.
The animals here make Lin feel more wonderful
At this time, Leviathan ran in front of a large group of small reptiles about one meter tall. These creatures moved their legs but at a very fast speed. They quickly rushed to the water near a lake in the grass to find food.
Beside this tree, there are other reptiles, a fat creature about two meters long, drinking water by the water, and some reptiles with flat heads seen in Linqian Canyon.
There are quite a few creatures near the water. They are generally only about two meters long. Lin once predicted the evolution of various small reptiles in the twisted jungle. These creatures are in line with Lin’s prediction.
Reptiles will get bigger and get rid of some of the once tiny bodies, and their hind legs may stand up, which is very similar to the scene of reptiles slowly evolving.
But after seeing one of them, Lin didn’t think so.
A huge creature walked to the lake with heavy steps. It stood on all fours, its tail and neck were particularly long. When its head was raised, it was more than six meters high, and its length reached twelve meters. This creature straightened its neck and roared to the sky, which seemed to declare its territory.
Lin found that this kind of creatures can be called "dragon" in my mind. This kind of creatures are not those who have just evolved from large arthropods and small reptiles. They rarely undergo very long evolution.
Of course, there is another possibility. If it is a division of labor, the evolution speed will be much faster, but these creatures … are obviously not a division of labor species, but reptiles that have undergone a very long evolution.
There may be some reason why they evolved earlier than reptiles in other areas, perhaps because there were no giant arthropods here, or because of some reason why giant arthropods here declined earlier, giving reptiles an opportunity and time to evolve.
This land is separated by a huge rift valley, and the outside is the skeleton desert destroyed by fungi, and here is the world of large reptiles. Before Lin saw the dragon, she should fly out from here.
Yu Xiaofei dragon should also be brought into the canyon by the big dragon.
This feeling is really fun. Looking at the huge reptile near the lake, Lin decided to give it a name-‘Camarasaurus’ because of its round head.
Actually, Lin came with a name in her mind and just called it that.
According to these creatures, it seems that reptiles can be longer than arthropods. If you don’t count the specialized creatures such as deep sand buses or ground fissurers, the largest individual of large terrestrial arthropods is lava spiders, but Camarasaurus is larger than lava spiders. Although lava spiders have a large foot span, they are actually small. Fog worms should be bigger, but worms are not arthropods.
The most important thing is that reptiles here are definitely not as long as arthropods for whatever reason, and Camarasaurus should not be the largest creature.
Sure enough, do vertebrates have’ giant’ potential?
When Lin thought of this, there was a sudden surge of water around the Camarasaurus, and a big mouth rushed out of it and rushed to the Camarasaurus who was drinking water.
This big mouth remembers the bright environment in the canyon where it ate the flying dragon. Lin didn’t notice that it didn’t seem to be an ordinary animal. The cortical structure of this’ mouth’ is more like two leaves of a plant together than animals, and it is full of spikes.
Of course, it is also possible that animals grow this kind of plant-like appearance, which is convenient for camouflage.
However, when it rushed out of the water, the Camarasaurus quickly retracted its neck and mouth without biting it, and it continued to retreat and tried to return to the water. At this time, the Camarasaurus stepped forward faster and lifted its forelimbs high.
Camarasaurus’ thick forelimbs stepped heavily on this mouth, and a large amount of dark red liquid broke out when he heard the crash.
It feels like blood. Camarasaurus stepped on it and left. It seems that it doesn’t eat this. I think maybe it should be studied …
Leviathan floated from the grass and flew to the lake. At this moment, the little dragon kept calling Lin to ignore it. As soon as Leviathan approached the strange’ mouth’, he immediately stretched out his tentacles to prepare for the decomposition study …
Lin found this biological structure in the blood of her mouth, which is very strange, like a carnivorous plant that Lin had seen-the death spike.
Suddenly a stone hit Leviathan’s carapace.
Chapter II Exploration
Stone? Lin looked at a large group of flying creatures flying around at this time every day. Some of these creatures and dragons are like their forelimbs with wide wing membranes, but their mouths are sharp and long and their hind legs are short. This creature seems to be a kind of creature called pterodactyl.
Pterosaurs are very small, and these wingspans are more than 50 centimeters. It seems that the stone just fell from them.
It will make common objects nest, but there are many creatures that will attack. Actually, Lin has seen ancient squid before doing these similar things, and Lin feels it necessary to pay attention.
It seems that these pterosaurs are not the kind of creatures that can throw stones … They don’t look like brains.
Just as Lin thought so, they all rushed at the same time screaming, and their eyes were fixed on a target-the little dragon in Leviathan’s tentacles.
Leviathan saw that the little dragon tentacles were completely wrapped up, and the pterosaurs seemed to rush to Leviathan tentacles regardless of their lives and poked at Leviathan tentacles crazily with their sharp mouths, as if they were bound to catch the little dragon
These creatures … feel a little abnormal.
Leviathan didn’t move, pterosaurs didn’t poke their teeth, and Lin wanted to see how long they would last before giving up.
At the same time, Lin asked the outside troops to move here. It is necessary to establish a base here, including the brain worm, which also wants to have a look here.
The brain worm brought its own’ queen’, and it has always wanted to find a place with a good environment like this to build a population.
The pterodactyl attack lasted for a long time. When they got tired, they gave up the attack and flew back to the sky one after another. Leviathan, when they escaped, they stretched out their tentacles and caught the last pterodactyl. He didn’t save it. He planned that they would fly away soon.
And Lynn tore and decomposed the captured pterodactyl.
This creature is really similar to Lin’s prediction
Pterosaurs may have evolved from flying lizards, which have many similarities with flying lizards in the twisted jungle, but pterosaurs have evolved more advanced, and they also have a structure to keep temperature, which reptiles usually do not have.




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