That’s the sound of gas being hit by a shock wave and then being cut quickly!
It seems that some kind of leather is being torn!
Besides that.
The area cut by the sharp sword is directly left with a sign similar to the tail line of an airplane in the middle.
This blow!
Even the ordinary troll is more than four meters tall and powerful enough to use trees as weapons. It usually takes dozens of deputy armed soldiers to deal with guys, and it will be cut in half cleanly as simple as chopping meat!
But all this is obviously meaningless to [Walida Mara]
When the opponent’s attack has arrived in front of him, the spectators around him exclaim as if he were about to spill blood on the spot
He just looked rather disdainful and slowly pulled out a dagger with enchantment shining.
Like cutting fruit, cut off the coming sharp blade and spare no effort to cross the other person’s shoulder!
This blow can be described as fast as flash!
Ordinary people can’t even see clearly
Let alone avoid it!
Until 【 Wolida Mara 】 put the dagger back into its sheath.
Each other is still immersed in the joy of being about to cut 【 Wolida Mara 】.
Why don’t I feel like I’ve cut something?’
When will my sword break …’
Looking at his hand that unconsciously left half a weapon before he wanted to white.
a moment
A lot of bright red blood in sudden pain is like a fountain.
The center of his left shoulder is spewing rapidly!
This is also the time.
In the time when he even screams in the future, he has to send it out
His arm with a weapon just fell off him!
That arm actually twitched a few times on the ground.
It’s as if it hasn’t reacted until now, and it has been cut off …
With a look of pity.
[Wolida Mara] Look very disappointed. Put your head to the other side and look at the other side. His face is twisted in pain. He is a little batting practice and sighs.
"It’s a pity that although the attack is very sharp, it seems that you are a little weaker than me ~ ~"
When talking
He also made a fingertip cosmic gesture.
It’s just a sign that there is really a little gap between the enemy and the enemy
Say that finish
He couldn’t help laughing in the right way.
"Ha ha ha ha ….."
As if he had finished a very good drama.
"Wow, this guy is so competitive …"
After seeing this scene, the onlookers around them also exclaimed at the right time, full of surprise.
It sounds as if you were amazed at his great strength.
Make [Wolida Mara] even more happy.
Then 【 Wolida Mara 】 looked forward to the humiliation expression on the other person’s face or when he couldn’t help but scream.
The other person’s face is twisted because of the pain in his broken arm.
Very suddenly
It’s like seeing something I can’t believe!
Directly on the milli sign a change revealed a look of horror even the original will blurt out bellow was abruptly swallowed!
"ah? ?”
Even the onlookers around them were amazed and their tone changed into a puzzled tone.
“? ?”
"What’s the matter? ?”
In the face of this situation [Walida Mara] is also somewhat puzzling.
Stopped laughing at himself and frowned.
Those strange eyes around him made him feel a little uncomfortable.
And finally follow that direction of all people’s sight.
He was a little uneasy and slowly looked at his chest position.
It was also at this time.
He didn’t notice with horror.
I don’t know when it has been completely pierced!
The tip of a dagger is exposed directly from it!
A lot of blood is slowly leaking like a broken wine barrel.




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