Maybe it’s the distance between the two sides. He hasn’t been able to peep.
"A little closer" Su Li clenched his right hand dragon rhinoceros sword and let Xu Haishui paddle the raft closer.
There are a lot of monsters floating in front of them, and most of them are high-ranking corpses. If they get close again, they will easily attack them.
It was Xu Haishui who dared not go against Su Li’s wishes and could crustily skin of head and paddle on.
Soon the raft will continue to approach the floating island, and the distance between the two sides is less than 20 meters.
There is a senior corpse beast in front of the raft, making a blocking gesture and trying to climb to the raft.
The raft hit the corpse beast.
Su Li’s right hand dragon rhinoceros sword swung out without hesitation.
The corpse beast just got close to the head of the raft and flew out.
The raft is less than 15 meters away from the floating island. Suddenly, a monster makes a low noise in the waters ahead, but several water monkeys and beasts appear to stop it from approaching the raft.
Gong Xiao’s hands are shot with different thorns, and the poison armor fire is shot out.
A dozen pieces of green poisonous fire shot into these water monkeys’ bodies, and the poisonous fire burned immediately, and these water monkeys’ bodies burned violently.
These water monkeys opened their mouths and screamed in pain. They dived toward the bottom of the water to put out the fire with the help of water.
At this moment, a message suddenly appeared in Su Li’s mind.
Have been locked in front of this floating island "peep symbol pattern" finally has a reaction to peep at the information.
"The name of the blood crystal beast is unknown. Rare life forms are in the larval state. It is not a product of natural evolution, but a kind of extremely rare and rare mineral. The blood crystal is born by fusion and mutation. It can devour all kinds of minerals, and its body shape is growing. The skin surface is covered with iron-gray crystals. The defense is extremely strong. When it grows to the middle and late stage, it can resist nuclear bombs without any damage. It moves slowly and has no IQ to act. Although it can attack or defend the enemy, it can summon the spirit source beast to protect itself. The body blood crystal is the energy source of the blood crystal beast’s life. Once the blood crystal is destroyed, it will lose its life and become a real mineral. The blood crystal is harder than iron, and it is difficult to destroy it without sufficient strength. "
Su Li took a deep breath with this information.
"How about it?" Gong Xiao looked at Su Li and his face turned white. He must have seen something.
"This guy’s name is Blood Crystal Beast, which is in its infancy, and it can constantly devour all kinds of substances. When it grows to a later stage, it can carry a nuclear bomb very hard. Its only weakness is that the body blood crystal can kill it if it destroys it."
Chapter 137 Killing crocodiles
Hearing this, everyone was refreshed.
Ding Longyun also busy climbed the raft, "where is its blood crystal? Always give it a’ gas missile’. "
Su Li said, "This guy doesn’t have IQ. With the ability to move, I think his current target is Zifeng Tower, but although he attacks us by himself, he can make his monster guard himself and go first."
Knowing the true face of the floating island in front of us, Su Li calmed down. Now that we know its weakness, it will be easy.
Xu Haishui’s spirit "knows" and is busy paddling to control the raft and continue to approach the blood crystal beast.
Gong Xiaodao: "I wonder if I can tame it. If so, isn’t this an ideal mobile base?"
Su Li sighed, "I’d like to, but I don’t know how to tame it, and it can’t be tamed."
All the people were silent. It’s good for this floating island like a blood crystal beast. Although they want to tame it, they are in trouble.
Gong Xiao regretted "what a pity"
The raft quickly rushed into the side of the blood crystal beast for ten meters, and they were finally attacked by a group of monsters.
There are zombies, sea spiders, water monkeys, sea scorpions and many more monsters that they have never seen before.
They all shot Ding Longyun in succession. He was the most excited. Ha ha a smile. He opened his mouth and sprayed "gas missiles".
The air missile exploded seven meters in front of the raft, and immediately several monsters were blown up, including corpses and sea scorpions, and a purple giant mouse that he had never seen before.
"Ha ha, finally have an effective spiritual source" Ding Longyun laughed.
Neither the corpse beast nor the sea scorpion beast can reach the five-level method to give him an effective spiritual source. Obviously, the purple giant rat is a five-level spiritual source beast.
Su Li looked at it through the "peep symbol pattern" and immediately a message emerged.
"Name purple rat beast level five common spirit beast is a variant of water rat beast, which is fast and good at digging holes to cultivate a new type of Yersinia pestis. Saliva and blood melons all carry this bacteria, even if some powerful spirit beasts are infected by superbacteria from other bodies, they will experience continuous high fever for days and nights."
Surrounded by monsters, there are many such five-level purple rat beasts.
Gong Xiao’s raft hands constantly fired different thorns and poisonous armor fire.
These two special abilities are combined together, which is surprisingly powerful. She attached a corrosive and poisonous armor fire to a different thorn, and then flew out a dozen different thorns at one time. No matter what monster is going to be stabbed into the body by this different thorn, this poisonous armor fire burns up and makes these monsters sink to the bottom in pain.
In addition to Xu Xuehui and rowing Xu Haishui, all four of them made moves. Ding Longyun launched an "air missile" from time to time from a long distance. Some missiles landed on the back of an oncoming blood crystal beast, blasting cracks in the surface rock and splashing stone chips. From time to time, he was able to harvest one or two effective spiritual sources, which made him feel that he could not help laughing. At that time, he chose an "air missile", which was a smart move. This "air missile" was the fastest in killing the crowd.
Su Li kept Xu Haishui’s side until a monster approached him before wielding the dragon and rhinoceros sword to slay both the senior corpse beast, the four-level water monkey beast and the five-level purple rat beast. He soon gained five effective spiritual sources with a blow of his dragon and rhinoceros sword, but Ding Longyun gained seven at the most among all.
Gong Xiao’s launch of different stings and poisonous armor fires has caused a lot of monsters to be recruited and hit hard. Although it is easy, these monsters will not die for a while, but they have not been able to harvest the spiritual source for the time being.
Su Li also secretly observed a Luo Jun when he started work. He was a little curious about this former Sanda player who retired from Level 5 Spirit Source and his ability.
Luo Jun’s ability is a bit odd. The bones in his ten fingers extend from his fingers and grow out like ten claws. The ten phalanges are sharp and semi-transparent like glass.
Su Li used these ten semi-permeable phalanges as claws to attack monsters, but he soon found that this was not the case.
Luo Jun fired these ten phalanges, which are somewhat similar to Gong Xiao’s different stab. These ten sharp phalanges broke away from his hands and shot into the monster body close to him. Then these semi-transparent phalanges can expand and mutate at a speed visible to the naked eye, which will eventually destroy the monster’s weight and make the organs break through the body.
This ability is a bit weird. Su Li saw him, and this ability attached to killing three-corpse beasts, a water monkey beast and a purple rat beast.




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