Steyr’s driver’s father has just been beaten up. Although he hates the bald gourd ladle boss, he still has some fears. He glared at him and didn’t pick up the money, which made the bald gourd ladle boss put it there. He didn’t leave or walk away. He smiled shyly and looked at the dry elder brother and advised him, "Come on, brother, this is the money you deserve. Take it and let’s go to the hospital for dressing and inspection!"
The middle-aged man didn’t say anything after listening to Brother Gan’s words. He stretched out his hand and took the stack of hundred-dollar bills. He had to have a thousand bald scoops in his hand. When the boss saw the middle-aged man take the money, he smiled and replied, "That’s right. I’m sorry for the big brother just now. It’s all my younger brother. I’ll take it later if it’s not enough!"
"Hum!" The middle-aged man snorted and ignored the boss. It’s not enough to take this word again. It is estimated that even he doesn’t believe himself, and others can believe it. Where can I find him then?
But brother Gan doesn’t think so. If something really happens to his little number, he can catch him even if he goes to the ends of the earth. But it’s not necessary. Brother Steyr’s driver’s father is injured. Brother Gan knows better than themselves that it’s just some skin injuries. It’s just going to the hospital to stay up for a day, that is, spending thousands of dollars to dress up one and the remaining money as compensation for five or six thousand mental losses. So brother Gan rushed forward and looked at his bald gourd ladle boss with a wave. "Come on, let’s go! I’m not trying to scare you. If something really happens, I really can’t run away from you! "
"That’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s, that’s’s, I believe this …" Boss TouPiao now dares to refute Brother Gan, and now he has one idea, that
"Hurry up!" Brother Gan was impatient and sent away that he didn’t bother him, but he was still a drug dealer. People didn’t sell him, so he lay under the covers and laughed. See Brother Gan finally let go, and the boss was so excited and grateful, but before he turned around, he was stopped by Brother Gan. "What should you do if you leave alone?" I have a gun and a bullet in my hand. You want me to explain? "
"That …" Bald gourd ladle boss also don’t know what to do, he can’t carry both of them. Besides, he can’t carry it. In winter, he has to wear two more big masters, and he has to weigh two hundred and sixty pounds.
"Well, then get them out of here quickly. I don’t care what you do, or I can let you three lie here at the same time!" Brother Gan coldly ordered that he already had a pistol in his hand, and he could kill him with his eyes closed at this distance.
"Okay, I’ll get it, I’ll get it. Don’t be angry …" Boss Toupiao called it a regret. How did he provoke such a curse today? I knew that it would be over if I jumped out of the car and slipped away. While secretly scolding myself for being stupid, I walked towards the cross-country field where I was about to be hit and scrapped. The taxi keeper was already dying. Two wings carried him to the back. The driver’s seat twisted the car keys and actually started a fire. I quickly rejoiced at the car and walked away for a few meters. I also didn’t forget to throw guns scattered in the
"Are you two all right, brother?" It wasn’t until that scrapped field off-road vehicle quivered and disappeared in the night that Brother Gan came to Steyr’s big cargo driver’s father’s side and asked
"It’s no big deal, but my head was broken by that dog’s butt …" Before the middle-aged man could answer, the young man rushed to answer. Just now, Brother Gan took his life as a bet. Instead of being angry, he looked at Brother Gan excitedly as if he had any bad intentions.
The middle-aged man quit at this moment. He came to the dry elder brother and borrowed the car and borrowed people. I didn’t expect the car to be almost hit by the dry elder brother. Just now, people almost lost their lives. If anything happens to this son, he will be extinct. So he complained and asked, "Why didn’t you save my son just now?" Aren’t you really afraid of that fucking gun? It’s a murderous drug dealer who can’t do anything! "
"Ha ha, I just saved him, brother …" Brother Gan didn’t explain too much what it was with a smile and answered, Brother Gan never likes to explain too much, so it’s hypocritical to do it yourself, because this is a professional rescue. Brother Gan is more confident than the average person that he can save the hostages.
After the middle-aged man didn’t listen to it, he was even more angry. He glared at the dry brother and seemed to have a great hatred with the dry brother. "Do you have the face to say that you just saved people? ! Well, let me ask you, did you just let the gun go? "
Gan Ge Nai smiled and just wanted to nod when he heard a young man knocking off his father and wiping his hands. Gan Ge argued, "Oh, you don’t understand if Dad didn’t do this just now. Maybe both of us are dead now. This is called rescue art. You don’t understand!" Say that finish worship eyes staring at the dry elder brother … He can’t walk out! "Dry elder brother directly fujian heart dark scold a grandma. 648 Give me some fun.
Play for me "I don’t understand? You little rabbit don’t know shit! You almost died just now, you know? I think you are scared silly! " The middle-aged man directly retorted without thinking that this is the only seedling in his family. It seems that if anything happens to the child, it is better to kill him directly.
"Oh, that’s the way it is … forget it, you don’t understand it!" The young man just wanted to give his dad a good explanation, but then he couldn’t explain it clearly with his dad’s stubborn explanation. Let’s not do that work, just save your breath.
The middle-aged man was really stunned by his "stupid" son and shouted at losing, "You are a finished thing that dares to teach you a lesson, isn’t it?" ! If I don’t teach you a lesson, you won’t know who is old and who is young today! " He spoke with a fierce look.
"Don’t don’t don’t you are old, you are old!" The young man looked at the fierce dad and quickly raised his hands and covered his head. He knew very well that his dad would not hit him, but he was just putting on an act.
Sure enough, as expected, the young man begged for mercy, and the middle-aged man no longer cared about what he was mumbling about. He took his hand to pull his hand over his head. "Let me see your head injury." Is it serious? "
"It’s okay. Dad just hurt his skin and went to the hospital to dress it up!" The young man was very manly and waved his hand. He had never been so manly since he was a child.
"It’s all hurt like this, but you can’t help but watch the blood gurgle out and cover it quickly!" Although the middle-aged man has a hard mouth, he has already taken off his coat and bag, and his eyes are full of bosom.
The most important thing now is to clean up the mess, not to investigate the responsibility here. Of course, the responsibility is mainly due to the fact that the matter was started by ourselves and the Steyr driver and his father were all victims of koo. At the beginning, Brother Gan said that he would be responsible. How can he break his word? So Brother Gan interjected, "Well, let’s not delay the delivery to the hospital here. Hurry up, I’ll find the best doctor to ensure that nothing happens!"
"Hum …" The middle-aged man didn’t refute anything when listening to the elder brother’s reasoning. Cold hum was the default, and then he looked back at Steyr’s big cargo, which was smoking black smoke. "How can I get there? The car is still smoking black smoke? Call 1? "
"Oh, no, dad, it’s not enough to bother people with this little injury in the middle of the night. Besides, this ambulance is not a police car. We don’t have that spare money!" As soon as the young man quit listening to it, he knew that it was nothing serious, that is, his head bled a little, but it has stopped flowing now.
"Don’t think too much about money. We’re not short of money. Wait a minute. I’ll call a car …" Brother Gan said, taking out his cell phone and just wanted to call an ambulance. He saw two strong lights projected from the corner in the distance, followed by several strong lights. In a few minutes, three off-road vehicles came to a screeching halt and stopped beside Brother Gan.
Seeing this, Brother Jinggan smiled and put his mobile phone in his pocket. Since they came, there is no need to call an ambulance. After three off-road vehicles stopped, he saw that the co-pilot door of the first off-road vehicle was hit first. Then the doors of the two cars behind him "banged" and at the same time, a dozen big men in black came from the car, all holding their guns without saying anything, waiting for Brother Gangan to call an ambulance. Steyr’s big cargo father shouted, "Don’t move!"
Steyr’s father was really dizzy tonight. They never thought that they would encounter such a dangerous scene in their lives. They actually encountered a gun battle, and it was still two waves that had not subsided yet. Another wave of attacks still made his mother let people live. So the middle-aged man quickly raised his hand and looked at the big men in black and begged for mercy. "Please forgive me, big brother …"
"You his niang give me be honest! Or I’ll shoot you! " A big fellow of Loyalty Hall scolded the middle-aged man for not giving him a chance, and the muzzle was also clinging to the middle-aged man’s forehead. Unblinkingly, his eyes seemed ready to pull the trigger and shoot.
Li Hushan took two younger brothers to the side of Brother Gan and said, "Are you all right? After Uncle Zhang called me, I took my brothers here. I didn’t expect to be late!"
"Hehe, it’s not too late …" Brother Gan smiled and waved his hand. It’s just the right time for them to come. Brother Gan turned to find the middle-aged man’s puzzled eyes and quickly ordered, "Let the brothers let them go. They are my friends!"
"ah? Friends, what about those drug dealers? " Li Hushan looked at Brother Gan with his mouth wide open. When he was driving just now, he took a visual look at the middle-aged man’s father, who was no match for Brother Gan, but he let his brothers control them just in case.
"Drug dealers have run away!" Brother Gan casually passed through the area and worked hard. I came to kill the bald gourd ladle boss, but on second thought, I finally went back to my hometown for the New Year and didn’t want to touch my life, otherwise I would still have him alive.
"Oh …" Li Hushan is a reasonable person. When he saw the expression of dry elder brother, he knew that dry elder brother didn’t want to do that again, so he stopped saying anything and waved and ordered, "Let them go quickly …" He went to Steyr’s big goods father.
After the loyalty hall brothers got the order, they let Steyr’s rich father Li Hushan come to the front and said with a smile, "I’m sorry for my friends just now. I hope you don’t mind …"
"No … I don’t mind … I don’t mind …" The middle-aged man didn’t know whether he was scared or surprised. His eyes kept shaking for a while and he looked at the big men in black with guns around him for a while, but he didn’t see the dry eyes. Just blame was replaced by fear
The middle-aged man decided that Brother Gan was a policeman just now. When his son was pointed at by a drug dealer, he was indifferent. He sincerely recognized that Brother Gan must be an irresponsible policeman. Regardless of the death of the hostage, Brother Gan has completely decoupled from the police in his mind. Obviously, he is a full-fledged underworld boss. He is almost regretful now and secretly scolds himself for being talkative and having a hard time with Brother Gan just now.
"Why do you bring so many guys in the New Year? Why don’t you put them away quickly and let passers-by see what it looks like!" Brother Gan saw that every brother of Loyalty Hall was holding a short gun in his hand and ordered him to say, Brother Gan had just finished saying that more than a dozen people swish their pistols in their belts and waited for Brother Gan’s orders.
"Come on, brother, let’s go to the hospital and show it to the children …" Brother Gan said, patting the middle-aged man on the shoulder and gesturing for his car to go to the hospital, which scared the middle-aged man to shudder. Now he realized the danger behind Brother Gan’s smile and understood what the drug dealer was so afraid of Brother Gan.
"No … no, brother … it’s not a big deal …" The middle-aged man hurriedly declined with a smile. He is the most urgent now. Even if he quickly gets rid of this demon general figure, where is he still in the mood to go to the hospital? Whether it is that injury or life is important, he still has to weigh it clearly.
"How could it be all right if we were bleeding? We agreed to hurry up the car …" Dry elder brother gave Li Hushan a look. Li Hushan took several younger brothers to help dry elder brother beat the door and waited for Steyr’s driver’s father to enter.
Compared with the fear and caution of middle-aged men, his son is even more excited, regardless of his head pain. When he was a child, he often fantasized that he would one day be able to hold a gun and kill Wyndell Dichinson like Mark. It was just a dream that could never be realized. I never thought that he would really touch it today, so I took his dad’s hand and nodded before he refused. "Yes, look at it. I’m really a little dizzy …"
The novel dragged his reluctant father to an SUV in front of him and happily sat in it. There were no signs of dizziness. The middle-aged man was so angry that he really wanted to slap him. When others met the underworld, they couldn’t hide from him. They wanted to fool them and didn’t see when they suffered losses.
"Hushan left two brothers here and waited for a while to call a tow truck to tow away the Steyr semi-trailer …" Brother Gan arranged for Li Hushan to get the first co-pilot and Li Hushan ordered two brothers to stay behind and then drove the car and led the team away to the hospital.
The young man was obviously very excited to sit in the back row with his old man holding his head in one hand, and looked at the back of Brother Gan with admiration and asked, "Brother, is that a real gun?"
"Ha ha, what do you say?" Brother gan smiled and turned to look at himself, waiting for an answer. The young man asked without answering.
"Where do I know? I haven’t seen a real gun …" The young man smiled with a simple and honest smile and scratched his head with the other hand. Suddenly, his head was broken and hurt. "Ouch!" He rubbed it gently and still didn’t forget the gun. He was very interested and replied, "It should be true. I look like it …"




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