Bing Sha seems to have no idea about the so-called fashion and fashion in the clothing industry. He simply asked himself to wait for the advice of the sales lady, and the sales lady did not bear the burden. In a moment, she found several clothes that looked good and politely took Bing Sha to try on the clothes.
After all, Gaohe is also an ordinary person who has been living in society for 20 years. Seeing such a situation, such a professional sales girl swings around without guests, and the luxury decoration of the shopping mall is huge. Then I think of the two people at the door and realize that these clothes may not be very cheap today.
It seems that it’s a little late to call the ice evil spirit out at this time. Isn’t it very faceless to call the ice evil spirit out at this time? After all, Gao He is also a man from small to large, and his little vanity is especially in front of a beautiful woman, although this beautiful woman seems to be more dangerous than himself.
Even if you change clothes, it will be very fast. Soon, a brand-new ice evil spirit will appear in front of Gao He. To tell the truth, Gao He has seen many beautiful women, including gold rose beauty Xu Li. Ice evil spirit has always given Gao He the feeling of being cold and occasionally showing a little smile. Her temperament shows that she does not live up to the nickname of iceberg or ice evil spirit.
A chill atmosphere is added to the military uniform and the astronaut system, which sets off the temperament of the ice demon very harmoniously. However, if you change into such a casual dress, the ice demon seems to immediately become another person. Some people say that women are born to adapt to styles. It is no exaggeration to look at clothes.
In front of the crane, the skirt flies lightly, and the eyes of the crane are straight. It is true that the ice demon can be so upside down. Why didn’t you find it before? At that time, Gao Helian just thought that the dress might be horrible and the price was forgotten.
Zheng Gaohe smiled in a daze. "Is it nice?"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-three is not a problem ()
No matter ordinary people or practitioners, it is very impolite to count God. If there is a myth, it is estimated that Chinese women all have one. If women have the characteristics of beauty, there is no exception here.
Although most of the time, the ice devils are cold and always dressed like that, but when there are some really beautiful clothes, I still can’t help but ask the same sentence in front of people, and I am still very worried as if I were afraid that Gao He would say something ugly.
Is the woman who pleases herself reluctant to let the ice please her? No matter whether this problem is established or not, Gaohe is also very happy. After all, ice evil spirits are not always like this in front of everyone, otherwise they will not be called ice evil spirits first and then icebergs.
Look at that kind of heart expression on Bing Sha’s face. Even if he is ruined this time, Gao He feels that he is not wronged. At this moment, Gao He doesn’t regard Bing Sha as a spiritual elder at all. On the contrary, it is somewhat like her feeling when a big brother looks at her close to her little sister’s heart.
I don’t know when this change will happen. In the eyes of others, the smell of discoloration is simply a murderous demon. The more we carry out actions together, the more Gao He regards her as his close comrade-in-arms. Never have any doubts about the ice evil.
Looking at the ice, the face and the beautiful clothes show different temperament. Reagan didn’t hear the sales girl envy. She introduced this kind of material in a jealous tone, such as a senior designer, a famous hand-seamstress, and so on. It was a simple order to pay the bill
Looking down at the bill, a series of tall cranes have a kind of fat and strong pigs entering the slaughterhouse. I feel that the special training achievements in recent years have gone nowhere, and the battlefield experience is even less here. After seeing this bill, I immediately suspected that there was no customer reason for this luxury building.
The salesgirl watched Gaohe carefully. After professional training, the senior salespeople were able to guess the customer’s consumption ability from the clothes and conversation temperament of the guests. Those who often dressed as pigs and ate tigers with a local accent were not counted, but the lieutenant didn’t seem to be the kind of pig who ate tigers.
On the surface, this lieutenant just now, the lady’s bodyguard almost wanted to be the owner of the family. From all aspects, it may be a little worse. Since he received these two soldiers without professional shopping guides, he regretted that they didn’t receive themselves at the door to show their professional quality.
When I heard Gao He say that I would pay the bill, I still felt a twinge of heart. When I saw Gao He holding the bill, the sales girl couldn’t help but feel a quiver again. Should this single business be yellow again?
Gao He has never calculated how much money he has. If it is really calculated according to the physical value, a city of this size can be replaced by a reincarnation. It is more than enough to say that all his top secret military equipment can be unceremoniously said to be priceless.
Don’t talk about it. The elder left it in the courtyard and took it out casually, which could make the leaders of archaeology and collectors break their heads. That’s an immortal who proved that the immortal personally possessed the magic paper-making pen, and then copied it one by one and bound it himself. Many of them didn’t flow after burning Confucianism in the pre-Qin Dynasty, and there was no way to measure their absolute value with money.
The courtyard can adapt to the style and change with the owner’s mind. Even the best in several major organizations have not necessarily seen this kind of thing, and it is not necessarily agreed to build a golden house of the same size with the same amount of gold to exchange the crane for the crane.
Unfortunately, none of these priceless things is the general equivalent exchange in this world, except for the Gaohe military account, which I have never seen or touched since I joined the army.
Gao He has never felt that his work can make his account more in just two years, so many ice devils are shorter than joining the army, and he doesn’t consider them. Moreover, Gao He’s self-esteem also makes him unable to consider the ice devils at all.
"If it’s not convenient for you now, we can keep these, and you can come and take them away at any time in two days." The sales girl is now completely out of the question. It’s impossible for Bai Gaohe to pay such a large sum of money. She was very depressed, but she was still very polite and found a personal step for Gao He.
Although there are not many guests, after all, there are still two or three of them who are luxuriously dressed. From one to two doors, they are carrying shopping guides and buying their favorite business. The sales lady language is very polite, but these customers have not been professionally trained, and someone immediately laughed. Two of them came together to see that the rich lady even whispered to each other.
Their snickering voice is very low, but Gao He and Bing Sha’s ears can hear clearly. In the tone, they despise and sneer. You are welcome to hit Gao He’s heart. Gao He’s face is blue and his fists are white, and he is also tightly clenched.
Look at the trend of trouble in Gaohe. The sales girl made a gesture in a certain direction. In less than five seconds, there were more than a dozen people wearing security systems and holding batons around. Slowly, the two bodyguards quickly flashed in front of their employers, which cleverly blocked the attack angle of Gaohe.
To tell the truth, this is not enough manpower for Gaohe to vent for ten seconds, but this is a public place and the other party is some people who are really not worth shooting. Gaohe is a little hard, but the horse has recovered his normal heart and kept blaming himself. It’s not enough. I didn’t show it like this when I despised the whole Gankunmen. Did a few ordinary people affect myself?
Ice evil spirit looked at her face and kept smiling all the time. Seeing Gao He was relaxed and smiled more brightly, but her beauty and smile immediately made people gather around. People speculated that he and Gao He certainly came to a surprisingly consistent conclusion. I don’t know how little I want to pursue this fairy-turned-person general lady.
There seem to be more and more people coming around. These guys who talk about going shopping in broad daylight seem to be all super-divination. In a few words, Gaohe’s "crime" has escalated to the point where he can’t afford to buy things, so everyone looks at Gaohe with disdain and sneers at him for overreaching. Some people have been courting the glamorous ice monster. At first glance, he is a second sai-jo.
It’s rare that Bing Sha is actually not angry or smiling, but Gao He can’t guarantee how long Bing Sha’s good mood will last, which really annoys Bing Sha. Maybe it’s not a strange feeling in Gao He’s heart that he wants to protect people, but all kinds of languages and actions humiliate himself not far away. Is this human nature?
"Call your boss!" Ice Shasha got rid of the gallant second ancestor at the right time and came to Gao He’s side to hold Gao He’s arm and laughingly told the sales girl.
Then things are much simpler. The boss is obviously at a higher level. The ancient China Thought Shopping Mall is absolutely the golden rule. He invited Gao He and Bing Sha to the office politely, and then less than ten minutes later, a group of chatting and watching customers were dumbfounded. The boss just showed politeness in his expression. Now he is simply bowing in awe and sending Gao He and Bing Sha out of the mall door with a pair of sweat that can almost wash his face.
"Who is that guy?" The second sai-jo, who had just courted, obviously didn’t give up on the beauty of Bing Sha and inquired to the boss, "Do you want to deliver it yourself?"
"Oh, it’s Master Bacon!" The boss turned his head and looked at his face with a professional perfunctory smile. "He is the most mysterious and largest boss in our global group who has mastered 95% of the shares. We have always wanted to see the big boss, but we have never had a chance to meet him." The boss of the shopping mall speaks with reverence even though Gao He has already left.
People who watch and talk are all gasping for air. Huanqiu is an old company with a history dating back to the tenth century. Now its industries have spread all over the human world, including chain stores, food, clothing, textiles, special materials, transportation, finance and banking, and dozens of other industries that really control the national economy and people’s livelihood. Many people are Huanqiu businessmen or several close businessmen. Just now, they turned pale in public and laughed at their parents for food and clothing!
There is a boss whose heart is full of admiration. The big boss is the big boss who went to the army to play at such a young age and brought his own glamorous secrets.
"You chose this one on purpose, right?" Gao He asked Bing Sha as he walked. Bing Sha just copied some grant documents from the vampire lair and showed them to the boss. The boss immediately became Gao He’s most loyal younger brother, and the mysterious phenomenon of Bing Sha was obviously premeditated from beginning to end.
"I want to see whether you define yourself as a yogi or an ordinary person." Bing Sha replied seriously. "Obviously, you don’t really think of yourself as a yogi." Bing Sha’s words made Gao He meditate.
Fat Hans was very interested in sending his own car to send Gao He Bing Sha directly to his luxurious office. After a brief greeting, Gao He said that what happened just now was not the result behind.
With a wave of his big hand, he almost shouted, "What is this? You have probably never seen how much money you gave me!" Clapping Gao He’s shoulder, "Brother, let’s take a rest today and we’ll buy that group!"
Chapter one hundred and ninety-four Create an elite ()
Ice evil spirit is absolutely intentional, but the meaning is just to know how Gaohe locates himself? That’s all the conclusions Gao He got from the ice demon mouth, but Gao He obviously won’t believe it so simply.
What’s the difference between ordinary people and practitioners? Can there be any structural changes besides different abilities? Why do you want to change your mind? Gaohe doesn’t want to live or die for nothing.
However, I still vaguely find that there are some things that I don’t despise when I face Gankunmen. That would be like considering them as enemies. Of course, it doesn’t matter what they think and do. However, when faced with the eyes of these seemingly koo-chat people and some very snobbish people in society, Gao He finds that his so-called self-preservation kung fu is still far from perfect.
However, this kind of mental training or situation of practitioners is sometimes unavoidable, or those semi-suspended practitioners simply don’t know that practicing in this respect sometimes means jumping out and being humiliated by themselves, and they always insist that practitioners are better than ordinary people, which is out of place.
However, Gao He Bing Sha is different from those people. Perhaps he really realized that Gao He has always regarded himself as an ordinary person, and there is no such high superiority at all. However, Gao He has an advantage that those people can never compare with. Gao He has a real master practice diary in his hand, and many feelings behind him are met with these without artistic conception.
Maybe I really should thank Bingsha for knowing where I am lacking, especially at this appropriate time. This is the most direct way to let myself know my own shortcomings. Even if I let myself see some human feelings, it doesn’t seem to change my cold personality.
Bing Sha returned to a cold face after leaving the shopping mall. Gao He didn’t dare to ask Bing Sha for the time being, but the loyalty of Fat Hans also made Gao He’s heart very warm. "Don’t bother my brother, I have bought him!"
There are some problems with this statement. Although it is true that the production can be said to belong to Gaohe, the method is not to buy it. Of course, these confidential things are not stupid enough to ask Gaohe, and they will not say that they just need to know the result.




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