The mountain road is narrow and difficult to walk, but he has long been familiar with the road. It took Zhou Jun a lot of effort to ambush in place according to Ji Fa’s instructions, not to mention entering the mountain for the first time. Most soldiers had to look down at the road to prevent stampedes, thus ignoring the dangers around them.
When the last merchant army also went deep into the mountain forest, suddenly there came a burst of screaming and killing in the deepest part of the mountain forest.
A military force rushed straight at the former army, and a military force blocked the posterior road. Ji Fa personally took the sword to kill.
Shi Bufan, who has mental arithmetic and simple mind, feels that his eyes are black and he is finished.
Chapter 573 Fear of death
"Bad ambush!"
"Hurry up the mountain!"
"Don’t squeeze!"
This slave army dares to be a soldier. Although it has a good fighting capacity, it lacks discipline. But Chen Faxian’s first reaction was to run out of this uncomfortable narrow mountain road after he fell down.
It’ s a mess to run out of such a run, some running forward and some running back.
And the foot soldiers became close as brothers, and Shi Bufan didn’t have a good way to maintain the army array because of his lack of prestige.
"Steady and don’t mess!"
"Line up one by one!"
Shi Bufan thought, "There are two ways at first. One is to hold your ground and return to break through, and the other is to force your way through this narrow mountain road."
"He this ambush is bound to be ready to retreat, afraid of being blocked, and it seems that he can rush over to see the mountains and cross the water to see the enemy kill the enemy …"
Shi Bufan rushed directly to the front after making a decision. He used to be a little slave and didn’t practice martial arts much after becoming a general. However, his armor and weapons in his hands were made by skillful craftsmen, and his fighting capacity was far superior to that of ordinary foot soldiers.
After three or two kills and retreats a few Zhou Bing, he roared, "The military assault gave me a boost!"
It’s a pity that Ji Fa had anticipated everything and dared to lead the army from Fangshan Road when the army bravely attacked. He directly dared to lead the army in two so that the fore and aft could not care for each other.
Shi Bufan was shocked when he saw that his former army had lost its alliance, but he was unable to return to the army to fight, and he could lead only the former army to continue to break through, hoping that Zhou Jun could rush out of the narrow mountain road before completing the camp. When the terrain was slightly flat, it would be much easier to run away even if he could not defeat the victory.
However, it is disappointing that Shi Bufan led many soldiers and horses in front of him and suddenly there was a shout and several soldiers and horses killed.
Shi Bufan couldn’t help heart thumped when he saw this. It seems that the other generals didn’t want to leave them a way out. He was ambushed in three places before and after. He was wrong when he made the most choice. No matter how he chose, he couldn’t run away!
"General will …"
"I … are we going to die?"
"He … He is everywhere …"
"Brothers, don’t worry about taking you out!"
Shi Bufan responded to trying to stabilize the morale of the army one by one. Although he knew that he was powerless, he was a big business general and a slave-born big business general in Xibohou House. Even in the most desperate time, he could not give up resistance, and it was even more impossible to attack directly. So he gritted his teeth and continued to lead the military forces to rush forward.
"kill! Kill! Kill! "
Those who dare to be soldiers all know that breaking through a narrow escape, but they are not afraid to follow Shi Bufan’s footsteps one by one.
They are all slaves from Xiqiao, and they finally got rid of slaves and became decent people. How can they kneel back when they stand upright?
Shi Bufan led his troops to assault and led Zhou Jun into a ball.
Suddenly, he noticed a very well-defended place, and when he looked at it, he saw a corner. Although the fighting was extremely fierce, Zhou Jun played quite conservatively, and there were military forces constantly filling it as if to protect someone.
"Lord Zhou Jun?" Shi Bufan immediately came in vain to be such a protector, even if it is not the Lord, it is also an important person to kill him. If he can be captured alive, he may be able to break through.
Thought of here, Shi Bufan rushed at Zhou Jun’s protected place with a lance.
"Go to hell!"
Shi Bufan took QinBing to make a last-ditch effort. Brothers around him died one by one. When Zhou Bing killed more than a dozen people around him, he finally killed them.
And he saw a familiar face, Ji Fa.
Ji Fa, a slave of Xibohou House, is naturally his servant. It’s a pity that Shi Bufan recognized Ji Fa and Ji Fa at a glance, but he didn’t recognize Shi Bufan. There is no need to remember what a slave looks like.
Even Ji Fa is quite fond of it. He appreciates this tenacity in Shi Bufan’s desperate situation and wants to surrender.
Shi Bufan is impossible to promise to try his best to kill Zhou Bing around him and approach Ji Fa step by step. However, the cruel fact tells him that such efforts have no roots.
In a short time, he was captured alive with Qinbing around him, and the whole army that dared to be an army was also dying and dying.
"Solitary ask you again, will you surrender?"
Shi Bufan still speaks.
Ji Fa waved his hand and rolled the head of a captured soldier who dared to be beheaded by the army for several meters




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