But knowing some things is one thing, and how to do it is another.
Seeing Tai Chi Emperor’s hesitant face and uncertain behavior, Emperor Ziwei couldn’t help but feel that "Jade Emperor once said that his brother was stimulated by that incident in that year, and it was difficult to control himself. If he could no longer cut off the magic dust in his heart, it would be difficult to die like Di Jun. Qian Qian’s road in ten thousand years was destroyed once. Now it seems that his brother’s unhappy seat is divided into five failures, and if he is angry again, he is afraid of unpredictable consequences."
Emperor Ziwei was frightened and wanted to persuade Emperor Taiji again.
At this moment, the three Jin Xian’s hearts moved at the same time, looking into the distance, and they saw two generals in battle robes flying there. Two Tai Chi emperors in Ji Jindian Grand Marshal saw that their two warriors had come uninvited and immediately asked, "What’s wrong?"
At the same time, the two gods bowed down to "the God of War Brigade led many rebels to openly occupy the small mountain, so please hurry back to Ji Jindian."
The Jade Emperor and the Chinese Emperor looked at each other in astonishment.
Emperor Taiji was furious. "Does that fellow want to live?"
Chinese emperor frowned and said, "How dare you betray your brother? I think it will be sentient beings … "
"It doesn’t matter what his feelings are," the Taiji Emperor sneered. "Anyone who dares to betray your honour will let him die of thousands of pieces."
Say that finish see golden light flashing tai chi emperor has broken away with the two ares.
The Chinese Emperor sighed a sigh. Although his heart was a little uneasy, there was no reason for him to ask if there was chaos in the western headquarters.
The Jade Emperor plundered to the side of the Emperor Ziwei and sank, "The God of War among your eldest brothers will never betray your eldest brother for reasons. You should go back to Ziweiheng first and I will go back to the Lingxiao Hall to let people find out the matter as soon as possible."
The Chinese Emperor nodded his head and turned purple gas into instant.
The Jade Emperor stopped for a while and looked back at the distant wind soul.
The wind and soul had no idea that the South China Sea Pole saw the three Jin Xian quarrels and heard something that seemed to be wrong. Seeing that the Taiji Emperor and the Chinese Emperor had left, the Jade Emperor looked up and made a sudden and respectful bow.
When he looked up, the jade emperor had already gone away, but there was a whisper, "Good and evil are good and malicious; Knowing good and knowing evil is conscience, and good and evil are things! "
This sound flutters and slowly disappears, as if the four seas were generally sucked into the abyss …
Zhao Wu’s daughter has gone, and the Jade Emperor Tai Chi and the Chinese Emperor Ziwei have also come and gone.
The wind soul is still left here on the edge of the market
The sea is still flowing and pouring into the bottom of the abyss, and the keel orchids are still scattered all over the sky like stars
The wind soul flies forward with its back to the market, and behind him, the golden sun hits from the sky and falls into the abyss.
When I was away from the South China Sea, the wind soul was still thinking about the words left by the Jade Emperor. Even if people woke up, he knew that the words of the Jade Emperor were specially read to him.
For the Buddha, it’s a common thing to read nonsense to remind the stubborn or help people understand the true meaning of the Tao, just like the sentence "In the nether world, you are born in a hole" read by the Mu Gong Office. Although the wind soul didn’t really understand it before, at the moment when it failed, it seemed to break the darkness and make his heart light up.
However, the words read by the Jade Emperor are not like slanderous words and Taoist scriptures in any way, and somehow the wind soul feels that it has long been impressed by these words.
-good and evil, good and malicious; Knowing good and knowing evil is conscience, and good and evil are things!
This is more a Confucian exhortation than a Taoist prophecy …
The wind soul suddenly stopped there.
At this time, he has long been far away from the market, and the waves are constantly rolling and the dark clouds in the sky are sweeping.
It is obvious that a storm is coming.
The wind soul has thought of where the Jade Emperor read these words to him.
These are four maxims of Yang Xin Xue.
Wang Yang, another Confucian sage after Zhu Xi, advocated "Heaven destroys human desires". Different from Neo-Confucianism, Wang Yang first came to the concept of "Mind Learning" and recognized that Heaven is human heart.
The universe is my heart and my heart is the universe.
This wind soul has recently realized that there are similarities. Perhaps it is because of this that the Jade Emperor read out the four maxims of Yang Xin Xue to him.
However, the essence of Yang Xin Xue is not the idealistic worldview of "My heart is the universe", otherwise it would be no different from what Buddhism said.
What it really wants to say is "to conscience"
Good and evil, good and malicious.
Although everyone’s heart is good and evil at first, it is impossible to maintain the good and evil mood when he has ambition and pursuit. It is very likely that selfish desires and good and evil will not be distinguished, but if he wants to distinguish good and evil from right and wrong again, he must "be conscientious"
The so-called conscience is also conscience.
The four maxims remembered by Feng Soul mean that a professional chess player had been to Lushan Mountain before he crossed it, and there was a stone carving of Wang Yang there. This kind of tourist attraction is usually a combination of historical celebrities’ deeds, and Feng Soul lived there for a few days and heard something about Wang Yang and the Confucian school of mind he represented.
However, Wang Yang is a famous Confucian scholar, and he should not have been born at this time.
But the thought that even Li Bai was not born at this time according to "history" is too lazy to pay attention to such a thing. Since Li Bai is an immortal, who knows if Wang Yang is also an immortal?




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