She will hold the "different stab fly" and "poison armor fire" together and fly out the spikes.
"Sniff" is always heard. The giant just fell down and collected all these dozens of poisonous spikes and shot them into the giant’s body.
Zhang Ying suddenly screamed. These green poisonous fires burned in her body and immediately burned holes. Green flames came out from the inside. This poisonous armor fire was terrible, non-toxic and corrosive spikes would shoot into the giant’s body, and it would burn and corrode, and immediately there were more than a dozen holes.
The giant who fell to the ground grabbed his hands and tore at the places where the spikes were shot. He grabbed his own flesh and tore off all the poisoned flesh and blood.
Just then, a short spear with a handle shot up and stabbed into the giant’s chest. After the short spear burned and stabbed into the giant’s chest, it was "loose". The flame burned violently along the chest and spread in all directions. In a blink of an eye, the giant’s body was completely enveloped in the flame.
It was Xu Haishui who threw this short spear. His left hand was holding the wound, and his right hand was stretched out, and there was a flame burning in his right hand.
His face was pale and there was no trace of blood, but there was no doubt in his eyes but a firm look.
His spiritual source "fire control" was taken to the limit by him, and these flames were manipulated to devour the giant completely.
"Ah-"Zhang Ying issued a piercing scream and was burned by flames and rolled all over the floor.
Su Li once again appeared in the state of "spider walking" and rushed over. The dragon rhinoceros sword in his hand was drawn and rowed along the rolling giant’s body.
The giant’s body was immediately stopped by half of it, and soon became blackened in the fierce combustion of the flame. In the other half of the body, Tao Bingjun anxiously called "Take my body away soon-"
If Zhang Ying takes away his body, he can die and "reborn" again.
He has already seen that ZhangYing can’t do it. Su Li cut off less than half of his body, and the poison armor was burned into the body by flames. Even if he was hit hard, he could not support it even if he combined several lives with earth strength and tenacious vitality.
When Zhang Ying finished taking away his body, he fled from here immediately. He understood that it was terrible for these people to unite. He was no match.
Eyes can escape first and then come back for revenge.
This giant’s body is almost equal to the present Zhangying’s body, and Tao Bingjun is equivalent to a tiny part of her body. She just didn’t finish taking Tao Bingjun’s body, because once she finished taking Tao Bingjun’s death, she would "resurrect" the giant’s body again.
Now she is seriously injured and her legs have been cut off, along with less than half of her belly. However, she has gained great vitality after merging several bodies, so that she is still not dead, but she is burned by flames.
She didn’t return to absolute being until she heard Tao Bingjun’s folded drink. She was busy integrating Tao Bingjun’s body so that Tao Bingjun could be reborn.
Once he returns to life again and merges with the new body, she can regain her life and maybe have a chance to win.
Almost she took Tao Bingjun’s body away, and Tao Bingjun was about to "resurrect" with a baseball bat and Xu Xuehui’s eyes wide open, but suddenly she threw the baseball bat out like she caught something.
The baseball bat flew out of a corpse and fell to the concrete floor on the roof, making a ringing sound and then rolling out.
Xu Xuehui’s move was very sudden, and no one knows how she suddenly threw the baseball bat out of her hand, and it was not to attack the enemy, but to look at the people’s eyes from the ground.
Rolling along the ground for several times, then quietly stopping, suddenly Tao Bingjun screamed in fear.
Chapter 12 Succeeding in a Plot
"Impossible what’s going on … what is this … how can I see nothing … I … how can I not move …"
This sound is full of panic, fear and doubt.
Everyone heard the sound, and then their eyes were fixed on the baseball bat. Every face and expression were different.
Strange, amazing, incredible and shocking.
"There is such a thing …" Su Li heaved a sigh gently and then glanced at Xu Xuehui and smiled. "Well done, girl."
Xu Xuehui Zhan Yan smiled and his cheeks showed small dimples on both sides.
More than half of the body Zhangying was swallowed up by the flame, which was mixed with Zhangying’s piercing screams.
"Help me … Xu Haishui … help me … I don’t want to die …" Suddenly Zhang Ying made an intermittent distress call.
She heard Tao Bingjun’s fear and called him white. He couldn’t save himself. Suddenly, he turned to Xu Haishui for help.
Has been in control of the flame Xu Haishui heard this voice face muscles suddenly a shiver suddenly stopped to right hand flame suddenly disappeared, he turned to cover his ears can’t bear to listen to ZhangYing bellow.
Without his control, Zhangying’s body flame went out immediately.
Su Li took one look and turned to cover his ears. Xu Haishui was white. Although he won’t save Zhangying again, it’s impossible for him to kill Zhangying himself.
Su Li shook his head and waved out with a dragon rhinoceros sword before jumping.
His left hand was badly injured, and the bones in half his arm were broken, and he was in constant pain and braved the cold sweat. He was in urgent need of Lingyuan Dragon rhinoceros sword, and the tip of it was scratched on the ground.
More than half of the giant’s body suddenly rolled and raised his left arm to move forward.
The dragon rhinoceros sword cut off this giant left arm. Su Li suddenly found that the giant’s body was divided like a golden cicada shedding its shell, and a glistening female body was struggling to crawl outside from the giant’s body.
This woman is Zhang Ying.
She was not a wisp of hair, and she was quickly crawling out. Ding Longyun saw her eyes and ran over as soon as her eyes lit up, trying to see clearly nearby.
ZhangYing suddenly found out that Su Lijian was busy squeezing out with some charming smiles, and made no secret of seducing Su Li. "Isn’t it a wave to kill me?" Don’t you think I still have a lot of profit value … "
I suddenly found that Su Li didn’t hesitate to cut his sword toward his head before I finished.
His face changed greatly. Zhang Yinggu no longer showed his physical charm. When his hands were lifted, a ruler-long sharp blade appeared and turned into a wheeled blade shield to resist.
"Clashing" attached to the metal intersection crunchy blades and shields were chopped and broken by the dragon rhinoceros sword. When Su Li turned around behind her, the dragon rhinoceros sword stabbed out from her snow-white back and emerged from her chest.
Zhang Ying couldn’t keep up with Su Li’s speed. When she bowed her head, she saw a stream of blood coming out of her chest. Her heart had been pierced.
This is a fatal wound. A spiritual source flew out.
Before Ding Longyun came to appreciate it carefully, he saw a blood hole in the heart of Su Li’s sword Zhangying’s chest, and his body had been penetrated and blood surged out.
He sighed, "It’s a pity that it’s really a waste of time …" The sound was full of regret, and a pair of eyes still stared at the fallen Zhang Ying body for a long time.
Su Li ignored his regret and felt the body merge into the spiritual source.
"Level 5 Spirit Source Spirit Source 33/7"
Killing Zhang Ying made him gain three spiritual sources.
The spiritual source melted into the body, and the endless heat flow almost surged and impacted his left arm. Soon, the whole injured left arm was wrapped by this powerful heat flow, nourishing the cracked muscle, regenerating and breaking bones.
The pain disappeared and Su Li breathed a sigh of relief. The whole person became refreshed and comfortable, and then he looked at the baseball bat that kept giving out Tao Bingjun’s fear.
Gong Xiao and Xu Xuehui are pointing around this baseball bat.
At the moment, Tao Bingjun seems to be trapped in the darkness. He can’t move, he can’t feel the flesh and blood, he can see nothing, he can hear the surrounding sounds, his heart is full of fear, and he is hoarse and howling. He doesn’t know what situation he is now.
"Rebirth" has never happened before.
Su Li looked at Xu Xuehui and said, "Xuehui, how do you know that this guy is dead or not?"
Xu Xuehui was a little embarrassed and whispered, "At that time, I saw a shadow … flying out of the giant to the body and threw the baseball bat out to hit it."
Su Li said, "As a result, this baseball bat hit this shadow and then it became like this?"
Xu Xuehui nodded.
Su Li and Gong Xiao looked at each other and then laughed together.
Originally, Xu Xuehui didn’t know that the principle was because her eyes had been strengthened several times. Tao Bingjun instantly captured Tao Bingjun’s "soul" and smashed it out with a baseball bat, but she didn’t want Tao Bingjun’s "soul" to be sucked in as soon as it touched the baseball bat. Now she is trapped in this dead thing and can’t see it. If she is trapped in prison, she will get out of trouble.




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