I was pleasantly surprised and asked, "What can I do?"
Qing Ming was silent for a moment and then looked at me and said, "One!"
Chapter DiYiSiSi Heaven outside
Be one with me?
I froze.
After so many years, Qing Ming and I have already passed the stage of mutual displeasure!
At the beginning, there was no time in this world where there was no third person, and the two of us could comfort each other to fight against each other. It was boring to chat with people all day!
This small world like an iron cage, if I didn’t have Qing Ming or Qing Ming didn’t have me, neither of us would have lived to this day!
Even if there are willows, they can’t be my spiritual pillar!
Even if we can, our spirits must be abnormal.
Later, after having a son, the two of us not only did not alienate each other, but became more like a family.
One is a father, and the other is a father. With common emotional sustenance, common care objects and common protection, how can it be an enemy?
To tell the truth, I have forgotten what I came here for in the first place.
Of course I remember that I wanted to take Qing Ming back to me, but this purpose was deliberately forgotten by me!
Deliberately ignored!
Because I feel that Qing Ming is also a person, an independent person who is not the same as me. He is not a three-corpse, not a part of my body!
How can I not be surprised that Qing Ming suddenly said that he would become one with me?
"Why don’t you talk?" Qing Ming looked at me and said, "Isn’t this what you’ve been expecting?"
"You and I have been together here for more than six years," I said. "We all know each other too well. I once expected what it was, and now you know what it is."
"Yes …" Qing Ming sighed. "We have been together for more than six years, day and night, and we can see each other almost every minute! No one has ever stayed with me for so long! "
Qing Ming said yes, I think so, too. No one has ever stayed with me for so long, including my biological parents, including Uncle De, including Cheng Ge, Chi Nong, Shao Wei and Yi Xiong …
My parents have raised me for 20 years, but I don’t live together like Qing Ming. I have to go to school for more than half of the time, and then I have to sleep and go again. The rest of the time, I really get along with each other, and I never have more communication with Qing Ming.
I looked at Qing Ming and said, "Xiaoqing, I have thought for a long time that we are one and the same, because I feel that to some extent you have become my shadow and I have naturally become your shadow."
"That’s right," said Qing Ming. "But you are you and I am me, just like our two forces are just demigods. Let’s be one! I’ve thought about it. There’s no other way. The two of us are like two chopsticks that can’t eat and can’t hold anything. When we pout, they break and become one, which is a complete pair of chopsticks. I’m still dead in your body. At that time, you will no longer be a demigod, but may be an emperor! Even if the giant comes again, he can’t take it away! "
I stayed for a long time and said, "Have you decided?"
Qing Ming said, "Don’t choose."
I said, "you’d better think about it! If you turn three bodies into my body again, you will never do it again! From now on, there will be no such person as Qing Ming! "
"The so-called" Green Ghost Road ""There is no such person as Green Ghost in this world! As you said, I don’t even have a last name, which has already said that I am a person with no roots. Where do I root? In fact, you and I belong to you, so it is better to say that we have lost ourselves than to find the root cause, which is also a good destination. "
"It was a joke to say that you didn’t have a last name." I smiled bitterly. "Why do you still hold a grudge?"
"No," said Qing Ming. "Do you think Mr. Chen is important to you or I am important to you?"
I scratched my head. "Can you not ask this question? Don’t you think it’s more like a wife asking her husband? "
Qing Ming was stupefied and then nodded with a smile. "That’s another way of asking. If one of me and my son must die, who will you let die?"
"You are me and I am you on the question of life and death!" I said, "I have the same attitude towards you as I have towards myself. I don’t think so. I told you that I have the same attitude towards him. You should know what my heart thinks."
"I see" Qing Ming nodded. "I’d rather die for my son than him! You are the same as me. If my son and I are going to die, you will choose me to die! " Zhenguang Chiba
"My son and I will die, and you will choose me to die," I said. "Then neither of us can say that you and I are good people who give up their lives for justice! Ha ha ha … "
"Good man? Ha ha ha ….. "Qing Ming also laughed." I haven’t known for many years, and it’s the first time someone has said that I am a good person! "
"can you do anything other than good now?" I said, "Do you still have bad qualifications?"
"There seems to be no" Qing Ming wry smile way "it’s ridiculous to say that after living with a former sworn enemy for several years and living with a completely unrelated son for several years, he suddenly changed from a big devil to a rotten good man! Say it out and embarrass my cult! I am afraid that even the dead wild, Jin Zun and Yan Lie will not be satisfied! "
"God’s will!" I said, "Hey, Xiaoqing, do you think that the true gods in the divine world have also manipulated us to this point?"
"No," Qing Ming said, "The true God will be responsible for the consequences of your choices, and the law will decide what we choose, and it is more important to decide those choices, such as choosing depends on our hearts and those choices are manipulated by a higher heaven."
I’m a little confused. "What do you mean?"
Qing Ming said, "it’s like eating noodles or rice. It’s a choice. Whether you eat noodles or rice depends on your heart!" You choose whether noodles are full or hungry, poisoned or ill after eating. This result is manipulated by the true god, but noodles and rice bodies are manipulated by a higher heaven than the true god! If there is no higher heaven, there will be no noodles or rice in front of you. You can choose the true god and decide the result after your choice. "
I was in a trance for a long time before I nodded. "I understand that man proposes, God disposes, and things are beyond the sky!" "
"Yes," said Qing Ming, "we have come to this stage by our own choice. When Chen Yuanfang asked you to come to this place, you can come or you can’t, but you finally decided to come. This is your choice now, and all the consequences are your fate after your choice. I suddenly feel that Chen Yuanfang is really unfathomable. He has settled everything, not only our mundane life, but also heaven and heaven! Because this result is towards the expected result of Chen Yuanfang! Don’t Chen Yuanfang want us to be one? "
I murmured, "I’m at a loss …"
Qing Ming said, "Life and life are limited to reincarnation! There is a dream in a dream! Life is neither life nor death! Anyone can determine which reincarnation he is in and whose dream he is! The only thing I can do is to do what I feel awake when I feel awake! What Chen Guichen means is that while you and I both feel awake, when you and I both feel that we must fit in, and when the Tao does not come again, let us become a whole person again! "
Chapter DiYiSiWu Heaven reappearance
The words of Qing Ming left me at a loss.
So what reincarnation am I in? Am I awake now?
We know that
I can’t say whether I refuse or agree.
Qing Ming saw that I didn’t say anything. "What do you want? Isn’t that what you came here for? It is also loved by Chen Yuanfang. "
I looked at Qing Ming and said, "If that’s what you think, I refuse that you want to be one with me because of your own wishes, not because of me or others."
"I volunteered," Qing Ming sighed. "The appearance of the true God of Heaven suddenly woke me up. I came to the world from the divine world, but I got flesh and blood by chance, ignoring my duties. This shouldn’t be what I deserve. I’m afraid that the curse will come from what I am, so I’ll return to the three bodies."
I was silent for a long time, then glanced at the sleeping child in the distance and sighed.
I met a complete stranger!
I said, "Have you decided?"
Qing Ming said, "It’s decided."
I said, "Now that you have flesh and blood, how can you turn into three corpses?"
Qing Ming said, "Give up the flesh and blood and return to the source! Blood-eating disintegration out of the soul! "
I was taken aback. "Blood-eating disintegration? This eternal forbidden art? "
"Yes," said Qing Ming, "there is such a method, but you need to concentrate on traveling outside the world to observe and lock the three souls!"
I murmured a "good … I’m white"




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