"What are you going to …"
"I’m going to try a trick, but I need some preparation," said Shaoyu, a surname. "This ice dragon will attack me when it senses it, and its breath will instantly freeze everything."
After that, Shaoyu took out an elixir. "This is Xuanbing elixir, which can improve your resistance to such spells. Your physical strength should be able to resist for a while."
Wang Mu pondered for a few seconds and was about to nod.
Aside floating Wang Mu whole body Mulan heart way "this ice spirit dragon wants to go in the past, it is not necessary to rush into the dragon, but a spirit beast is not a fierce beast".
"Fair enough" Wang Mu gave her a look and said, "But people want to try me. Why should I stop it? Wouldn’t it be better if we could go directly? "
It can also save spiritual power.
"I’m awake" Mulan heart way
Wang Mu naturally knows that winning in the face of this special spirit beast is not the only way.
See Wang Mu nodded a surname Shaoyu took a deep breath and stepped back.
Wang Mu Dian Dian hands XuanBingDan did not.
For a moment, a surname with little feathers’ eyes were shrouded in the light of the sword, and a virtual shadow sword floated out of her body and made a buzzing sword sound.
"Sword spirit helps me!"
A surname Shaoyu whispered, "All souls kill each other!"
The virtual shadow sword suddenly flashed with dazzling light, as if a surname and few feathers were integrated, emitting a cold and extinct meaning, as if it were an extremely killing Excalibur.
"Hey, this is …" Wang Mu in front felt this surging sword with tiny Zheng in his heart.
This is ….. seven emotions?
No, this is … incomplete?
No, it doesn’t seem to be over. It’s the seven emotions …
Wait a minute. How can this little feather …
For a second, the ice dragon suddenly opened its eyes and seemed to perceive this hostility. Two ice gods flashed out of its eyes, and the dragon’s breath poured in with the roar like a sea of clouds!
Wang Mu squinting behind mountains and seas spirit lines flashing immediately changed a shirt printed with the sun, the moon and the stars.
This is qiankun sword sleeve robe Lingqi Jianzong’s exclusive Lingqi vestment, which is not available outside.
Lingqi+Shanhai refined body tactic dragon breath enveloped Wang Mu and was not affected at all.
Immediately, Xuanyuan Yuhai Dafa was operated, and the ice dragon breathed in Wang Mu, and the rolling water dissipated in the shape.
At the same time, the sword of a surname Shaoyu condensed and killed suddenly went toward the ice dragon.
The dragon waved its claws and touched it in anger.
Boom ~!
With air billow’s shock coming, a surname with fewer feathers instantly flew out, and the half-shadow sword instantly dissipated, and the African claw was actually cut by this.
"It was still so strong …" Wang Mu looked at the heart and couldn’t help sighing.
"Damn it! !” The ice spirit dragon issued a monstrous wrath "unexpectedly broke my African … I Aohan today will give you two monks …"
After saying his word, it suddenly sensed something and immediately looked at the position of Wang Mu’s office and spit out people’s words.
The dragon’s breath dispersed
Wang Mu looked behind a surname Shaoyu walked over and asked.
"What’s your situation?"
A surname little feather pale is shook his head a way
"It’s still good that the dragon’s blood is too strong and the gap between the realms is too big, so it’s impossible to break into the past."
"Can be returned … before consuming too much psychic force … it’s a pity …"
"Go back first. This dragon is awakened and angry. Later, it must be a big fight. You and I are not rivals now."
Wang Mu thoughtfully for a few seconds turned to look at the dragon.
"Once the friar moves, there is no turning point." Indigoku said, "The dragon is arrogant by nature. You should communicate with it just now. Now there is no room for communication."
"Can I return it?"




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