On the other hand, a mile away, 5,000 armored cavalry stood still in the face of the enemy who rushed to them, showing no sign of launching a counter-charge against themselves.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-nine Cut melons and vegetables
At the front of the charge, the rebel general’s face showed a complicated expression of incomprehension and surprise.
At this time, 5,000 armored cavalry moved directly to make the general’s face surprise become worry.
The mighty rebel cavalry has just rushed out of less than fifty paces, and the five thousand armored cavalry are just like one person. They put away their discerning sabres together and then picked up the muskets hanging from their horses.
Very skilled. After loading, the flat-ended muskets with both hands aim at themselves motionless …
The general’s first thought when he saw three rows of dark barrels in front of him was that he must hide behind the army array, otherwise the butch army would be the first to be beaten into a hornet’s nest with a round of lead ejection.
Consciously tighten the reins of the horses and slowly fall from the first row of the army to the middle
The mighty cavalry just rushed to the ten-step position in front of the five thousand armored cavalry of the Tiger and Leopard Army.
A burst of beans-like guns came to the general’s ear like firecrackers, and then a scream and a horse neighing sounded dozens of steps ahead.
Look ahead and rush to the front row of cavalry, just like mature wheat. This round of lead bullets harvests a brain and rushes backwards.
Then he was trampled into paste by cavalry who didn’t dodge after the root.
For those horses that fell to the ground after being hit by lead bullets, they became a stumbling rope …
Followed by cavalry didn’t come to do evasive action, they hit the horse’s body and crashed to the ground together with the cavalry on horseback, becoming the second stop behind the cavalry.
The tiger and leopard troops shot the first round of 1,500 lead bullets in front of the rebel cavalry, and directly took away 300 cavalry lives.
Just tore my heart out and screamed. Just stopped the second round of bursting beans. The gun once again came to these ears like a death warrant, which have turned pale.
Guns sounded like rain, lead bullets roared, and all kinds of screaming horses screamed … just like a war symphony sounded again on the battlefield …
When the tiger and leopard army stretched out the third round of guns, there was a huge gap among the rebels and cavalry, and one thousand cavalry had fallen down this section of the road, which was no more than 30 steps long.
Although there is no way to see that the rebel cavalry behind the charge has lost one-fifth of the charge formation, it has been dyed red with blood, and the ground has been filled with thick blood smell. With one exception, tell them that the troops just attacked are absolutely disastrous.
Before all three rounds of guns stopped, the face of the remaining rebel cavalry showed a heartfelt expression of panic and despair about the future of the fighting that had already taken place in front of them.
However, there is still no sign of launching a counterattack at present. It is obvious that 5,000 fighters are not going to deal with them bravely.
Compared with the elite Tatar cavalry, the distance between the two armies should be shortened by 50 steps. If the Tatar is good at volley, it can bring some damage to the Tiger and Leopard Army and prevent the Tiger and Leopard Army from continuing to shoot at them.
But at present, the rebel cavalry is not good at volley, and even at least the horse bow is not equipped
In this case, if the rebel cavalry didn’t rush to the front, they could do everything possible to charge the road and consume their troops as much as possible
As soon as the first round of lead shot fired at the traitor flew out of the gun bore, the armored cavalry began to skillfully load the short-tube musket in their hands and prepare to shoot again.
I am very familiar with the three-stage shooting. I have just finished. The 1,500 armored cavalry in the first row have once again flattened their hands, and they have already installed lead guns to prepare for a new round of shooting.
So fifty paces away, a pair of frightened eyes watched a new round of steel storm composed of lead bullets sweep towards them again.
Rushing to the front, the traitor hasn’t come yet, screaming, and the lead bullet has been plunged into his body.
After three rounds of gunfire, the rebel cavalry has rushed to a distance of 30 paces from the Tiger and Leopard Army, but the total strength of the rebel has dropped sharply to less than 3,000.
More importantly, the expression of the remaining traitor’s face has changed from panic to despair.
If some officers hadn’t been waving sabres to death in the army to threaten everyone, there would be 3 thousand cavalry left, which might have collapsed at the scene
Because they stepped on the bodies of their comrades-in-arms, they didn’t know what else the Tiger and Leopard Army was going to charge. They didn’t see the means. Will they be directly trampled into a pile of meat like horseshoe comrades-in-arms, even without bodies?
These rebels didn’t guess wrong. They not only didn’t hesitate, but also lost the possibility of trying to retreat in the face of the attack methods unheard of by the Tiger and Leopard Army.
Because at this moment, they have left the last 30 steps away from the Tiger and Leopard Army. Even if they retreat now, the huge inertia brought by the horse galloping has not come to turn, and they have already hit the Tiger and Leopard Army in wait for a while.
Not only that, after the new round of muskets, the first row of armored cavalry don’t know when they have been holding grenades in one hand and waiting for the order to drop bombs in the other.
"The first group threw grenades … ready to throw a gun …"
More than 1000 grenades with white smoke roared slightly across the distance between the two armies, falling like rain among the many traitors.
With the deafening explosion, the seemingly tall and mighty cavalry was directly blown apart like paper paste.
Not only that, some frightened horses in the explosion have begun to be out of the control of the cavalry, as if they were blindfolded and desperate to bump around.
But the chaotic formation not only did not let them escape the attack, but ushered in the second round of grenades thrown by the tiger and leopard army … but the third round of grenades …
With the deafening explosion stopped and the smoke was over, the battlefield has been covered with a whole layer of war horses and rebel bodies. Not only that, but all kinds of broken limbs and broken arms can be seen everywhere like rain
More importantly, it took only a few seconds for this train to crack down on more than 1,000 traitors to die.
And in a few seconds, the root is insufficient, and the traitor’s follow-up troops are full of despair.
As soon as the explosion stopped, there were more than a thousand cavalry left, and a brain rushed into the smoke, and then rushed out of the smoke in lightning speed, twenty paces away from the Tiger and Leopard Army.
At this time, the tiger and leopard army threw out the javelin and appeared in front of the traitor like rain again.
When the rebels narrowly escaped the first round of throwing guns, they saw with despair that the throwing rain roared and easily penetrated the bodies of their comrades, and they no longer had the courage to continue to charge.
Screaming with fear …
"Don’t fight … don’t fight when you’re old … they’re not people, they’re demons who kill people …"




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