Qing Liu is satisfied with this "foodie employee". Although Xiong Da is greedy, this guy doesn’t know whether he is lazy or conscientious. Anyway, he stays near wild ginseng and doesn’t go far away-but Qing Liu thinks that Xiong Da is probably so dedicated because he can’t find it anywhere else except lazy.
Wang Guilan’s eyes flashed a trace of dissatisfaction. Since Qing Liu picked her, she didn’t beat around the bush and said directly, "Qing Liu is like this. I heard that you are preparing for a kind of medicinal material for building a house in a mountain?"
Qing Liu nodded and said directly, "Aunt, I gave all the work to the contractor in advance. If you want to do it, I really have no choice …"
"That’s not it."
Wang Guilan said with a smile, "I think you are also very busy patronizing Xifeng Mountain. You have never taken a look at those acres of land, or will you let us plant it?"
Qing Liu suddenly realized that he was staring at his acres of land. He nodded. "Aunt, since you can plant it, take it and plant it for rent. The village rule is that one acre of land costs one hundred dollars a year to see relatives. Just give me one hundred …"
Wang Guilan smiled and froze his face. He looked at Qing Liu in disbelief and said, "I have to give you money for planting your land?"
Qing Liu also said "Aunt" or "Aunt"! It hasn’t changed at all. Before she pretended that her heart was beating around the bush to take it off for her, it turned out to be this idea.
To be honest, these hundreds of dollars are no longer regarded by Qing Liu. He boasts that he is not a stingy person, but he will never be "stupid and generous" when contracting Xifeng Mountain. He never thought of letting his uncle and aunt help him pay back the money after losing money.
It was Wang Guilan who jumped with Liu Gang to make it clear to him and Qing Liu that if you lose money in the future, don’t look for them.
They want to plant it in Liu Qing’s land, but they are still trying to figure it out?
Chapter 40 Don’t give a hundred dollars.
"Aunt, I don’t mind if you want to plant us."
Qing Liu said to Wang Guilan with a frown, "Your words are yard by yard, right? When others rent land in the village, it costs 100 yuan a year to see relatives. I will charge you 100 yuan. Is that right? I can’t rent it for you for nothing, can I? "
"Why not?"
Wang Guilan said discontentedly, "Since you contracted Xifeng Mountain to plant medicinal materials, you certainly didn’t care about farming. What happened to your several acres of land? They are all relatives. Are you embarrassed to ask me for money? "
"Aunt, it’s boring for you to say that."
Qing Liu endured the anger and said, "Before I contracted Xifeng Mountain, you ran over and told me that you lost money. Don’t even think about letting you return it. Why didn’t you think that we were related? Besides, even if I don’t plant my land, can’t I keep it? That’s my stuff, isn’t it? I can’t make decisions myself? "
"No, you have to let me plant it anyway."
Wang Guilan made up his mind.
"I won’t talk to you."
Qing Liu was too lazy to argue with her and waved and said, "You let my uncle come and tell me about this. If he has the nerve to say white, then you can go white!"
"Is this true?" Wang Guilan eyes a bright hurriedly cross-examine 1.
Qing Liu turned and walked down the hill without saying a word.
"Then you wait for me to go home and tell your uncle," Wang Guilan shouted behind him.
Qing Liu quickened his pace, and he really didn’t believe that uncle Liu just meant to come to himself. No matter whether Liu Gang is his uncle Wang Guilan, it’s different to play his career.
"Liu Gang Liu Gang, where have you been?"
Wang Guilan excitedly went home and found a circle. I didn’t see Liu Gang’s dissatisfaction and shouted immediately.
"What’s the matter? What are you yelling about?"
Liu Gang came back from the outside in pants and frowned and said, "It’s convenient for me."
"What a lazy donkey!" Wang Guilan stared at him and immediately said with an eyebrow eye smile, "I agreed with your nephew and he also promised to give us his acres of land."
Liu Gang dazed a pack of two-dollar Dashan cigarettes from his pocket, lit a frown and said, "How is that possible? So he doesn’t farm. What does he eat and drink? With Xifeng Mountain Chinese herbal medicine? I asked someone to inquire about the medicinal materials, which are not crops that can mature in a year … "
"Why do you care so much about him!"
Wang Guilan interrupted him, "He can toss it if he likes. Anyway, that’s his own business. By the way, you can tell him that his acres of land will come over and we can make more money this year."
"Didn’t you say you had agreed with Qing Liu?"
Liu Gang blew out a cloud of smoke and looked at her suspiciously. "Then what should I say?"
"Your nephew came out to ask for it." Wang Guilan coughed and said, "He said let’s farm, but you have to go over and say this in person."
"I’m not going," said Liu Gang, shaking his head for a while. "That’s my nephew and not an outsider. I’m embarrassed to do such a thing. If you want to plant his land, just rent it according to the rules of our village. Look at my face. His rent will definitely be less …"
"You idiot!" Wang Guilan almost jumped up and pointed at him and said, "Why give him money? He doesn’t plant the land there and we can’t fly. Besides, you are his uncle. Why should you rent it? "
"What do women know?"
Liu Gang gave her a white look. "It’s because I’m his uncle that I can’t give us a penny to rent Liu Qingdi. I can give him less rent. No one can figure it out, but if I don’t even give money, it’s bullying others. Understand?"
"I don’t understand what you know!"
Wang Guilan pointed to Liu Gang’s nose and scolded, "I don’t know how to bully him! What’s to give him money? You calculate an acre of land by yourself. If he wants 100 yuan, we have to give him 100 yuan! Why don’t we leave this money for ourselves and give it to him? "
Liu Gang’s anger threw cigarette butts into the ground and said in disgust, "You have Qian Qian money in your wife’s eyes! If I really do what you say, the villagers can’t poke me in the spine? Can’t say I want to take my nephew’s property? You know nothing! "
Liu Qingxian came to the mountain to have a look at the workers’ work. The two-meter-high fence has been completely erected. Qing Liu was divided for outsiders to see, and the medicine field department surrounded it.
The materials for building greenhouses and houses have long been piled up in the courtyard walls, and the former contractor has pulled the materials before laying the walls. This has the advantage of convenience.
Eye workers built houses as planned. Qing Liu estimated that it would take about half a month at most to build greenhouses and houses.
After reading it, Qing Liu wandered into the depths of the forest and got familiar with it and came near the wild ginseng.
Xiong Da is already very familiar with his footsteps. His black eyes kept looking at Qing Liu’s hands. When he saw Qing Liu holding his hands, he immediately became extremely disappointed. Hem, ha, ha, and lay down again.
As usual, the earth’s divine power ripens wild ginseng, and Qing Liu, who looks like a carrot, is extremely satisfied.
"If you persist for two months, you will become a real ginseng for a hundred years."
After the ripening work, Qing Liu was tired and sweaty, and sat next to him thinking about the plan
"After cultivating wild ginseng into a hundred-year-old ginseng, pick it and keep it safe. By the way, these two wild ginseng will be sold to Su Qianmo, and the other one will be kept for yourself. Maybe when?"
Conveniently pulled out a grass from the side and stuffed it into his mouth, biting Qing Liu gently, thinking that planting Tianqi is the most economical and cost-effective in terms of time and speed. The price is high and the time is short.
However, taking out too many wild crops in one breath will make Su Qianmo doubt that in this case, he will either find another consignee or find another way.
"… let you eat less than money …"
Thinking about thinking about Qing Liu suddenly thought of Zhang Lian in the county town. At the thought of her arrogant and high-pitched tone, Qing Liu was holding back his evil spirit.
The money in the bank has become about 400 thousand again, which seems to be quite a lot, but in fact it is not much at all
Yu Zhanglian got the KFC agent and heard that Jiang Jingwen said that she would have to compete with her for two million. Qing Liu denied that he was a rich man …
Chapter 49 Toad wants to eat swan meat
Think about Su Qianmo’s Land Rover Range Rover. A car will cost more than two million yuan. Qing Liu found himself too small-scale peasant-conscious. Only a few hundred thousand dollars is too much for himself.
The "money road" is long, and Xiu Yuan should strive to look like money and earn more.
After a short rest, I strolled near the "medicine field" and watched the worker Qing Liu continue to think about his plan.
"Whoo … I’m exhausted."
A voice sounded behind him. Qing Liu looked back and looked surprised at breathless Wang Jing. "Pepper? Why are you here? "
"I sneaked out."
Wang Jinghao’s image is sitting on the ground panting. "I’m exhausted, Qing Liu. You heartless thing haven’t come to me for so long!" She glared at Qing Liu bitterly.
"I’ll come to you?" Qing Liu touched the uncomfortable and said, "What am I doing looking for you? No three no four people like me will bring you bad! " He remembers that Zhang Xia, the mother of hot pepper, spoke face to face.
"Isn’t that my mother’s heart?"
Wang Jing looked at Qing Liu with some injustice. "Are you sure you are angry with her? Qing Liu, don’t be angry. My mother has always been like this. Don’t be angry if she doesn’t speak well, okay? "
"It’s true that your mother speaks badly."
Qing Liu and the pie mouth uncomfortable said "that she didn’t have to say me? I didn’t provoke her. "That’s what really annoys Qing Liu the most.
"You didn’t provoke her," said Wang Jing, tugging at Qing Liu’s skirts and smiling. "But if you provoke me, you provoke her."




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