"Ye Shan, do you want to be a Samsung chef?" Yunxuankou way
"Huh?" Ye shan yuan ting slightly one leng.
"Before graduation, I will stay in the Gourmet College and strive to achieve the goal of two-star chefs to hone their skills or come back to China with me. I want a restaurant with original dishes." Yunxuan said seriously.
"Are you … willing to teach me?" Yeshan Yuanting looked at Yunxuan surprise way
"Well, I can make you a three-star chef in three years, depending on whether you can learn so much. When I return to Huaxia Food Management Association, I will conduct a four-star chef assessment." Yunxuan said with a smile.
"I … I would like to go to China with you!" Ye Shan Yuan Ting thought about it carefully. He felt a slight pain in his heart for three months.
"In the future, you will be glad that you have decided now." Yunxuan held out his hand.
"I hope so." Yeshan Yuanting shook hands with him.
The title of food spirit is Samsung chef, which is enough for Yeshan Yuanting to worship Master Yun Xuan and learn things by Yun Xuan. Yeshan Yuanting is very satisfied.
Yunxuan, who left a small shop in Yeshan Yuanting, left 100 thousand for Yeshan Yuanting to call him from here.
Yunxuan won a total of 160,000 yuan this time, excluding Bao Zhou and Golden Crab Pills, and the remaining 1.44 million yuan was deducted by 10%.
Yunxuan gave 40,000 yuan to Yunxun’s son and left 10 million yuan to tell Yunxun’s store plan.
Yun Xun’s son agrees with this because he wants Yun Xuan to rest more and not be too tired.
For ordinary women, 140 thousand is really enough to live for a generation
"There are still 40,000 Cher, Xun Erjie, Qin Yue, Nangong classmates and whisper. I want to give each of you a gift and set off at the target department store!" Yunxuan took the lead with five people.
In the next few days, Yun Xuan and Lin Qingyu went to his hometown together and walked through various places of interest and scenic spots with their daughters.
I spent less than 50 thousand on some fun, which is also the result that all the women didn’t spend money indiscriminately
Night hotel high level
"It’s really not easy for Yunxuan to invite you. Are you still having fun these days?" Krister ate steak and smiled meaningfully.
"Well, it’s not bad, but there are more people hitting on him." Yunxuan answered truthfully, especially when he saw hitting on him at the seaside.
"Ha, ha, ha, it was eating a bowl and looking at the pot." Krister smiled very unfaithfully.
"Yunxuanjiubao porridge and golden crab pills are combined …" Dongfang Aoxuekou said.
One side was on pins and needles. Three Fei Yue looked up at Yunxuan.
Yes, the three of them are representatives of the three parties and Yunxuan came to talk about it.
"Miss Oriental, you are really not cute, but you are very beautiful tonight." Yunxuan glanced at the purple evening ceremony of the Oriental proud snow body.
"Thank you for your compliment." A proud Oriental Snow put the grant in front of Yunxuan with a cold face.
"Yun Xuanjun, this is granted by the Food College." Three Fei Yue blushed and put the grant in front of Yun Xuan.
Also wearing a purple evening gift, Sanjo Fei Yue is a little uncomfortable today, and she wouldn’t be here if Sanjo Chuan didn’t order her.
"Miss Santiao is very cute." Yunxuan Gourmet College awarded 10,000 Zibao porridge to the Gourmet College for sale.
"This is my gift to Yunxuan. You have to earn 10 million yuan from me every year. When I go to China, you must treat me well." Krister smiled and wiped her mouth.
"Sure, if you come" was signed by Yunxuan Crist.
"What about me?" Oriental proud snow frowned cold way
"Miss Oriental Aoxue, if this is the negotiating table, I really can’t wait to throw this award into the trash can and buy treasure porridge and golden crab pills in 50 thousand a year? I’ll give you 50,000 yuan for cooking golden crab balls, and I’ll definitely buy it. "Yunxuan sighed at this award.
I don’t know if there is a problem with Dongfang Aoxue’s explanation, or if the Oriental family doesn’t believe that the golden crab pill is worth 30 thousand? Are you kidding?
Article furukawa bought a copy for 10 thousand!
"Are you … dissatisfied?" Oriental proud snow strange way she doesn’t have much concept of money.
"Gold crab pills don’t sell, and neither of them wants gold crab pills to sell porridge. In 2001, I will talk to the Oriental householder." Yunxuan raised his hand and interrupted the Oriental proud snow.
"Well," Oriental Aoxue got up and left her roots without any table manners.
"YunXuanJun I also go goodbye" Three Fei month got up and bowed away.
"I’m leaving Yunxuan, too." Krister shook hands with Yunxuan and left.
"150,000 yuan a year is almost the same." Yunxuan looked at the three people leaving the background and picked up the table coke and gulped it down.
"Pay" YunXuan put a cup of way
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Chapter 44 Food Management Meeting
The next morning.
Yunxuan and others flew back to China on the 15th, that is, Yunxuan had a lot of things to deal with before the primary election of Xingyue Cup.
Dongfang Jia has reached an agreement that Yunxuan New Store can sell original dishes such as cold rice noodles, which are still in harmony with autumn buildings.
Oriental family owner is a businessman. Yunxuan cuisine is not expensive to him. Qiuyilou joins these original cuisines, and the income is reduced by several hundred million each year because Qiuyilou and Yunxuan are for sale!
Simply put, it is monopoly, and the food management will admit monopoly.
These two companies sell original dishes, but they don’t sell them elsewhere, which is attractive enough
A cold rice noodle in Qiuyilou, 2 yuan mutton bread in soup, changed to 4 treasure porridge, and even a bowl of 5.
It’s outrageous that Yunxuan has to be tongue-tied.
This is still made by ordinary professional chefs, and the cold noodles and porridge are more expensive.
The third floor of Qiuyi Building is the most common snack 1 yuan in VIP area.
Because of the price of cold rice noodles, Yunxuan’s definition of restaurant has also become a high-end western restaurant
In this regard, Yunxuan, an oriental economist, introduced a real estate agent in Fangyu City to buy a 1 square meter restaurant in the city center for 20 thousand yuan.
Yunxuan took out 50 thousand and hired a group of workers. It is expected that the decoration will be completed in two days. Yunxuan gave it to Yunxun.
Qiuyi Building is located in Fangyu City, China. The person in charge of Qiuyi Building is also instructed by every owner in the East, and he announces the opening of Yunxuan stores such as Yunxuanlian.
Everyone in the East knows that a small shop in Yunxuan can’t affect Qiuyilou, and you can get Yunxuan’s favor with help. Naturally, you spare no effort.
Yunxuan flew to Beijing at noon.
You can see many crooked nuts as soon as you get out of the airport.
Most of these people came to China to work, and some people came with the intention of joining Chinese nationality.
Huaxia, the world’s largest country, wants to become a Chinese summer citizen as hard as earning millions of dollars a year.
Yunxuan didn’t stay much. Yeshan Yuanting has arrived in Fangyu City, and he should also pay close attention to it.
"Master went to the food management meeting" Yunxuan went to the taxi lane.
"Good" taxi driver answered one leng and went to the food management meeting.
Is it necessary for a chef of Yunxuan’s age to qualify as a Samsung chef? That’s really young
The driver didn’t know it was Yunxuan, but he was already a Samsung chef.
Yunxuan takes a mobile phone and takes some photos from time to time, which feels good for Beijing.
Answered some questions from WeChat official account. Yun Xuan contacted Dingdang and said that he would meet a restaurant in Fangyu City. I hope they can have some northern sauce around.
Tinker bell says it’s okay, but Yunxuan can’t sell labels of northern sauce to factories and so on without permission.
Yunxuan, of course, can’t do that. Now he has signed dozens of factories and won an annual award of 30 thousand, although it is not as good as the original cuisine, it is still lasting
Yun Xuan, the expression pack of northern sauce, decided that the money was not enough for the time being. The number of fans has reached 150 thousand, and will it be less?
The promotion of Koukou Company has been going on for three days, and 150,000 fans are definitely more than expected. The amount of expressions in Beifang sauce has already occupied the first place in the total list!
And there is still a long time before the promotion in the contract ends.
It is expected that after the promotion, the fans of Beifang sauce will reach 50,000 and rank among the first-class stars.
Ding-dong also said that he wanted to interview Yunxuan. The autograph of the teacher in the north of the network has been fired to tens of thousands, and nothing has happened yet.




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