"Did you leave a trace of rose after a spider, a crack transfer track or something like a spider silk psionic crystal when she was fighting?
If there is always information about the whereabouts of Rose after the spider, it can be delivered to me. This is what I need. "
Baiya pupil contracted slightly.
It was rose …
Xu Le’s character is that it is impossible to ask for information about Rose if he is not sure.
Meris suddenly woke up at this time.
"Master, do you still remember Qian Gangshi’s arm?"
Meris woke up like thunder.
At that time, the person who appeared in the shadow of Gangshi’s arm should really be Xu Le …
It wasn’t long before Xu Le came back.
Baiya feels a little angry. Today, there are more important events than she has accumulated in the past two years.
Even Cang Ming once carried out the God Capture Plan, which is not as shocking as Xu Le is today.
How strong is he?
Can you really hunt independently?
Baiya took a deep breath, calmed down and kept the demeanor of the temple master.
"Of course, this matter is no problem, but I hope that Xu Le’s adult will give us a few minutes and we need to get together and deliver it to you together with intelligence.
Do you think this is ok? "
"Of course"
Xu Le didn’t mean to continue persecuting them, but gave the Red Crescent Temple some help and took advantage of this file to come to Li Wen’s side.
"Li Shu"
Li Wen saw Xu Leyang and knew he had something to tell himself.
It doesn’t feel right.
"Go out and speak" Li Wen pointed to the door and walked past.
Xu Le and two people soon came to the meeting room.
Li Wenxian picked up a cigarette, but some old smokers often found their lighters.
Xu Le smiled and made Li Wen a little embarrassed.
Then naturally put out your finger.
He doesn’t have a lighter, but he has a light.
Hum! ~
A pinch of flame Xu Le refers to the appearance of Li Wen, which is not surprising. Compared with what Xu Le did before, it is nothing at all.
Li Wen took a deep drag on his cigarette and vomited a smoke turn, then asked
"Are you leaving again?"
"Li Shu guessed?"
"Every time you make it solemn, it feels like you’re going to hand over the funeral."
Xu Le …
"It’s not that exaggerated. I’m pretty good now. I don’t know how strong those guys are, so I just want to talk to you more."
Xu Le has nothing to hide before Li Wen.
Especially personal mentality, Li Wen is a good life mentor most of the time.
A little music is so recognized.
So he likes to talk to Li Wen about everything.
"Come on, what do you want to explain?"
"Help me take good care of Alley and Ding Ke. It’s the black cat. Don’t … it’s gone."
"That’s it?"
"I had a lot of things to explain, but I didn’t think it was necessary after seeing you."
"It’s really cool to be the shopkeeper of cutting."
Xu Le put his hands up and looked at the sunset very easily.
Li Wen turned to look behind him and then looked at Xu Le and asked.
"Are you a senior?"
"Li Shu, don’t be so small. It’s unnecessary."
Li Wen picked his eyebrows.
"The deterrent is so big?"
"It’s not a matter of deterrence. It’s that your voice is a little level. Warlocks can hear it. There’s no need to hide it."
Li Wen …




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