I stared at her, and she looked at me with a pathetic face, and tears came again.
Women’s tears are their most powerful weapon at any time.
Then fear, fatigue, illness and so on may attack her body and spirit, and she really can’t support it. Seeing that her body is slowly shrinking and moving with tears on her face.
Actually, this woman is really poor enough to come to Tibet for go on road trip with her boyfriend. Who knew that when she encountered such a thing, she once vowed to live and die, and her boyfriend left her to escape alone?
I bent down and carried her body into the wild tent, and then covered her with a blanket.
I practiced the five-element female boxing for more than ten times, and then I got excited. Then I drew a real sword and danced on the grassland.
About two hours later, I went into the tent again. The woman was still asleep and had a high fever.
"If she causes pneumonia like this again, she may die here," I thought to myself.
"If you don’t have the ability to live in the wild, just stay in the city. If you really want to experience a wild student, just go camping in the park. Isn’t this really ridiculous place making fun of your life? Is simply a fuck "I can’t help sighing in my heart.
From ruin is against me.
But save her. I can’t save lives without medicine here
I’m okay with a broken bone after a fall. I can’t do anything about this disease. It’s still very serious like her. It must be sent to the hospital at once
This woman looks about twenty-five or six years old, and her skin is very delicate. At first glance, small white-collar workers in the city like emotional appeal and pursue self-yearning and freedom.
Finally, I packed the field tent, then wrapped her body in a blanket, looked at a map behind me and walked towards the 41 ST Hospital of the Tibetan Army in the distance.
These 41 hospitals have marked maps of Tibetan places.
Since I am going to save her, I will naturally do my best. This is my childhood character. Either I will do it or I will do it.
So I galloped up the grassland and practiced boxing since I was a child, which made my physical strength last for two hours and kept my running speed at a high speed, but it was almost reaching my limit.
Fortunately, 41 Hospital has appeared in my sight.
Chen Ruwei woke up slowly. The first thing she saw was a white ceiling, and at the same time, the air was filled with the smell of disinfectant.
"Where am I?" Her brain worked and her head looked sideways.
There are five beds in this room. There are two people lying in four beds, a female officer in her thirties and a Tibetan woman who can’t see her age.
"Excuse me, where am I?" Chen Ruwei’s voice is very weak.
"This is 41 hospital. Are you awake? Don’t move, "said the female officer in her thirties to her right with a smile.
"41 hospital?" Chen Ruwei repeated it in her mouth, and then the scene that night came back to her memory.
"Excuse me, how did I get here?" She thought for a moment and asked the female officer
"A Taoist dressed man carried you here and paid the money. Later, he wanted to leave, but he was stopped by doctors and nurses. At that time, you were in danger and could die at any time. In case of problems, the hospital could not contact your family or friends, so he was detained." This female officer seems to know the situation better
"eh!" Chen Ruwei nodded his head and remembered the Taoist priest who saved her that night.
I was so depressed that I decided to send Chen Ruwei to the 41 ST hospital and left by myself. Who knows that her condition is very bad? The hospital is afraid that if Chen Ruwei dies and she doesn’t have an ID card and something to prove her identity, she threw the car and was taken away by her boyfriend’s car that night.
So he detained me.
A female nurse pulled me away, and I was not easy to get rough, so I looked reluctant to stay.
Now the local people are afraid of taking responsibility.
"You finally woke up!" Every day, I come to the ward to have a look at Chen Ruwei. Today, I just walked into the ward and saw her talking to the female officer on the right, so my heart was finally relieved.
After three days, she finally woke up.
And I can finally get out of here
Chen Ruwei slowly turned her head and saw an excited expression on my face. She was about to speak when she saw me motioning with her hand.
"You don’t thank me for my medicine and hospitalization. I’ve already paid 20 thousand yuan here. Please take it and I’ll go." I took out 20 thousand yuan from my bag and threw it at her bedside table and turned to leave
I have been delayed here for three days, and I don’t want to be entangled in these mundane things.
"Hey Taoist, how are you going to leave your girlfriend here alone?" Chen Ruwei hasn’t spoken yet, but the female officer next to her rang up first. During these three days, she has been I am Chen Ruwei’s boyfriend.
"I’ll correct it again. I don’t know her at all!" I really can’t do anything about this female officer.
"Don’t know? You ran behind her back that day, panting and sweating. If you don’t know, you work so hard. Are you a living Lei Feng? "
"That’s right, I am living Lei Feng!" I glared at the female officer angrily and then turned away.
"Brother, wait a minute. What’s your name?" Chen Ruwei’s voice rang behind me, but my body didn’t stay but left directly.
"You really don’t know this Taoist?" The female officer blinked at Chen Ruwei and asked.




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