Sighed and hurried to the place where the first class was held in the afternoon. He was studying in the military, and he was teaching the basic course of Wushu.
Being late for the first class will leave a bad impression on the teacher. Lan Yunpeng was in a hurry, but he ran around the corner. There was a female classmate in a hurry like him. This female classmate was wearing a brand-new school-Zhang Xiuqing cute melon face and big eyes as if she could talk. She was really cute. Although she was far less than Julianne, the head of the Griffin Legion, she had to admit that she was an exciting beauty.
Two people looked at each other LanYunPeng this just think of the first class training ground, he knew about the location exactly which is not clear when he found a place, it is estimated that the class has been "beauty! Excuse me, where is the No.11 military training ground? "
"Military training ground 11? Are you also a military freshman this year?
"Yes, are you too?" Lan Yunpeng is stupefied. Isn’t it true that the cute girl in front of her eyes is also a military who doesn’t like red clothes and loves armed forces?
"The eleventh training ground class is all military class eleven students."
"Me too. My name is LanYunPeng! What about you? " Lan Yunpeng hurriedly replied that he didn’t expect to touch his classmate in this way.
"Jenny’s poem! What a coincidence! We will be late! " Jenny Shi also laughed, showing that she was a girl with a strong personality.
11 facial paralysis
The 11th training ground has to go through a small forest. It’s really not so easy for freshmen who have just entered the school but haven’t been familiar with the environment seriously. Most gymnasiums in the earth have the same architectural style, but they have their own characteristics, including the rough shape of orcs, the elegant shape of elves and the ever-changing shape of terrans. Looking at the whole training ground group, there is a feeling of visiting an architectural museum.
I just met my classmates in twos and threes and divided them into a dozen or twenty circles, so my voice was mysteriously lowered, and I didn’t know what topics they were talking about. Everything in the college seemed to be the same as that in the earth school. Lan Yunpeng felt a sense of deja vu.
Lan Yunpeng and Jenny Shi trotted all the way to the training ground, which obviously attracted a lot of people’s attention. There was nothing they could do, although they only got to the training ground on foot! Generally speaking, the vast majority of the military are men and women, which is rare. What’s more, a beautiful girl is more suitable for learning magic and crossbow military. Even if there are a few girls, there are usually dinosaurs.
The delicate appearance and graceful posture of Jenny’s poems easily attract everyone’s attention, and a few impatient guys are ready to move.
At this moment, a middle-aged man dressed in Bauhinia College tutorial system came along. This instructor looks very thin and can’t feel the fighter breath. If he is a military instructor and is responsible for teaching everyone Wushu, it is better to say that he is a liberal arts teacher.
"Hello everyone, please be quiet in class."
The students stopped talking in unison and didn’t hit the mentor. Their eyes all showed that they were as confused as Lan Yunpeng about whether the respected mentor was wrong. However, it is more appropriate to say that he is a music and history mentor in the military martial arts class.
"This should be the eleventh martial arts class, right? I didn’t go wrong." As if I knew what the students were thinking, the middle-aged man smiled and said, "I am your martial arts instructor. You can call me Teacher James."
What is such a thin martial arts instructor? Is it a mentor who teaches theoretical knowledge without actual combat? Many students naturally have doubts when they look at the thick textbooks in the hands of James’ tutor.
"I am not only responsible for giving you theoretical knowledge, but also for your actual combat teaching this semester." James’s wise eyes seem to penetrate people’s hearts, and his answers are all in everyone’s hearts
Everyone still looks at this mentor with a skeptical eye. A martial arts instructor’s good health is a prerequisite, and this mentor’s thin body makes everyone worry that he will be blown away by a gust of wind and become a missing persons file.
"Well, it seems that you still don’t believe it! If you have any questions, you can come out and challenge me to stand out from so many people and enter Bauhinia College. I believe that your strength far exceeds that of many peers. "
Although there are some oolong students in this entrance test, some of them have the challenge strength, and soon one of them came out. This classmate should be an orc of the bear race. His height is definitely over two meters, and his burly physique exudes a kind of oppression. In addition, he has a good speed. After he came out to challenge, he quickly approached his tutor and blasted the past few successful students with a punch. This guy is definitely a big guy without great wisdom. He acted rashly and didn’t know the weight. However, something happened at the moment that made everyone feel incredible.
That pair of fists, which together are three points bigger than basketball, are blocked, and the blocked fist is that wooden pointer. Teacher James, a kid can easily break the pointer and easily resist this big guy’s attack field. The students can’t help but gasp. What strength does it need? This also gives everyone the most vivid practical lesson, cherish life and stay away from judging people by appearances!
Lan Yunpeng was certainly shocked by Bauhinia College, which is worthy of being the highest comprehensive college in the mainland of Sderot. One of them was a master tutor James, and his strength was a little different from that of the swordsman who attacked him not long ago. He calculated that if he played against this teacher, he would have a few chances to win. In the end, he was depressed. Unless it was a miracle, it would be a proud battle to escape his life.
"Lan Yunpeng, what are you doing there?"
"Are you? Are you sure? " Jenny’s poem took a puzzled glance at Lan Yunpeng’s thrilling fight just now. This guy’s face has no expression at all. It’s not a daze. It must be a facial paralysis
"This classmate, your strength is not bad, and your speed is not bad. However, I’m afraid your understanding of combat skills is not as good as that of a trainee swordsman. I think you must strengthen your understanding and training of combat skills. In the process of fighting, you will definitely suffer a big loss by relying on a brute force." The wooden pointer in the hand of James’s tutor looked like the clouds were light and the wind was light, and the big classmate easily repelled him several steps.
All the students are angry, but some of them are angry on the surface. Some students also look at James’ mentor, the land of Sderot, with reverence. A strong creature who respects the different continents and has great power and wisdom will be worshipped.
"Now who is willing to come out to challenge? Opportunity is rare! If anyone can hit me during the battle, I will write an excellent report card! " Teacher James smiled kindly and looked at all the students in the field, but his smile, Lan Yunpeng, seemed quite obscene. On the whole, it had an old fox flavor.
Teacher James looked around and showed a feeling of showing off his pride to everyone. His eyes finally fell on Jenny’s poetry, body and military. This major female student can be said to be a rare species. A dinosaur girl will get a flower treatment. What’s worse, Jenny’s poetry can be regarded as one in a hundred. Unfortunately, Jenny’s poetry is wandering in the sky and she didn’t look at the teacher.
"mentor! I am Richard of the Principality of Ossetia, please advise me! " Another classmate came out. The height of this classmate is not much different from that of Lan Yunpeng. His lux hair is particularly conspicuous. His weapon is a two-handed sword. From the finely crafted handle and sharp blade, it can be seen that this is a high-quality weapon made by a dwarf master. This weapon is expensive, so it can be seen that this classmate is also a person with certain status.
A classmate was so sad that someone dared to come out after his sacrifice that he was either a fool or sure of his skill. Now this guy is definitely not a fool, not only the military class 11, but also all the students and even the James tutor paid attention to him with great interest.
With a roar, a milky white quarrelling spurted out from him, and the light green in the milky white quarrelling was faintly visible. This is the sign that the senior swordsman is about to advance to the junior swordsman.
Even James’s tutor was surprised, and opened his mouth a little bit. Bauhinia College is the highest institution of higher learning in the mainland of Sderot. Every year, tens of millions of new students have the title of prodigy and genius. Students don’t know how many times they have appeared, but it is not common for them to enter the senior swordsmen’s rank at a young age and will break through their classmates. At present, this student has completed the advanced accumulation, and the difference is just the last step.
Like James’s tutor, this classmate is a little smug with a little smile on his lips. His actions have attracted several dinosaur sisters to scream. Unfortunately, he wants to attract attention most, and Jenny still wanders around the world without looking at him, which deeply hurts this classmate.
Whether depressed or tangled, since he came out of the battle, he must continue to go. He raised his body to the extreme and curled up like a cheetah about to attack. He knew that his advantage was not his strength, but his understanding and understanding of his family’s quarrelling and fighting skills. From the battle just now, he had a general understanding of the strength of James’s mentor. It was like a storm without reservation.
"good!" Teacher James is still a coquettish and light expression. He easily puts it in his pocket in one hand and moves with his pointer in the other. He is rigorous in attack and defense and moves smartly, not like fighting, but dancing.
"It turns out that the instructor is a senior swordsman and it has just broken through!" Lan Yunpeng consciously muttered, this is judged by the way the master taught him, and he doesn’t know whether it is accurate or not. Everything is speculation.
"How do you know? Do you know Teacher James? " Jenny’s eyes are full of curiosity when the divination fire burns.
"well! I am guessing! Just talk casually! " Lan Yunpeng pretended to be very calm and explained that it was a pity that he was not good at making up his face in previous lives or in this life. Besides, he explained that Jenny’s poems were full of flaws.
12 cheetah corps
"This guy is really mysterious!" Jenny said to herself in her poem.
At this time, the classmate who came out to challenge was beaten by James’ instructor, and his arms were heavy, and his master dropped heavily on the training ground. Suddenly, the ground was deafening, and his master stumbled back for ten steps and finally sat down on the training floor.
A clap of hands rang. If only a few students had a sense of admiration for the instructor just now, the number is now several times less. Although this battle is a challenge, it is better to say that it is an easy actual combat teaching. Although the challenger did his best, the instructor James controlled the whole battle. He slowed down the whole battle and watched the students get a valuable combat experience.
"This classmate is very good! If you are not the best in Bauhinia College for more than ten years, you can rank in the top 20! " Teacher James rarely praised, "But your shortcoming is that you are too step by step with the same set of tactics. You must add your own understanding of this set of tactics instead of going back to the dormitory to sum up that fighting today may be good for your breakthrough."
"Thank you, mentor!" Challenge the students to be very gentlemanly, bow down to a noble ceremony, then pick up the fallen hands, pat off the dust and return to the classmates.
"Very well! Now let’s prepare for class! Today is the first class of our military class 11. I’m not going to teach you the basic knowledge of fighting skills or teach you the most basic fighting skills, but I’m going to take you to enjoy a draft competition, "James said mysteriously."
"Draft? I didn’t expect that there was such a word in the mainland of Sderot? Is there still a beauty contest in Bauhinia College today? What does this have to do with the military warfare course? Is it a test of everyone’s determination? " Someone started thinking again, and finally Lan Yunpeng could not help but ask, "Teacher! What is a draft? "
Lan Yunpeng succeeded in drawing the attention of all his classmates to him. This guy doesn’t even feel the slightest fluctuation of quarrelling. What kind of loser is he? It is absolutely impossible to say that he is too outstanding to hide his collar.
"This classmate asked a good question!" In the face of a freshman James tutor who knows how to have fun, he nodded and said, "The draft is just like a senior challenge. Since it is a challenge, I will take you to the horizon today! I hope everyone will have a certain understanding from the post-battle. "
After leaving the eleventh military training ground, all the students followed James’ mentor in twos and threes through the grove and a beautiful artificial lake, and walked along the endless boulevard that seemed to have no end in sight.
Lan Yunpeng and Jenny Shi just walked side by side. At the end of the team, there was a sentence without a sentence chatting. They didn’t know what they were thinking, which attracted many students to talk about the male students. Of course, they were indignant, envious and jealous, while several dinosaur sisters and female students were anthomaniac, imagining themselves as the heroine.
On the southernmost side of Bauhinia College is a beautiful square with a name resounding across the mainland. St. John’s Square is to commemorate John Jianshen, the great founder of Bauhinia College. At ordinary times, it is a good place for college handsome guys and beautiful women to spend the last month. Today, senior students of Bauhinia College are dressed in the latest system and arranged in a square array, which seems to be waiting for and welcoming important people.
Cheetah Corps has always been one of the three main legions of the Holy Alliance, the most head of the corps, Eden Reyes, a senior blade master, and a lizard dragon, who is also a holy mount. His remarkable fighting experience and advanced blade master rank make him an idol in everyone’s mind.
The students of Bauhinia College are the first to attract all aristocratic families, armies and mercenary groups, so that they can’t worry about finding a good job after graduation, and the arrival of Cheetah Corps is a model of strong alliance
For a long time, the three main legions of the Holy Alliance have been recruiting fresh blood from other legions veterans. This is also the first time that the Cheetah Corps has selected fresh blood from the graduating students. This move has made all the new graduates look forward to it, and recruiting new recruits from Bauhinia College will become a routine after this recruitment, which makes the students who have not graduated even more excited.
The swordsmen and knights of Bauhinia College are never short of handsome men, and there is never a shortage of beautiful women among magicians and priests. These guys who usually have their eyes above the top wear a brand-new school today, and they are selected by the Cheetah Corps in the hope of leaving a good impression on them from the first sight.
"Come! Here they come! " An eagle-eyed classmate screamed with excitement, and the whole St. John’s Square suddenly boiled up. Of course, there was no shortage of beautiful women screaming excitedly and handsome guys cheering.
"Come here! It’s really rare and strange! " Lan Yunpeng’s so-called shrugging is not interested in the so-called Cheetah Corps. If it is replaced by the Griffin Corps Julianne, it may attract his attention.
"This is the cheetah legion! Cheetah Corps! " Like his classmates, Jenny was in a frenzy. Apparently, she heard Lan Yunpeng whisper and shouted at him in surprise, and then she didn’t wait for him to answer, but she turned back and fell into hysterical screaming.
"That’s great! They are finally here! " Many people waved desperately at the sky, no matter whether those people could see their excited expressions or not. The class tutors shouted at the scene with a straight face to maintain order, but the smile in the corner of their eyes completely betrayed them until the headmaster’s mouth was gradually quiet.
Lan Yunpeng lifted up his eyes and looked far away. As time went on, some small black spots gradually appeared in the west side, and then the small black spots became closer and closer. You can already see the lithe posture of the double-headed flying dragon, the knights with flying dragons’ backs flashing cold light and heavy armor, and the sharp spears in their hands. One step is to wear a mage robe, and the wizards with flying dragons’ backs can show their nobility better. Then, the archers with strong bows and hard crossbows are slightly thin and short, and their faces are covered with black towels.
In addition to ordinary soldiers who have fought many battles, a legion must also have the backbone of soldiers, swordsmen, wizards with long-range and large-scale lethality, archers who are most suitable for point-to-point sniper, priests who are most suitable for becoming scouts, thieves, wet nurses, professionals and so on. Legions composed of single arms often have all kinds of fatal defects, and a reasonable combination is a source of victory for a legion.
What makes the students crazy most is the huge lizard flying dragon, which is a real holy beast. Did Aiden Reyes, the head of the Cheetah Corps, pay so much attention to today’s recruitment activities and personally arrived at the scene?
The dragon is the noblest and most powerful intelligent creature in the mainland of Sderot. If their total population is not 1/100,000 of other races, then the dragon will easily rule the whole mainland of Sderot. The terrible physical attack and defense force, the terrible dragon language magic and coercion make people feel that they are the intelligent race second only to God.
At the same time, the dragon is also synonymous with arrogance and dissoluteness. It can tame the dragon and make them willing to become mounts. There are only a handful of cheetah legions in the whole continent of Sderot. Strictly speaking, it can be said that the dragon and other racial hybrids are truly unified. The dragon has never admitted that it is related to these hybrids, but even the hybrids are not underestimated. Compared with ordinary Warcraft, they have too much advantage.
"Eden les pavilion! Welcome to Bauhinia College! " The dean of Bauhinia College unhurriedly greeted Aiden Reyes, the head of the Cheetah Corps. It is said that he is a hundred years old, but his strength keeps him around forty years old, and he is so handsome that he almost loses slag.
"Long time no see! Little demon! " Aiden Reyes’s address to the headmaster made Lan Yunpeng laugh, saying that the present headmaster is almost an ancient monster with a rare age of more than 100 years, and it is understandable to be called a little demon in front of him.
After a brief and formulaic greeting, the principal accompanied Aidan Reis to review the graduation waiting to be selected, and the handsome students formed a phalanx, not to mention that the beautiful women formed a phalanx with their heads held high and accepted the review. It is not clear that some people fantasized about becoming the head of the army in one step.
However, the headmaster didn’t give them longer and more opportunities to walk around in a hurry. The headmaster took Aiden Reyes to the college office, accompanied by several cheetah corps executives and Bauhinia college leaders. Seeing their faces look a little serious, Lan Yunpeng guessed that maybe this recruitment was an excuse to cover up Aiden Reyes’ arrival.
13 different job fairs
Next, the recruiter is also doing it in an orderly way. Unlike his job application, a professional soldier, especially a strong one in the mainland of Sderot, respects the world cheetah corps. No matter what your occupation is, you must shine. You must pass today’s examination. After graduation, you can pay photogenic attention to the cheetah corps boot camp.




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