But I met a lot of moths
For example, there is a sudden car accident ahead, and the road police have to close the road.
For example, when people are evacuated, they walk towards the rear with their arms around them.
For example, the ground collapses and the road ahead is damaged.
But with superhuman ability, everyone still came all the way here.
And there hasn’t been any emergency for a long time.
But when Tang Chuan was suspicious, his com rang.
It’s the Trojans.
"Hello, is this Mr. Tian Zun?"
Tang Chuan replied, "What’s wrong with me?"
The staff sighed in silence for a while. "I’m sorry to have this unfortunate news for you. Your application for making an appointment to visit me may have expired."
Tang Chuan suddenly asked, "What happened?"
The worker said, "Mr. Seger just killed himself. I remember you said he was his friend. I came to inform you that you can come to mourn before today and we will send his body to the funeral home."
Tang Chuan silently said, "Yeah, I know."
Hang up.
He looked at the crowd and said, "So it’s this reason that since we can’t stop it, we will erase our goal and commit suicide? Is that true? … "
Chapter 123 This is the real world
At the entrance of sanatorium
Tang Chuan and others registered the information and were led by the workers to a certain floor building.
The worker said, "If Seg hadn’t met you once, although it was an unreasonable meeting, we wouldn’t believe you were his friends just by your word."
Now that he is dead, friends, you can say goodbye to him … "
Before coming to a circular device, the worker pressed a button and it became transparent.
You can clearly see that Seg’s body is placed inside and his expression is peaceful.
"If you want to mourn again in ten minutes, you can go to the funeral home to attend his funeral one day, so I won’t bother you."
Said the workers will walk to the outside.
Tang Chuan stopped him and said, "May I ask how Seg died? Did he leave anything behind?"
The worker said with a wry smile, "He took out the poison himself through his daily food. Even in his later years, a scientist … well, his level and contribution to the world are indelible."
Did you leave anything …
There are too many, and we are not sure whether we have finished searching the competition box. Every day, we leave a lot of information that we can’t understand. There are carved tables, written walls and painted clothes, and most of them are left with paper.
We collected as much as possible what he left in the last few days, but we are not sure if it is complete.
If you are interested, I can take you to his ward later to see if he often takes a seat at the table. "
Tang Chuan nodded and said, "Good thank you."
Workers smiled and shook their heads and said, "Easy."
After he left, Tang Chuan asked Kuntasha to examine the body of Seg.
Indeed, as the workers said, he has all kinds of food residues, which together with some daily drink can really complete suicide.
Besides, Seg showed no signs of struggling before his death. He was unharmed and died peacefully.
Like …
See through all generosity and die safely.
But it doesn’t make sense
Seg wants to leave here more than anyone else, and others have given him hope. Maybe the promise will take him away as much as possible.
Then why would he do that?
Is it true that the world cleanup system regarded him as a Bug and caused the illusion of his voluntary death?
But so far, we and others have not encountered real malice, and it seems that Utopia will not easily show murder to the creatures here.
Tang Chuan naturally doesn’t believe that Seg will die. It’s such a coincidence that he and others just came to him.
Tang Chuan took one last look at Seg after Kuntasha detected the fruit again, and remembered that if he had the chance, he would be resurrected and live in a real world.
In a sense, it is likely that someone else killed him.
After walking out the door, the workers gave them a surprised look and said, "I think you will stay inside for a while."
Tang Chuan shook his head and said, "We will mourn and remember the deceased. Now take us to see the traces that Seg left. Thank you."
The worker nodded and took them straight to another building.
When you come to the second floor, you can also see many people dressed in patients waiting for meals here.
The worker took them to a rest table and said, "This is Seg’s daily dining place."
Tang Chuan noticed that there seemed to be a vague mark somewhere and he touched it with his hand.
The staff explained, "Seg often doodles everywhere, and his records are crazy. We can’t understand that this is what he left at breakfast, which has been automatically erased by the table memory material."
Tang Chuan asked, "Can you restore it? I want to see what Seg left here."
The worker shook his head and said, "I’m sorry I can’t remember that the material can hardly be restored after it is restored, because it was left behind by him before his death, and our cleaner also tried to remember what was left on his desk."
Unfortunately, there is no clue, because Seg can always make a surprise. At first, everyone was very interested, but later they got used to it and didn’t pay attention. "
Tang Chuan was a little sorry to search the table again and found nothing after four weeks.




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