"Take a shot for me?" Ma Laoer was stunned for a long time. "What happened?"
"Someone robbed you halfway with a gun," explained Qi Lin quickly. "We were stopped by two cars in front of a truck."
"Then how do you know that they are stopping me?"
"When the leader silly B came, he asked me if the second horse didn’t drive. I knew it was not a good thing when I saw them holding guns." Qi Lin frowned and said, "I’ll fire first."
Ma Laoer thought for a few seconds. "I know who is going to fuck me. It must be the Wang family who forced Qi Lin. Please stick to them and I will go there now."
"Well, I followed you out of the wind village and took the main road in the direction of Xinxiang in the north." Jilin woke up.
Say that finish two people ended the call Ma Laoer spirit said, "Go north Xinxiang life village direction Wang Tiannan that silly dog came out to do things in the past to fuck him"
Real Wang Tiannan, even if they didn’t rob Qi Lin, they can’t get cheap today, because Ma Laoer has two cars here, but they are all war criminals Xu Yang, Liu Shu and several leaders on the ground of Tuzha Street, and when they come here, it’s time to avoid trouble. The trunk firepower is also well prepared, so it’s hard to really touch the whole thing. The number of both sides is similar to Wang Tiannan. Who do they want to kill?
Liu Shu, after listening to Ma Laoer’s words, people are not tired or sour. He said excitedly, "You are a little stupid. Have you found out?" Back to beat Freeman Yang, he was blocked by the waterway. This time, we even fucking touched Qi Lin. This Wang Tiannan is a pure beating! "
"Steady" Xu Yang woke up relatively calmly. "It’s close to Liuzhou. Let’s not be silly and walk into people’s circles."
"Do it as soon as he runs," urged Ma Laoer.
Wang Tiannan, sweating profusely, urged, "Hurry up, they are coming."
"Zha leak? !” The co-pilot guy was puzzled and said, "We are the only ones who know about this. How can they be prepared?"
The words sound just fell and a motor sounded, and Qi Lin’s modified off-road vehicle, which was specially used to run on ice and snow roads, made a murderous chase.
"Dadada …!"
Two Yaoguang brothers leaned out of the window and held an M automatic rifle at Wang Tiannan’s two cars to hug the fire.
In the dark, the bullets were like pouring rain, which splashed on the rear of two cars and hit the trunk. The glass of the car was shattered.
Wang Tiannan hid her head in the back seat and roared with cold sweat on her forehead. "Are you connected with my uncle? !”
"Tianhui answered the phone. He called someone." The driver replied nervously.
"Faster!" Wang Tiannan pull neck press a way
The two sides chased the speed of the car to 100 miles, and soon they drove to Xinxiang Life Village.
Behind the driver twist a head at JiLin asked "still chasing our elder brother? They can enter the village. "
"Ma Laoer said that these guys are rushing to die. When he comes there, he will hurt him." Qi Lin said with eyes, "Follow in."
"Good" driver nodded.
Escape on the slippery and snowy road Two off-road vehicles drifted obliquely and rushed into the fork in the road, then braked in the back seat. Before the driver stopped the car, Wang Tiannan jumped into a cart door and stumbled and shouted, "Tianhui Tianhui! The gate! !”
The two cars are stagnant, and on the left is a very magnificent and large courtyard with four small three-story buildings built in it, which shows that it must be a big family with a prosperous family.
Wang Tianna stumbled from the ground up and stepped to the gate and kicked her feet.
"Knock, knock!"
A few rumbling noises came to the courtyard, and the noise was shocking.
The gate was dragged from the inside. A young man about the same age as Wang Tiannan frowned with an automatic firearm in his hand and asked, "What happened?"
Wang Tiannan was dazed. "I’m going home. Ma Laoer in Songjiang is going to beat me up halfway."
"Are they coming?" Call tianhui youth asked.
"Just behind" Wang Tiannan nodded.
"Damn it!" Tianhui is the head of Sanfang, and Wang Zongtang and Wang Tiannan are the same generation. Although they don’t have much contact at ordinary times, they are all from the same family. After listening to each other’s words, he immediately turned back and shouted, "Come out with me with guns."
Two cars stopped at the fork in the road, and Qi Lin rushed to the inside with a five-person car gun, while the driver of the car had turned around and was ready to run at any time.
"Come out, come out, they are coming." Wang Tiannan yelled at the door.
"Come out your mother b where are you ok? !”
JiLin lateral step transverse hands holding a gun at the wangs gate hug the fire.
"Dadada …!"
More than five people moved neatly and motionless at Wang Tiannan and Wang Tianhui, and they shot wildly.
Six automatic rifles were about to rush out, and Wang Tianhui and others were beaten back before they were pulled.
Wang Tiannan was shot in the calf and fell into the hospital in a panic. "Fuck you, I have to chop up this horse’s penis and feed it to the dog!" "
More than a dozen three-bedroom stables rushed out with guns, and the residents on the left and right sides of the compound also lit up their guns after hearing the fierce guns.
Yaoguang brothers gently shouted at Qi Lin and woke up, "I don’t think this door is too small for this kind of life village thief to hold a group, or we will not be able to go."
The words sound just fell and two cars stopped at the roadside. Ma Laoer Xu Yang Liu Shu and others rushed in.
"Mom got a B and stole me halfway?" Ma Laoer pinched a thunder in his left and right hands and shouted, "Shoot him!"
"Second, hurry up and dry the truck and return the road." JiLin woke up.
"Wang Tiannan lying trough nima you don’t look for me? There are only a dozen of us. You are a soldier. Come out! " Ma Laoer yelled at the neck.
Wang Tiannan bit her teeth, picked up the gun and shouted "Go out with me"
When people get together, they will rush out.
Ma Laoer heard the noise at the door, and immediately the thief poured two thunder along the wall.
Songjiang east gate




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