Chapter one hundred and twenty-three The trick to life and death (3)
Lin Yi’s palm is strategically placed, and Lin Tianshu’s palm is a desperate effort, and its power can be seen.
Two hands violently hit a place.
Lin Tianshu suddenly felt that Lin Yi’s palm was coming like waves.
Each wave is stronger than the other.
Lin Tianshu’s body was full of qi and blood, one mouthful blood was spit out, and then his body was shaken and slid backward, hard to rub out two deep ditches, such as being turned over by pears.
And Lin Tianshu’s struggling palm is also very terrible
Lin Yizhong’s figure was also shaken and his throat was hard to swallow by Lin Yi.
Lin Yi also took advantage of this palm force to rise again, and then instantly adjusted his body shape and flew to Lin Tianshu. Lin Tianshu just stood firm and Lin Yi arrived again.
Now Lin Yi has a faster figure.
Pull out a string of afterimages in the middle.
Like the sea stirring up a row of spray.
At the moment, Lin Yi’s eyes are also raging. Lin Yi came too fast, and it seems that Lin Tianshu will not be given a breather. Lin Yi has been hitting Lin Tianshu in different directions for several consecutive sharp slaps, and Lin Tianshu’s one-armed and rapid waving palm shadow keeps flashing and even breaking Lin Yi’s palms.
Lin Yi’s figure is flying around again, and then he slaps it with a slap in the face, and Lin Tianshu is also angry and calls for a slap in the face.
If he can make it to a hundred strokes, he will win.
When Lin Yi and Lin Tianshu’s palms were less than a foot apart, Lin Yi suddenly changed his fingers and suddenly poked them out like a fork.
Lin Tianshu was frightened to disgrace so that his palm was not penetrated by several fingers of Lin Yi.
Lin Tianshu’s reaction is really fast enough. Your feet slipped out of the stone and evaded Lin Yi’s five fingers.
Lin Yi’s body fell to the ground on his knees, and his hand was inserted straight to the elbow.
This strength is staggering.
It is conceivable that it was not Lin Tianshu who avoided the fast, and the result was terrible.
At this time, the cheers of both sides in the field are even more intense.
Many people are yelling and asking how many tricks have been played now.
Provoked to be agitated and hope to return, he scolded, "A bunch of losers have recruited seventy-two. Can’t you watch it?" Even if your eyes are blind, your ears are deaf! Day your BeiEr ancestors … "
At the moment, all the noise can’t hide the roar of looking back.
It’s crazy to look back, and they don’t care about looking back
If you want to come back, just tell them how many tricks you can.
People’s nerves are even more excited when they know that 72 strokes have passed.
Finally, it’s time to show up!
Can Lin Yi beat Lin Tianshu in the last twenty moves? This mystery has stimulated people’s nerves, and some people who are addicted to blocking Wulin have paid attention to it.
As a result, most people bet on Lin Tianshu to win
Because they don’t believe that Lin Yi can make miracles in the last twenty strokes.
It is true that Lin Yi and Lin Tianshu have hit seventy-two strokes.
Lin Yi is running out of time. He must beat Lin Tianshu with twenty moves.
At this time, all the people in the southern border were worried. Su Jiner felt that her heart was like being pressed by a big stone and she could not breathe. She felt that she was suffocating.
And Qin Dingfang Beifu, a bunch of people, were all excited, and their faces were flushed with sultry weather and excitement.
Twenty more moves!
After twenty strokes, Lin Yi will be finished!
Qin Dingfang saw that at this time, although Lin Yi accelerated the attack and almost no longer gave "Dad" a chance to counterattack, Lin Yi was completely finished if he wanted "Dad" to stand for twenty strokes.
Lin Yi’s arm is inserted into the ground. Lin Tianshu can delay the instant Lin Tianshu’s roar loud and slap one by one. Lin Yi’s arm is also instantly pulled out from the ground. As Lin Yi’s arm pulls out a piece of soil like the sea, a wave column bursts out from the ground. This soil is not scattered. Lin Yi’s cold force condenses like a piece of "soil stick". It is as thick as an arm and more than three feet long, and it still emits white cold.
Lin Yi is still in a half-kneeling position, and his body suddenly rises like being held up by physical force.
The posture hasn’t changed at all!
There is no wave at all.
Half-kneeling posture instantly rose to the ground and immediately won the applause!
No one doubts that if Lin Yi is given more time, Lin Tianshu will fail.
But Lin Yi is so arrogant that he will fight Lin Tianshu for life and death.
This makes many Wulin people feel sorry for Lin Yi.
Lin Yi’s "earth stick" poked Lin Tianshu with a strong palm.
Lin Tianshu’s palm also hit the stick to coagulate the "earth stick"
The front end of the frozen "earth stick" cracked and then shattered.
Lin Yi’s "earth stick" continued to stab and another piece of Lin Tianshu’s palm fractured.
Lin Yi’s eyes at this moment are more persistent than the "stick" in his firm hand.
So the third paragraph and the fourth paragraph broke Lin Tianshu’s palm again
Until a few inches of "earth stick" remained in Lin’s hand, Lin Tianshu’s palm was shattered again.
It is this last piece that turns into a smash. Lin Yi holds the "earth stick" palm and also hits Lin Tianshu’s palm.
Lin Tianshu’s body can’t help but be sucked forward. Lin Yi is more than a foot away from this stone spark. Lin Yi is in a half kneeling position, and his legs and right legs are instantly kicked in Lin Tianshu’s chest.
At that moment, Lin Tianshu’s sternum broke horribly.
Lin Tianshu’s mouth was full of blood.
People also fly out.
Lin Yi landed in shape.
Lin Yi’s tricks are natural, exquisite and full of imagination, which makes people sigh and stop the crowd around them from bursting into a rousing applause.
Sue light Hou eyes a bright at the moment.
Like a ray of light in the dark




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