There is no doubt that Kuroda is a very clever person. Implicit coercion with attractive bait is more irresistible than violent threats. Just as Kuroda expected, he revealed something about the source of the’ Star Party’ and then there was something to prove it. For the six people at present, at least four people have been enchanted, but it happened that Wu Liang, the key figure of all events, was not included.
It’s true that I’m not curious, but this mysterious invitation may be really earth-shattering and amazing. As far as we know, it has revealed the extent of the core sensation of the huge scope, but all this is nothing compared with Zuo Yu Peng’s number. For Wu Liang, it is the most important thing to ensure that he can participate in the competition completely and then send him back to China completely. Wu Liang didn’t even consider it, but he directly rejected the possibility of participating in this invitation in his mind. However, when Jennifer revealed to others that she could really read the stars. It was Wu Liang who completely denied the possibility of Wu Liang’s escape. When the fact came, Wu Liang became the object of other people’s talk, and Wu Liang’s unexpected performance also made Xu Hao decide to let go of his head for a while to further observe this seemingly ordinary but full-fledged magical man.
Koichiro Kurata was very satisfied with the guests’ answers. Xu Hao hung up with the deputy team leader who came to participate in the Olympic Games in the Boston Hotel. After a call, the deputy team leader personally picked up Zuo Yupeng from the airport (of course, Xu Hao also confessed his situation in code and handed him over to his deputy), while the enthusiastic Koichiro Kurata took out a set of luggage and passports that they had prepared, and then hurriedly boarded a Polish plane for Europe.
However, it seems to be a deliberate attempt to keep people’s appetite alive. There are stars who are interested in discussing some archaeological issues. There is no denying that Kuroda’s knowledge is not simple. When dealing with James, Howard and Jennifer’s professional questions, there has never been any embarrassment. This has caused Jennifer to be quite dissatisfied. I often have to check whether this Japanese person is wearing a cheating device. After all, Japanese cheating habits can be said to be world-famous.
The journey from New Jersey to Poland is not too short, but for people who are full of curiosity, there is no way to resist the secret of the’ star’. Kuroda seems to be very considerate of you. After the plane landed in Warsaw, the capital of Poland, he took the bus and went straight to his destination.
What Wu Liang knows about Warsaw is only from the historical news of the massacre of Jews in Warsaw, Germany during World War II. Of course, Warsaw is no longer a mess in the past. It is called the European Mermaid Warsaw. It has a beautiful city and elegant environment, etc. However, these Wu Liang are all interested in watching cars. After ten minutes’ turn in the downtown area of Warsaw, they drove on the expressway, and as the night falls, the road of the car gradually bumped up. Looking out the window, the shadows and bushes floated out from the depths of the Woods at night, with some uncomfortable and exciting smell, which made people feel a little gloomy.
"You’re not nervous. Although what you’re about to see may make you feel a little sick, I want to know the history, so you won’t be unfamiliar with it." The car finally stopped at a huge construction site, and there was no car in front of it. General Ichiro Kurata said this sentence specially. It sounds as if he didn’t want everyone to be affected by the environment, but Xu Hao seems to have deliberately aggravated the nervousness of others.
When they got behind the car, everyone understood the meaning of Kuroda’s words. The walls of the huge pit were full of uncorrupted human bodies scattered around, and there were bones mixed with mud. The strong stench was spreading out of the pit, which was like a horror shadow. It really made people feel cold from the bottom of my heart. Although Jennifer was brave, it was almost the first time that she buried herself in her grandfather’s arms.
"My God … here is here …" Unlike Jennifer’s reaction, Howard and James are, after all, people who have experienced World War II, and they directly reflect the same answer in their minds.
"that two old gentleman should have seen that this is where the Nazis dispose of the bodies of Jews. this is the most secret burial place that we excavated in Warsaw, and the burial structure here is different from that of other mass graves. it is completely composed of the magic circle of Chinese and Western black magic. You know, Hitler was very keen on these in his later years, but we couldn’t find it here if we didn’t have exact information. It can’t be said that Hitler was crazy but also very clever, isn’t it? Ok … Come with me, everyone. "Kurata always turned around and walked along the stairs next to the pit.
Stairs extend all the way to a pit, but Wu Liang noticed that the soil in this pit is all red, which seems to be caused by the blood in the body piled up on the surface and immersed in the deep soil. From a distance, the pit seems to be very ordinary, just like ordinary mines. Wood and steel bars set up a door frame, but when they really walked to the front of the pit, people were surprised to find that there was a solid door in the door frame of the mine. It was not a simple iron door installed after the later excavation, but a heavy door cast in bronze.
"This is … Latin Gate …" Howard saw the origin of this gate almost at a glance, which made people neglect the huge bird head. It is said that this figure can run through the human world and the underworld, and this pouring method and the bronze texture of the gate seem to prove Howard’s guess.
"You really deserve to be an antique expert, Mr. Howard. This is the’ Latin Gate’ produced in Solomon Dynasty. Sometimes I admire Hitler. Where did he get these strange things …" Kurata shrugged his shoulders and gently pushed the door. A creaking sound made the door quietly hit a deep road, and the lights outside the door stretched out in the dark, which seemed to illuminate the dark world deep in the tunnel.
"Welcome to the ladder of heaven ….." With a high-powered hand barrel, Kuroda said with a smile, making people’s scalp numb. Everyone dares to be chilly at this moment.
At the moment when the door was pushed, Wu Liang’s body felt an unprecedented influence. It seems that there is something calling for himself in the depths of the tunnel, just like … just like a family calling for swimming, it is as strong and irresistible …
Wu Liang gently dumped her head and seemed to want to dump this inexplicable feeling with everyone. When the door was closed, Wu Liang saw a worker hand over a square box to Kurata. Should it be a poisonous gas bomb? Wu Liang’s psychology was a whisper, and his heart was vaguely uneasy.
I don’t know what material is used in the tunnel to pour leather shoes. Although there is no metallic echo, there is no rubbing sound at the same time. There is no damp and cold feeling in the tunnel, but it does have a fishy smell. Everyone knows that it is the smell of tens of thousands of human bodies and blood soaked in mud. In the dark, this kind of disgusting taste is like the bad jokes of the dead. It seems that visitors are waking up and their bones are piled up.
The tunnel extends obliquely for about 3 meters, and the deeper it goes, the deeper the underworld is. When the platform is at its deepest place, there is a pale light column in the hand barrel of Kuroda, and a strong door stands in front of the platform. But obviously, the origin of this door is not prominent, which greatly represents the’ swastika’ symbol of the Third Reich.
There is no grand palace as imagined, nor is it as fabulous as it is said. Even the most basic killer in the thriller did not appear. The simple tunnel is just like an ordinary tunnel leading to the ground except that it is dark and cautious. At the end of the tunnel is an ordinary room, which makes people with different minds feel disappointed and surprised to varying degrees. After all, it is easy to mislead people’s logical thinking when the mass grave and the’ Latin Gate’ of Solomon Dynasty appear. However, when the barrel in Kurata’s hand shines on a certain point in the center of the room, all disappointment is instantaneous than surprise.
A little scarlet light gradually flashed in the center of the room, and then it suddenly spread out around the township as if it were lit in the winter grassland. At one time, the red light filled the whole room and was immediately driven away, and it fell into everyone’s eyes. But the magic is that this transparent stone plate not only flashed red light that limited charm, but also a cylindrical crimson gold dot appeared around the stone plate. The illusory and beautiful scene in red made people feel trance that the red column was a door to the mythical world, and everyone was aware of moving forward and wanted to get closer to the mysterious stone plate.
"Don’t get close to you. That thing is more dangerous than weapons. Please believe me. Please don’t leave me, or something will happen." Kurata always wears sunglasses and smiles, but at the moment, there is no smile. It is best to listen to him and act.
"Emperor what is this? It’s so beautiful, but what history has never been remembered … "Everyone admired and turned their eyes to Kuroda, hoping to get a concrete answer.
"Beautiful? No, you, this doesn’t mean beauty. I’ll prove it to you now. "When Kuroda hit the box, it was a beautiful bird. Kuroda caught the bird in his hand." Please pay attention to what will happen next. It’s definitely not magic … "
Kurata Ichiro threw the bird in the direction of the red slate and struggled among the birds. Just after correcting the flight balance, he flew into the red column.
The red pillar golden awn quickly floated around the intruded bird, and a kind of physical force surrounded the bird tightly, and then the bird chirped in the room. Everyone stared in astonishment and saw that the bird’s body was red and the beautiful feathers slowly grew up in the golden awn, and the red light of the bird’s body appeared one by one, gradually forming a small vortex, tightly wrapping the bird and gradually expanding its body, while the golden awn was constantly integrated into the bird’s body, rapidly changing the original very ordinary bird …
Except the word miracle, no one can use other words to replace what they see-an ordinary bird about the size of a sparrow suddenly turned into a giant eagle in just a few minutes, with its tail feathers like a peacock shining with golden red light and red eyes. The Latin God Bird is exactly the same as the Latin Gate God Bird statue.
No one can believe that the god bird will suddenly appear in front of his eyes in life, and no one can believe that the god bird was an ordinary bird in an instant, but everything is not over. When the golden awn no longer blends into the bird’s body, the red light beam has also lifted the bondage to the bird and restored its initial calm. The bird seems to have not found its physical change yet. It was frightened and struggled to fly out of the red light beam. At the moment when the bird left the light beam, it was given a new image as if it were cursed. When the bird flew out of the red column, the beautiful figure had disappeared silently.
The whole room was as silent as death in an instant.
"I once said that the four ancient civilizations have some origins with each other, because according to my investigation, before the four ancient civilizations were first formed, they all had such a stone slab that I don’t know what it was. This stone slab has magical power. So far, the only thing we have mastered this stone slab is biological evolution, which can make life on earth, including human beings, evolve to an unprecedented height, but as you can see, this evolution is deadlocked and that cylinder is about to leave this. Like a distorted, nothing can get out of this aperture alive. "Kurata always looks at Jennifer quietly. It’s almost a hole in the eyes and says it slowly out of the secret of the stars."
"And the star side is the only answer to solve this last problem, and the world needs this answer, and I also need this answer …"
But at the moment, Kuroda never thought that a call from a distant place in another room in this room was trying to break through the last barrier and send a message that lasted for thousands of years …
"You mean the stars can control this slate?" Xu Hao can’t help but face this strange thing in front of him. Others may be immersed in surprise and sigh, but for him, professional sensitivity has made him clearly understand the horror shadow contained in this slate for the first time. If this slate is controlled, the consequences will be a legal disaster. You know, this kind of thing is beyond the absolute height, and a government or a country will be crazy about this horrible slate.
"No, I said that no one knows what the star wrote, but some pictures and texts on the star can control the scope of this slate and suppress some of its forces … It may be a bit unbearable, but the fact is that Hitler buried so many dead people in it is to prevent the abnormal energy of this slate from being discovered by the outside world. Everyone thinks that Hitler slaughtered Jews because of his extreme discrimination against Jews. Of course, this is also the reason. Part of the reason is that this slate." Kurata clearly saw the people stunned and then lost in thought.
"According to Hitler’s top secret diary, this slate was excavated from the most darkroom of a sacrificial altar, and it was found that human remains were buried around the darkroom. When Hitler learned that this slate was strange, he went crazy. At that time, a famous European wizard wanted to control this slate, but the result was as you know, this slate was hidden. Hitler seems to have found some way to control it here, but he didn’t even come to test it. With Hitler, World War II ended. Suicide The old guys who helped him study dark magic have fled to death. Up to now, no one knows where they really landed, which has become the biggest puzzle left by Hitler to future generations. "
"Wait … you just said that all four ancient civilizations have a slate, so there are four such slates in the world?" Professor James picked his eyebrows and his eyes were incredibly shiny. After all, it’s amazing that there is such a piece in the world. If there are four pieces …
"According to the literature, it is not practical to remember that this kind of slate is called the celestial cauldron. When the world was created, the gods brought people treasure. There should be more than five pieces. They are different in shape, color and function. When the celestial cauldron gathers, something will happen. But for some reason, these five pieces of celestial cauldrons are separated, and then four of them are handed over to humans one after another, but the only piece is not recorded. According to the research, it may have been taken away." Speaking of this, the expression on the face of General Ichiro Kurata is a little unnatural. It is a red
"That’s not true!" At this time, an unexpected sound came from the gate behind Kuroda. "My dear partner was confirmed that there is another piece, but there is no such powerful ability. It is just an ordinary slate, isn’t it?" The door was backed by a gap, and a figure quickly came in. Jennifer recognized the German sand pig who repeatedly doubted her ability at a glance.
"Mr. Steader, you shouldn’t have come." Kuroda always sighed. "I really hope to keep us together …"
"After you dominate the star secret? I remember that orientals are really dishonest and greedy guys who lack the minimum chivalry. Now it seems to be so. "Von Steindekramt sneered. Although he was a businessman in name, he privately inherited the status of the executive officer of the Third Reich Guard. He naturally had a Nazi-specific coldness and a keen sense of murder. When Kuroda sighed, he felt that the Japanese were obviously indifferent and unusually murderous. The Germanic knight took out a pistol and quietly pointed at Kuroda Ichiro. Then he almost mocked the surrounding area and was shocked by this kind of gunpowder.
"Ladies and gentlemen, when the slate in front of you is not real, the energy of the slate body has been absorbed by this Mr. Kurata. It is only after he absorbed the energy of this slate that he found that the energy of this slate is very special and can only be made under certain circumstances, and this energy has a natural enemy, that is, the star side does not really start this slate energy. The real explanation of the star side is’ the star is trapped in Fiona Fang’, which means imprisonment."
"What did you say!" The whole room was in an uproar, and everyone was crazy without thinking of it. Now things seem to be developing in an even more crazy direction.
"Look at this. This is the red slate companion I brought back from China. Of course, the energy of this slate has been absorbed!" Steed took an oval pale yellow slate about the size of a palm from his pocket and threw it into Jennifer’s hand. "Look at this slate with something written on it, if you can really read the stars …"
Jennifer put the star into Wu Liang’s hand for the first time. After all, now she can’t consider whether she is going to cover something for Wu Liang.
The glittering and translucent faded color slate instantly made Wu Liang feel the same vein as this mineral. At that moment, he seemed to feel the relief and joy from the slate. This inexplicable feeling made Wu Liang realize that the slate was rubbed, and with his heart, a soft yellow luster appeared on the slate surface. It was the same text as the star rubbing. Although it is not clear where he learned these words, Wu Liang still paid attention to this sudden Tathagata, and the attention of people around him was tightened. Tightly attracted to Wu Liang, Ted smiled and continued to threaten Kuroda with a gun, but Kuroda seemed to be unaware that things were developing out of his control. Instead, he looked at the people with a leisurely smile with his hands, but his eyes were shining with light, but it was extremely cold as if everyone in front of him was already a lifeless body.
No one found that the red ore in the house flashed with a crisp bright silver red column and the golden awn seemed to speed up the floating speed when Stade threw the yellowish slate out.




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