"That’s it!"
Say that finish two people ended the call Wu Tianyin quickly from the headquarters.
Xinxiang life town
Meng Xi took the lead in dialing Ruan at his desk. "Hello, Colonel Ruan!"
"You told Meng to command!"
"The battlefield at Lukou is just a tactical goal. Let’s cooperate with Lin’s two brigades, Liu Weiren, to block the troops of He Chong and Feng Ji in the mountains." Meng Xi said very quickly, "Don’t let them defend against the north, even if your war is finished."
"We and Lin Jia are not much different from each other. We have the money to take the initiative to attack." Ruan thought about it and said, "General Lincheng’s troops are also very hard-fought and fierce. If we take the initiative to attack, it is possible to defeat some enemy troops."
"You can’t control the war damage if you go out to fight us," Meng Xi said in a very serious tone. "To tell you the truth, I don’t ask you to win at Lvkou Port, but we must ensure that the main force of Sichuan Government will not suffer a lot of casualties! Sticking to the right way to defend is your main task, and ensuring that the main forces of Sichuan government will not be consumed is your second priority? "
"Yes!" Ruan didn’t cross-examine Meng Xi’s serious tone and immediately responded.
"If you have special circumstances, you can contact me directly," Meng Xi replied politely. "I will ask you at Lukou Port!"
The two ended the call.
At the moment, Meng Xi’s state is more tense than before when he observed the war situation, because he had expected that the troops in the sixth district would attack at this time
What is it?
Because if the first district of the European Union really decides to give up the nine-district war and stay out of it, there is no need to let the free-fallen allied forces stay in the Xibe area after the Shensha regiment is completely defeated.
What are they waiting for?
Obviously, they are waiting for the opportunity to attack! And this is a very simple motive.
In addition to this simple motive, there is a deeper political plan.
The Shensha Corps is a die-hard ally of the first EU region and a military and political force with the greatest support in the three regions they have laid out for many years.
Then the complete defeat of the Shensha Regiment will directly lead to the investment of many forces in the three major areas of the EU, and this result is obviously not what the EU forces want to see …
But why did they finally choose to stab their ally at the most difficult time? Just watch them be wiped out and defeated in vain and have no intention of sending troops to help?
It’s very simple, because there are new support objects and allies in the first region of the European Union.
It is He Feng Lu San!
The exposure of Shen Wanzhou’s killing of Lao He caused public anger among the warlords in the ninth district. It is not difficult to foresee their defeat. Even if the EU military and political forces send troops to help, I am afraid they will help Shen Sha’s regiment to save the day.
However, at that time, the Shensha Corps was the last very important chess game for the three major regions of the European Union’s military and political forces. They knew it might be a failure and wanted to support it. Otherwise, the rapid reunification of the nine regions would definitely be a foregone conclusion.
At this time, He Feng Lu San took the initiative to unite the military and political forces of the European Union and was willing to cooperate.
What is this?
Because he feng and Lu San can’t afford to lose, once they can’t kill Shen Wanzhou with one hammer, they will be finished. To ensure that the EU first area is not allowed to enter the field to support the Shen Sha Corps, they will be supported by the EU military and political forces
This is why when Shen Wanzhou joined the European Union, the other side was willing to send troops to help, but when the war situation was just reversed, the European Union went back on its guns again, because at that time they had finished talking about He Feng Lu San.
Many people expected the layout of these tables, which is why Meng Xi advised Qin Yu to give up Zhou’s initiative to return to Sichuan several times.
Because there is a tiger lying still outside the mouth of the north wind.
Meng Xi immediately after the first sentence, he contacted Commander Zhou and personally said to him, "Commander Beifengkou will fight there in a few hours at the latest! We don’t have much time, we must take Fengbei first! "
"I know," Commander Zhou immediately replied, "Songjiang should be faster!"
"I’ll keep an eye on this."
Liu Zheng is ready to open the north gate to Lu Jin on the condition that they can leave the war zone safely.
Cheng JIU qu Zheng building




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