As soon as Lan Keer’s voice fell, Chang Sheng turned around and looked away at Lan Keer. "Who said that Chang Sheng can’t solve acupuncture points? Look!"
Changsheng simply sat on the bed and stretched out his left and right hands, forefinger and finger, and quickly Lan Keer himself.
"Here? Here? Is here … "
Chang Sheng’s hands and four fingers rained down on Lan Keer’s face, abdomen, arms and legs …
"wow! Changsheng has solved the problem! " Chang Sheng Lan Keer made a random call and jumped into bed to make a heroic gesture regardless of whether there was any acupuncture point solution or not. One hand pointed to Lan Keer, "Chang Sheng has solved acupuncture points for you. Go with Chang Sheng."
"You give me acupuncture points? Your roots won’t solve the problem! " Lan Keer looked at Chang Sheng with a face of anger. This silly moment just now, he actually ordered his innocent body again … It is simply unforgivable that he has never let others touch him like this!
He touched a woman’s body and didn’t even know what was wrong. Why did he say that he had solved acupuncture points for himself? If you don’t know that he is a fool, you must think that he is taking advantage.
"Didn’t Changsheng give you acupuncture points?" Chang Sheng looked at still motionless. Lan Keer puzzled and scratched his head. "It’s really troublesome to solve acupuncture points. Chang Sheng doesn’t understand it. Chang Sheng carries you home and asks his uncle to solve acupuncture points for you."
Chang Sheng said, stepping forward, stretching out his arms around Lan Keer and putting a Lan Keer on the front side.
Feeling the palm of your hand smooth and tender, Chang Sheng’s mind can’t help but swing. This is the first time that a woman has had such close contact with the ethereal senior sister. I didn’t expect Lan Keer’s skin to be so good. The so-called muscle congeals fat, which is probably the case.
The whole body was suddenly picked up by Chang Sheng and Lan Keer was stuck. She was actually hugged by a man! Even her father hasn’t hugged her since Zhang Da, and today she was hugged by someone else!
Lan Keer felt a burning feeling burning cheeks powder a red crisp sound "what do you want! Let me go! You can’t hug me if men and women don’t kiss! "
"What kiss?" Chang Sheng heard Lan Keer and stared down at Lan Keer’s shy bright eyes and shook his head and said, "Do you want to kiss Chang Sheng? Chang Sheng won’t kiss you. Chang Sheng wants to kiss the ethereal teacher elder sister. "
"Kiss?" Lan Keer was stunned when he realized that Changsheng was a fool and had no way to continue to explain, "It’s men and women who give and receive, not kissing Changsheng. Please let me go!"
"Chang Sheng won’t let you go. Chang Sheng will take you back to show Sister Dimly discernible that Chang Sheng can save lives. Sister Dimly discernible likes heroes best!" Chang Shengli a clip Lan Keer bent down to clip the black iron bar to the armpit of the other arm and stretched out his hand. Li Chuan got up and walked out of the house.
The faint moonlight is always holding Lan Keer in one hand and holding Li Chuan with a black iron bar on the other side and running rapidly towards home.
Lan Keer looked around at the rapid passing of trees and houses on both sides of her body. Listening to the rapid movement of Changsheng, she brought up a burst of whistling wind. When her eyes turned to hold her, Changsheng moved so fast, but she could feel that her body had been firmly leaning against his side, and there was no shaking and no fear in her heart.
"Although he is a fool, he can really give people a sense of security!"
Lan Keer looked at Chang Sheng and felt that the side whistling suddenly froze.
"No, I haven’t seen anyone since I came out of the house for so long. So who defeated the Jiang Yang thief? Don’t … "
Chang Ganyi was suddenly awakened by a cry.
"Uncle Uncle Changsheng caught a bad guy!"
In the silent night, Chang Sheng’s voice enters the room through the wooden door. It’s often dry and easy to wake up. Chang Sheng actually said that he caught a bad guy in the middle of the night. Is it because the recent scenery of Chang’s family has been missed? This is no small matter.
Chang Ganyi hurriedly dressed, went to bed, lit a kerosene lamp and knocked on the door. Suddenly, he was shocked. Chang Sheng was holding a black iron bar in one hand, and the other arm was still holding a woman with long hair outside the door. This woman’s hair was completely loose, and because of the angle problem, he could not see the woman’s face clearly. Chang Sheng’s feet were lying on the big man with stubble all over his face …
"This burly man himself has never seen this is definitely not a family member. It seems that this is what Chang Sheng said about the bad guys. How does he look so familiar as if …"
Chang Ganyi’s eyes suddenly lit up when he looked at Chang Sheng’s feet. Isn’t this Wu Shiju’s five portraits of himself? It’s the boss of Mengshan Five among the five Jiang Yang thieves. His name seems to be Li Chuan! He was caught by Chang Sheng! Do they want to be bad for the Chang family? There are four other Jiang Yang thieves!
"Sheng son how did you catch him! When you caught him, was there anyone else? "Chang Ganyi asked with an eager face.
"Chang Sheng doesn’t know where it is." Chang Sheng frowned and thought for a long time and finally said, "A masked man came to play with Chang Sheng and followed him. Then several of them came out as soon as they came out. They also wanted to kill Chang Sheng! Chang Sheng was very angry and killed them all. Then Chang Sheng also saw the big bad guy Lin. The big bad guy Lin also wanted to kill Chang Sheng and let Chang Sheng kill them together, leaving him with Chang Sheng. "
Chang Sheng pointed to the lying Li Chuan and said, "Chang Sheng remembers that he looks at painters just like Chang Sheng every day. He is a big bad guy. Chang Sheng remembers that his uncle said that if he caught the bad guys, he would be able to take good things, isn’t he uncle!"
Chapter 1 Blue is lovely
When I heard Chang Sheng’s words, my complexion changed. Chang Sheng said that the big bad guy Lin must be Lin Yuanzhi, and Lin Yuanzhi was with the wanted man in the imperial court. It was bold of him to collude with the wanted man! And the masked man plays with Chang Sheng! What time is it now? You can’t talk to Changsheng in the middle of the night! Obviously, Lin Yuan had colluded with these five Jiang Yang thieves to bully Changsheng Lingzhi and simply cheated Changsheng out to kill Changsheng. Unfortunately, they misjudged Changsheng’s strength and were killed by Changsheng instead.
This is a Jiang Yang thief who has been wanted by the county government for a long time. Now he has been killed by Chang Sheng and caught. When the time comes, he will report it to the court. This is a great contribution!
"Although the elder brother’s prime minister also has a title, Chang Sheng can inherit his brother’s title for some special reasons, but this time Chang Sheng caught five Jiang Yang thieves, which will also help Chang Sheng to win the title!"
"eh? Wrong! "
Chang Gan-yi suddenly thought of a very critical problem. This Li Chuan is an innate master. It’s impossible for him to be able to beat him!
"Sheng son, you say you killed them and you played them yourself? No one to help? "
"No!" Chang Sheng proudly held out his chest. "This man is good, but Chang Sheng is even worse. Chang Sheng beat him like this after playing with him for a long time!"
"This is really a son to play! Beat a congenital master in half a step! " Chang Gan Yi is full of surprise. Looking at Chang Sheng’s half-step innate condition is also a sublimation condition. The gap with the innate master is huge. Moreover, this Jiang Yang thief root is not a general innate master. He has been wanted by the court for so long and has not been caught. Obviously, extreme measure Chang Sheng’s acquired condition can defeat him. If Chang Sheng becomes an innate master, then,
Chang Ganyi looked at Li Chuan, who was dying, and said with great joy, "Well done, it’s worthy that my family has killed the peak of sublimation, and half a step is innate and can kill the innate master!"




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