Zhang Yangxin has a huge wave "Wu Ti! It turns out that the strange boss is a Glide Sword, and this Shi Tian is from the Fire King’s Body. I am not the only one here with special physique, and some people have extraordinary physique. They are all complete martial arts bodies, but my physique is somewhat incomplete. "
People who have "martial arts" can be born fighters, but naturally form martial arts, which is the most suitable for cultivating the martial arts constitution of heaven and earth. Those who have martial arts have high understanding and a high degree of fit for heaven and earth.
For example, the remnant of Zhang Yang’s Taiyin is the extremely heavy constitution of Yin qi. Although it is incomplete, it will get twice the result with half the effort to cultivate Yin attributes.
His physique is so special that few fighters can really recognize whether the natural power is strong or not, and even more people know that the black-robed youth originally taught Zhang Yang’s "Bite the Spirit" may know it, but Zhang Yang didn’t come to ask at that time, and it is also a mystery that Zhang Yang feels his physique since now!
And Shi Tian’s body away from the Fire King is also a martial art that has never been seen in a century.
He failed to absorb the complex energy of heaven and earth, but he was born to practice fire yuan, which was many times easier than others to break through the realm naturally, and to cast fire yuan to attack was also many times stronger than others
Shi Tian Nangong Qi said that the two-person armed body is to cause some people to fear that no matter who dies.
The living will be guessed by Feng Li, and if Feng Li deliberately spreads the news, he will naturally own the title of martial arts, which will lead them to many attacks.
Shi Tian believes that his strength far exceeds that of Nangong Qi, and he is not afraid of being attacked and killed. He knows that Nangong Qi is very cunning. If the secret of Nangong Qi’s physique is revealed earlier in this escape, many people will have the opportunity to kill Nangong Qi, who has super talent and weak strength.
After all, it is better for others to practice hard than to have martial arts practitioners. It is very common to practice at a high speed. Some people will eventually kill people out of balance.
Shi Tian scorned Nangong’s strange way. "As usual, you took a move from me and propped it up. If I let you go, you can’t hold it, that’s one idea!"
Zhang can’t listen to the past, he said, "Shi Tian, you are shameless! As ashamed as the wind and Li, this is killing a desert island. Who said anything about rules? And do people like you have integrity? Do you think you can stabilize the two of us? "
Shi Tian took a contemptuous look at Zhang Yang. "Don’t escape from me, Zhang Yang can cut in at will. It’s your turn to talk here. It’s killing you!"
After that, his hand threw a flame arrow and flew directly to Zhang Yang.
The arrow is thicker than the finger, and it is half a meter long. Although it is small in size, its power is extraordinary. At a distance of ten meters, several martial artists can feel the hot air coming from their faces!
When the flaming arrow flies over the ground, there will be burnt black marks!
Zhang didn’t panic, but his hands clenched and black mans emerged. His fists hit a millstone and a big black faucet crashed and hit the flame arrows.
The collision of black mans flames aroused a fierce strong wind, and the arrows were shattered by Zhang Yang’s fists.
However, the aftermath of the attack was not weak, and the flames sputtered and exploded on Zhang Yang’s body surface, making him retreat and leaving several black footprints on his feet!
If it weren’t for Yuanneng’s protection, Zhang Yangyi would be burned by the flame, not to mention the skin.
Zhang stopped and suddenly felt that his body rushed into a few small flames. His face turned red and he vomited a stream of black blood. The blood touched the ground and was still steaming hot. Chapter 136 Fire snakes danced around!
Chapter 136 salamanders; dancing around!
Shi Tian’s fire attack injured Zhang Yang’s body and made Zhang Yang realize the master gap for the first time.
See Zhang is outstanding a black blood figure is still tall and straight and not seriously injured Shi Tianxin some not calm "Zhang Yang physique is so strong! Samsung Martial Master Xiu was hit by me and "Fire Arrow" didn’t die! "
Shi Tian next to the wind Li is also surprised. Shi Tian is not a general master, but he is a master, but he can show that the other party has performed five elements of substantive martial arts, but Zhang was injured without being shot!
Yuan can defend against the substantial flame martial arts, which has to amaze the master because few people can do it.
Zhang Yang endured the burning pain of body meridians and murderous look emerged in vitro.
At this time, his heart was furious. Shi Tian didn’t say why he sent someone to kill himself. The main thing was to dare to catch Wu Yu, which had touched his lamella.
Now, the other side is crushing people in public. Since the achievement of fighters, he has never been despised by his peers and is absolutely suppressed.
Calm Shi Tian Zhang didn’t speak, but his heart was brewing monstrous anger. At the moment, his desire for strength is getting stronger and stronger!
The nangongshan strange see zhang expression corners of the mouth slightly become warped andao "this time to get hit by a little good save you little arrogance"
Shi Tian deadpans and scornfully tunnel, "A little Samsung Martial Master is arrogant in front of me and simply wants to die!"
After that, he and I raised two towering flames with one palm of our hand!
"Fire snakes dance wildly!"
Accompanied by Shi Tian’s plain words, I saw two long snakes flying out of his palm and rushing to Zhang!
The salamanders are powerful and imposing. Recently, all the martial artists have to step back a few steps. They are intimidated by the former, and their eyes are nothing but shock and fear.
There is a layer of water mist floating on the back of Li’s hands, smiling.
More than ten meters away, Zhang can really feel that this salamander attack has definitely surpassed the rocket, which has surpassed his strongest attack "tiger tooth chop"
Zhang took one look at the nangongshan plain way "that I pick up! !”
The nangongshan odd smile to nod.
"Come and come!" Zhang Yang roared unblinkingly with his eyes, and his resolute color showed his momentum to recover his body.
Instead of retreating, he firmly gathered all his energy in front of him. This time, his axe didn’t have axe defense, but its blade pointed in the direction of two flames.
This danger didn’t scare him, but it made him a little excited. What’s more, he looked forward to his tough character a few years ago. He is not willing to lose. How can he give up now? No way!
"When two salamanders attack, I dare not meet Zhang Yang hard, and he may be burned to ashes!" Fengli andao
The salamanders collided with the black awns, and Zhang Yang stamped his feet vigorously, and his right foot sank into the ground, and his body did not retreat. The tomahawk burst into the strongest black light, and the fighting spirit broke out and he wanted to cut off a salamander’s head!
A big fire, Zhang Yangxin, rises more than three meters high, making people want to eat people!




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