There is fog in the first-line gorge, but there are also days and nights.
I don’t know how many days passed until it was bright and dark and bright.
Fortunately, it is necessary to have a strong enough yin qi for a certain period of time, even if zombies don’t need to eat jingxie.
Blood slaves and ghost servants are still guarding faithfully.
Of course, Zhang Yang doesn’t know all this.
Now he has entered the realm of forgetting things and forgetting me, completely immersed in the absorption and integration of demon birds’ jingxie.
The body cells are recombined by those who are incorporated into the breath changes of Jingxue, which brings him a more comfortable feeling.
Sticky things are constantly secreted from the body surface. Now, from a distance, Zhang Yang has become a clay sculpture.
As time goes by.
This time, Zhang Yang tried to directly enter the closed state.
“ ` ` w w w ““ ` “ C`O`M
There is no longer JingXie breath gushing out in the demon bird mummy, but Zhang Yang’s body reorganization and transformation has not stopped.
Xiu xian sui yue
Well, in the depths of this Luohe mansion, except for the long gray sand grains, all creatures are extinct, and even Huayin allegations are afraid to go near, but it is safe to be disturbed.
It’s been a year since Zhang Yang opened his eyes again.
It is conceivable that absorbing the residual JingXie breath in the monster beast mummy directly makes Zhang Yang digest the terror when he is closed for a year.
Of course, this is not a simple digestion but a fusion process.
After I don’t know how many years of air-drying, almost all the ordinary jingxie in the demon bird’s body evaporated completely, leaving the essence and rich vital jingxie.
Of course, the moment the demon bird’s soul died, it would have been annihilated, and there was no soul force in JingXie, which also caused almost no obstacles in the absorption process of Zhang Yang.
Zhang Yang got up and a thick layer of dry mud should break and fall to the ground.
"hmm? I don’t know if this layer of dry mud is refined from my body or is it dust in the surrounding air? Or both? "
Look down with emotion.
I see that my original waxy yellow cuticle is glowing with a golden color, which was originally pleasing to the eye, but how ugly it looks with the uneven shape of the cuticle overlapping.
He hasn’t changed much. He looks ferocious, he’s muscular, he’s knotted, he’s sharp …
Zhang Yang Naidi shook his head. No matter how evolution is, it always gets uglier and uglier. It seems that the dream of becoming a beautiful man is impossible to realize.
Waving an arm like an explosion, the feeling of power gushes out, which is definitely not comparable to the original one.
This time, it was a coincidence that the physical strength of the demon bird Jingxue was greatly increased by more than a few times
Think about it, it is very likely that this kind of demon bird has merged its essence and blood in an ancient saying, but how can it benefit from poverty?
Chapter 11 Bone wing
Look up at the blood slave and ghost servant who are still loyal to guarding it. They haven’t eaten Jingxue for a long time, and the ghost servant looks a little weak.
Although Zhang Yang didn’t know that he was closed for a year, he felt that it would definitely be long.
"Thank you for your hard work!"
Zhang Yang tone with gratitude.
Two zombies immediately responded with a growl.
Zhang Yang demon bird mummified body next to a study after the arm strength suddenly broke out claws show severely cut.
In the dull sound, several inches of long claws are combined with the palm of your hand.
Zhang Yang corners of the mouth with a smile.
After being drained of the last trace of JingXie by yourself, the strength of this demon bird corpse is obviously reduced, and the strength of its body has doubled after being transformed, which will lead to this result.
With one blow, Zhang Yang kept attacking with both hands; Mind move motioned blood slave to help.
Two zombies keep shoveling dry and immortal meat.
Half an hour later, a huge skeleton was exposed.
The skeleton of this unknown demon bird is like a white jade, and its delicate surface has a faint luster.
If Zhang Yang hadn’t seen it pulled out of the mummy with his own eyes, he would have suspected that it was not a real skeleton but a jade carving.
"Hey? There is no demon Dan? "
Zhang Yang Yiqing Yi
Then think about the mummy was cut to the head and abdomen big hole is relieved.
This demon bird is not simple at first sight. After the enemy kills it, it will definitely take the demon Dan away.
Although there are some regrets, Zhang Yang is not very depressed. For him, the greatest value is not demon Dan.
Look at this suet-like white jade skeleton.
There are not many bones in the chest and other parts, but those wings.
Carefully picked a pair of bones.
The bones of demon birds are extremely hard, even if the blood slaves are purple, they can’t be destroyed. However, it is very easy to pick the bone wings from the joints.
After seeing this bone span, it was as long as twenty or thirty feet, and even after folding it, it was nearly thirty feet long.
Perhaps it is because of the combination of demon birds and jingxie that when Zhang Yang stretched out his hand and touched this bone wing, there was a feeling of blood connection.
"Taiyin Refinement" is divided into four parts: refining body, refining objects, puppet and miscellaneous articles. What is recorded in refining objects is the method of refining various instruments and magic weapons.
The demon bird bone wing material can be refined into flying instruments. The stronger the monster beast level is, the better it is at flying before its death. Then the higher the refined flying instrument level is, it is also possible to become a magic weapon, a fairy device and an artifact.
There is no doubt that this demon bird is powerful. Although I don’t know if it is good at flying, I think it can fly with such big wings.
There is no doubt that this is definitely an excellent refining material.
Zhang Yang nodded with satisfaction and reached out with a wipe to put this pair of bone wings into the ring.
The entry level of refining multiplier in "refining things" is purple stiff. If you want advanced purple stiff, you can start refining flying multiplier, and then there will be another life-saving means.




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