He is no better looking than that dark day!
Sure enough, my eyes were covered with snot after I burned my third child!
It’s not a day or two for you to be vicious. Su Ling has long understood this. Her eyes are still fixed on the ink, but her lips are half-jokingly saying, "If you can speak human words, you may be attracted!"
Youqing "…"
This time, it’s your turn to pay for it!
Supposedly, he has no reason to appear tonight, or even if he knows that Su Ling will feel uncomfortable when he sees such a scene, he can really stand by and watch!
But he couldn’t stand it until he saw Gulan hugging Huang Lao and talking about those disgusting people.
At that time, he didn’t think much about it, and there was an idea in his mind that he and Su Ling should not be blinded by this eyesore!
The natural ideal is always full, but the reality is skinny, which makes you feel very scrambled!
In his routine, Su Ling should be in tears and accuse the third child of burning, and then he can hold her in his arms and comfort her!
But with a calm face, Su Ling gave him a considerable blow!
Nima, he was going to burn the old mistake to pay the bill, but Su Ling didn’t give him a chance!
This is appropriate!
Moreover, he never said that Qi and Chu refused to go back to the palace. Just wait for her to come back from Nanxia and then’ renew the frontier’!
All kinds of imbalance in my heart are shining with all kinds of unwillingness!
Then, in the ironic tone of Su Ling’s consciousness, he simply took a seat in the bench beside her, regardless of Su Ling’s thinking. For a moment, his long legs directly set up the armrest of the chair, and his black hair brushed Su Ling’s side face unexpectedly as he moved.
Slight itching makes Su Ling can’t help but reach out and gently stroke, but Guan Qing is ashamed to get close to Su Ling for a few minutes, and then he still said in a wan ku unruly tone, "Come on! The palace is ready. If you feel uncomfortable, the palace can lend you your shoulder! "
"Will you shut up?"
Su Ling’s ears kept coming to support harsh words in her tangled emotions!
This made Su Ling lose patience soon!
She’s in a really bad mood tonight!
If Woo-ching is so shameless, she will probably just scrape him off the spot!
When the smile on the cheek gradually converges, it suddenly becomes positive. A lot of eyes are slightly cold, and the lips are lightly flawed. Toshiko’s moonlight shines with a dark honey light!
Su Ling couldn’t help but be slightly stunned when he saw the sudden change of Youqing’s look, and then he was thinking about withdrawing his sight, but he heard him say, "Su Ling, is the palace a heinous act in your eyes? Every time you see the palace, you treat it with contempt. Do you think this is appropriate?"
Perhaps it is the first time I saw Guan Qing’s solemn attitude. Su Ling was surprised for a moment and then looked at him with a wry smile. "You think too much! I’m not in the mood to talk to you tonight. If it’s convenient, please give me some. I want to be quiet! "
Smell this with light smile "do you still want to be quiet? Gong actually thinks that you should think about who you and Gulan will choose to burn the third child? "
"Do you want to choose his hand?"
Su Ling looked at you Qing with contemptuous eyes and then asked a low question, let you Qing Zheng!
And then asked, "What do you mean? Maybe you’re not going to burn the third child? Come on, you’re Xia Xiaoxue! You can have the final say! "
Su Ling laughed when she heard that there was no lack of contempt for You Qing!
Of course she knows that women in these men’s eyes are always attached!
But it’s a pity that she Su Ling has always been a complete person!
"Why? Nothing to say! " Guan Qing approached Su Ling so close again that he smelled the elegant fragrance of her body!
At that time, the heartbeat was a little disordered, which made Guan Qing’s eyes complicated!




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