Shukaku said that the artifact refers to unification. Even if Shukaku is taken to 99% of Shukaku, it will not die and fall into a deep sleep.
The one-horned leopard has arrived in the disaster area. From the perspective, it is no longer a city, but a huge sea animal in Wang Yang keeps killing.
That sea beast has a rough blue body, half fish, half human, and a trident in his hand. I don’t know if it’s Poseidon.
Shukaku called GongSunQi, "Look at the chest of the sea beast carefully."
Chest? !
When Gong Sunqi looked at the sea beast, there was a huge blue crystal embedded in the sea beast’s body. The blue crystal was like the sea. Looking at the blue crystal, it seemed to face the sea.
Suddenly, a vague humanoid shape appeared in the crystal. This humanoid shape flashed by quickly, but it could not escape Sun Qi’s eyes.
"Li Lu! !”
Li Lu is the reason why GongSunQi insisted on finding Erha. He wanted to find Li Lu, but Li Lu was his first woman.
The mistake of the Li family is the chief culprit. Now that Li Lu knows everything, Gong Sunqi wants to save it and grow old with Li Lu.
Eternal kaleidoscope appeared. Sun Qi rode a one-horned leopard and rushed to the sea beast. At this time, the sea beast was surrounded by a group of strong men in the United States. These strong men tried their best to stop the sea beast from attacking, and these strong men were all U-class strong men, and several of them surpassed the U-class super strong men.
If the sea animals land, the fighting capacity will be greatly reduced, but now the sea animals are in the water, and there is also a flooded golden mountain to turn the land into the Wang Yang sea, which can create such an environment, which proves that the sea animals are terrible
Yue, the strong in the United States found that Sun Qi was coming, and they were all one of their own, and they didn’t have much suspicion when they came to help.
Chapter 29 With great power
"You don’t make environmental magic skills? Sea animals can be flooded with water. Can’t you adapt to environmental magic and weaken the ability of sea animals? "
"We don’t want to you? The ability of the sea beast is too strong. Two powerful people who have surpassed the U-level terror have tried to make environmental magic. The sea beast has never given them a chance. We are now helping to fight for it. "
Gong Sunqi came here to find Erha. No matter what happens to Erha, he must take Erha away. Only Erha knows that there are Erha in the Temple of the Sea, and he has the ability to take Gong Sunqi to the Temple of the Sea.
"over there"
Shukaku sound out along the Shukaku guide GongSunQi turned to look, he finally saw a black figure fall to the ground and looked at the animals after landing.
Nowadays, the shadow mink is much bigger than before. Maybe it was a fool at first? It’s more than 20 meters tall, and the looming purple-black bone spurs behind the purple-black hair look like purple-black crystals
"Shukaku, do you think it’s Erha or another shadow marten?"
GongSunQi asked.
"But you are looking for that erha, that is, that guy’s breath can’t be wrong. That guy still has a little breath of me. It’s time to prevent Lisa from being contaminated."
Shukaku, full of positive words, continued, "It is now at the peak of five-star animals. You should be careful to deal with it. There is water everywhere. I really can’t protect you."
The one-horned leopard fell from the sky, and Sun Qi quickly turned over from the one-horned leopard and fell in front of Erha.
The breath of the one-horned leopard is also the breath of five-star animals. Two, the hair stands up and makes an attack gesture. When the one-horned leopard moves, two, it is absolutely rude to rush.
Gong Sunqi took off his mask and cloak and shouted "Erha".
Erha’s eyes are blurred, and this familiar sound makes Erha pause, and the original attack posture also eases the gawk.
"Shukaku, what the hell are you asking Erha?"
After a while, Shukaku said, "It doesn’t know that it listens to physical fitness. Now it wants to fight and eat people."
I also want to ask who knows that Erha pounced on Gongsunqi as soon as he suddenly launched an attack.
Er-ha hit the skeleton like a human being hit by a car, making a loud noise. Er-ha got up from the ground with difficulty, hunched over and stared at Gong Sunqi.
"Want to eat me? Want to fight? Want to eat people?"
Gong Sunqi was a little angry. He came here to take Erha away, whether he was missing his arm or broken his leg or beating him to death. Gong Sunqi really didn’t mind taking Erha away.
You must be able to appear with your hands, grab Erha’s body and use Erha’s small body as a hammer to hammer the ground crazily.
"I want to eat people and fight. Come on, come on."
GongSunQi crazy roar door dun armour has already been opened for the first time, and then the magic fairy mode of adding water has raised GongSunQixiu to the S-class height, and bijuu’s strength should also be superimposed, which is absolutely appropriate to the U-class.
"Shukaku, bijuu and chakra"
Gong Sunqi has been repaired at the S level, but it is still very difficult to make it complete. To make matters worse, he has to make it complete.
The red giant appeared with his right hand and tugged at the red gem of Erha Gongsunqi. Looking around, there were several five-star animals. These five-star animals would attack Gongsunqi with a slight disagreement.
One-horned leopards are loyal and shout and demonstrate, but it is a pity that it is alone after all, so there are so many five-star animal opponents.
GongSunQi lifted the psychic beast with a wave of his hand, which was easy for the unicorn leopard.
Five-star animals are huge, reaching forty or fifty meters, and small, five or six meters. We can’t judge the strength of five-star animals by their size.




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