Weiyuan laughed at his neck, but he still couldn’t hide his elegance.
"I still want to wait for the king of Weijun to come over so that I can say goodbye to you. No one can wait for me to come over in person. Now I understand that the king of Weijun didn’t keep his appointment. It turned out that Yan was the head catcher." I found a chair for myself to sit in Xiaoli’s house.
"Bon voyage" is not sincere, but Yan Liangxin is somewhat sincere. Although he looks unpleasant, he has done a lot of pleasing things recently.
"Thank you very much, Captain Yan." Yan Liang blessed it. That’s very strange.
"Do you want to bring fake goods in the temple?" Wei Yuan’s tone is ordinary but his words are unusual.
"It’s good to bring someone into trouble." Xiao Li said seriously by narrowing her eyes.
Looking at the two of them, Yan Liang doesn’t do some guessing. Isn’t it true that Xiao Li and Li Zhao are brothers and sisters?
He and Weiyuan are narrow-minded and bear grudges, and he will always keep them in mind, just waiting for an opportunity to get revenge.
Now that we’ve met in a narrow way, I guess this hatred is over.
Li Wei? Yan Liang will never let Wei Yuan go if he really has a chance to meet him, saying that his brother and sister intend to make trouble at the wedding. If they really dare to come, she must have them come back and forth.
And she will never let him go in this life.
"I will come to celebrate the wedding day of the two of you, but I won’t send the gift. After all, I have already sent it before." His arm is not hanging, but it is still uncomfortable
"Naturally, I accept the gift from the temple." Wei Yuan Gherardini didn’t accept what gift he gave Xiao Li before the ceremony. He knew that if Xiao Li really returned the gift, he could imagine what it would be. He didn’t 155, the wedding accident.
Xiao Li returned to the state of Qi and entrusted him to sneak into the solid and killed all those suspicious points. At present, the solid is very calm.
Yan Liang also specially instructed all localities to pay more attention to catching heads and catching fast, but at that time no strange people appeared everywhere.reads;

The renovation of the county palace was also completed in half a month, including the small building.
As Yan Liang thought, this small building was decorated and painted outside the palace. A new courtyard attracted a water arch bridge to build a white marble bridge. The sunshine was transparent and bright, and it was beautiful.
The bathroom on the left side of the first floor of the small building has been renovated, which is not only expanded but also magnificent. If there is not a pool, this is a bedroom.
There are many half-hidden and half-exposed paintings hanging on the wall, which is very suitable for couples to adjust the atmosphere in the bedroom.
The second floor is even more unexpected. The whole second floor is a bedroom.
Wide white jade screen and doors and windows are blocked on the first floor, which can block all the views of the building.
Turning the screen into the eye is paved with thick carpet lines, exquisite and valuable.
The big bed is wide, let alone two people, five or six people can sleep even when they squeeze noodles.
Besides the big bed by the window, there is also a beautiful soft bed to sleep on.
There are all kinds of decorations. I don’t know what Weiyuan thinks. This decoration looks weird, but it is inexplicable, harmonious and pleasing to the eye.
"Are you satisfied?" Lanhuo Yan Liang Weiyuan from behind lowered his eyes and looked at her ear and whispered.
"Wei Yuan, this bed,,, are you going to train here?" It’s too big, but just looking at Yan Liang can tell how soft this bed is, and it must be bounced when it jumps.
"Practice you" low smile Weiyuan close to her ear hint.
Failing to avoid Yan Liang’s backhand, I patted his neck. "If the decoration is good, I’m sure I can’t fake this effect. I’m very satisfied that King Weijun’s kung fu has not been white these days."
"The duke is satisfied, otherwise I have to redecorate." Wei Yuan fiddled with her shoulder hair and took her to the bed.
"Redecorating is not that I like the bathroom, especially the wall paintings, which are not only chic but also waterproof." Although that kind of painting is not erotic, it is almost the same as Dayan erotic painting, but rich people will hide some of these things to amuse themselves.
"I knew you’d like it. I can make it more chic. Do you want to see it?" Holding her and walking to the bed, they both went to the bed with their voices falling, and he pressed her down slightly.
The bed was really soft, and the face was even played for two days. Yan Liang turned slightly and overturned the pressure on one of his own.
"King Weijun, if you really search those paintings again, I will arrest you and put you in jail." Law enforcement officers can’t open their eyes and close their eyes most of the time.
"Well, let’s decorate the prison and live in it. I think there must be no flavor in it." Wei Yuan feels good and tries all kinds of possibilities. He thinks everything is beautiful with Yan Liang around him
"The king of the nerve guard county, you are not only brain-disabled, but also have a precursor to dementia." Looking at him on your side, you are very cool.
Raise my hand and pinch her cheek. Weiyuan sighed, "What will you do if my real brain is broken one day?"
"Simply throw you into the street" simply seems to be without thinking.
"Brutal" touching and pinching cheeks deformed Yan Liang Weifeng was immediately swept out of the house.
Even if there is a day when he smiles, she will never throw him out.reads;

However, she is a little afraid that one day she will not seek immortality and stay in bed. It is better to die as soon as life is pitiful and pathetic.
The wedding day will be over, and of course there will be a new moon.
There is still a wedding in Huangdu, but it has been postponed to the back, and then I will go back to Huangdu after it is held in Guzhong.
The new moon is somewhat dissatisfied, especially when he sees the Hou mansion and the county palace, and his mood is even worse
The little face looks as if someone owes him hundreds of dollars.




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