I don’t know when Ma Liang woke up and felt that his face touched a very soft place and had a charming fragrance. He couldn’t help but move, and he still held someone and felt quite greasy. He was half asleep and half awake, so he increased manually and his head could move.
"Ma Liang, what are you doing?" A low voice was full of anger. Ma Liangmeng looked up with a heart-pounding look and stared at himself with a slight chill in the autumn.
"I’m sorry" Ma Liang woke up with a start, but also remembered that he put Su Yuyao in the innermost place yesterday, and then he was so sleepy when he was covered with a slight autumn chill that he slept directly in the outermost place. I didn’t expect to come together in the morning.
But fortunately, everyone is still dressed.
"Let me get up." Autumn slight cold got up and touched his forehead and his head was a little groggy.
Ma Liang got up. It’s actually still early. It’s slightly bright outside.
She got up, put on her shoes and walked out of the door directly, and then Ma Liang heard the sound of the door outside. She went out for a while, but Ma Liang still felt sleepy and continued to lie in bed and didn’t want to care.
Su Yu Yao is still asleep. Ma Liang hugged her and breathed a sigh of relief. It’s better to sleep so quietly.
When I woke up again, it was already bright. Ma Liang opened his eyes and was surprised that there was still half an hour to go to class. It seemed that there was no movement in the outside room. When I got up anxiously, the outside room was still messy. The little black dog was affectionate and barked at the door. It was a big sun today and looked a little dazzling.
Xia Xue Pepe Mengmeng didn’t get up at all. Xia Xue probably had a pregnancy reaction, while Pepe and Mengmeng probably didn’t drink much.
Ma Liang directly set the table, then cleaned up the things and took a shower. He smelled of alcohol and left a note, so he went directly to school, and asked them to come back after breakfast and bring an extra one.
When we stop the motorcycle at school, President Zhang is ready to ring the bell.
"Pony, why aren’t Teacher Su and Pepe here so late today?" President Zhang was relieved to see someone finally coming.
"They all overslept after eating and drinking too much last night. They will come today." Ma Liang was embarrassed to scratch his head, so this kind of thing might as well happen less.
"So that’s it. Young people who have nothing to do should be more energetic together. It’s better for our village to have fun outside occasionally." President Zhang laughed.
"Then I’m going to class first." Ma Liang hurried to get the class, and later let Su Yuyao and Pepe’s class study independently. Anyway, it’s almost the same.
By the time of the second class, the two of them finally came. Su Yuyao’s feet seemed to be all right, but Pepe didn’t know that she felt a little dizzy when she asked Mengmeng. This reaction was a little big and she didn’t come to class.
"The head is very uncomfortable," said Su Yuyao, who was sitting in the office chair and was very upset.
"You drank too much yesterday." Ma Liang was already hungry after eating hot food. Pepe went to deliver food to the autumn chill.
"When will the autumn chill leave?" Su Yuyao asked last night that things were a little vague.
"You slept together early today" Ma Liang bowed their heads and ate a guilty way.
"What I sleep with her is really hateful" Su Yuyao uncomfortable way.
"Last night, you were relieved to have a beautiful woman to see" Su Yu Yao got up and looked at Ma Liang and took the initiative to help him pour a glass of water:
Chapter 333 To ask for money again
"I can’t stop you from quarreling," said Ma Liang, shaking his head.
Su Yu Yao’s face turned red. "That’s what I drink, so I don’t drink outside. It’s not because I drink more at home."
At this time, Pepe also came. She still had the lunch box in her hand.
"Ge Qiu Xiao Han seems to be out without her," Pepe said.
"Will she be angry?" Ma Liang pondered that she was accidentally given this morning like Su Yuyao last night. It is estimated that a woman will be very angry and say that she is a good friend.
"What’s so angry about that? I just said a little bit about the reality. She had a wide range of contacts in college, and there were many suitors. If I didn’t like people to send me flowers, I threw them away directly, but she didn’t give anyone an answer. This is not playing with ambiguity." Su Yuyao picked up water for Ma Liang herself and drank a little thirsty.
"And the most hateful thing is that she laughed at me." Su Yuyao also remembered the situation at that time. "Besides, I couldn’t take it seriously that I hated her for the first time."
Speaking of it, it is also true that Su Yuyao has always been enemies with her. The reason why she is so angry may be that she has long been blamed by her.
President Zhang has rung the bell, but at this time he heard a motorcycle sound outside, and then President Zhang said, "Xiaojin, why are you here looking for Pepe?" Pepe bowed her head and packed her things. When she heard this, she couldn’t help shivering. She looked up and saw yangjin coming, and she followed two people, both of whom were teenagers, presumably playing together in the village.
As soon as Ma Liang saw yangjin’s heart, he thought of the picture of Pepe hiding in the hole yesterday. How helpful a person would be to do this? Money is more important than family. Anyway, there are many things in this world because of money.
After all, money is a king’s egg.
Ma Liang remembered that when he punched this guy twice, Su Yuyao put his soft hand on his shoulder and motioned for him to show that he didn’t move yet. When yangjin came in, he saw that Su Yuyao’s eyes were bright, followed by those two teenagers, but he also looked at Pepe, which was also a beauty in his heart.
President Zhang followed without ringing the bell.
However, several people in yangjin didn’t say much. They just looked at it and left at noon. President Zhang didn’t know about these things and didn’t ask much.
Pepe sat still with her head down.
"Pepe, don’t worry, we’re all here at noon, won’t we let him get away with it?" Ma Liang went to Pepe and comforted him.
"I know the elder brother" Pepe nodded to tidy up the class and had to go to class. Ma Liang sighed and went directly to class first. The key was Pepe’s psychological entanglement, otherwise there were so many things there, and Ma Liang also found that good people were always accompanied by bad people and good things were always accompanied by disappointment.
"Don’t start work first, and then you will be the one who is indefensible." Su Yuyao charged beside Ma Liang.
"I know Pepe is so kind," said Ma Liangnai.
"I’m also very kind, or I’ll catch you directly if you peek at me in the toilet." Su Yuyao curled her mouth a little nifty and lovely. "You didn’t do anything to autumn slight cold last night, I warn you not to mess with her. She’s not like that in high school now." Su Yuyao warned.




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