The sixth-order division is unknown for the time being, but it is said that Duke Martin is the master of the fifth-order war, the king of ten stars, dzogchen. Oh, by the way, you still don’t know that each order is divided into ten stars, one star, three stars, primary four or six stars, intermediate three or nine stars and advanced ten stars, dzogchen.
After becoming a first-order warrior, the strength will increase by ten years, and the life span of the second-order warrior will increase by thirty years. The strength of the third-order warrior will increase by sixty years, and the life span of the fourth-order warrior will increase by one week, and the life span of the fifth-order warrior will increase by one hundred years.
The method of faith cultivation is to constantly absorb others’ diffuse beliefs, temper and compress them, and finally achieve the goal of strengthening yourself.
Belief cultivation requires some prerequisites, that is, belief affinity is the highest and lowest (no one has affinity). One affinity is a gap. For example, one affinity requires one point of belief to break through the bottleneck and become a first-order belief warrior. Two points of belief require nine points of belief and analogy. Affinity takes one day to become a first-order belief warrior, while affinity 99 people need two points to become a first-order warrior. One person wants to become a first-order warrior needs one point of belief, and the gap is doomed. The person with the lowest affinity will never surpass affinity for one day.
When a couple of civilians become first-class soldiers, their descendants will have at least one point of affinity for their beliefs, at least three points of affinity for their descendants after they become war fighters, at least six points of affinity for their descendants after they become war generals, at least one point of affinity for their descendants after they become war kings, and at least 15 points of affinity for their descendants after they become war queens. It is said that all civilians make their children have better talents and constantly work hard in exchange for their beliefs to strengthen themselves.
On April 16, 122, the Earth Federation Violet Star Field, Polly Star River, Ai Luo Star, three life stars and a Roland star ball happened a trivial thing that changed the life track of many people.
Wu Yu is a senior student of Roland College, the first college of Roland. What happened today made him hate that he could refute him even if others slandered him, because he was a civilian.
"Wu Yu, why do you want to beat your classmate Lu Bin with the strength of your two-star warrior?" A middle-aged man said to Wu Yu in a low voice that this is the president of Roland College, Du Wen, and looked at President Du, who was only four years old. His serious rectangular face was wearing a pair of black wide-brimmed glasses and his eyes were shining behind the lens.
"That’s because he said some dirty words to Lena in our class. Lena’s classmates were scared and cried. I really couldn’t watch it before I started work for him." Wu Yu said angrily and looked at a beautiful girl on the right, her eyes shining with love.
The girl is wearing a lady’s dress, a pleated skirt, blonde hair, a ponytail, a big nose and a little redness around her eyes. Even this can’t hide the girl’s pure beauty. It seems that Wu Yu likes her for no reason.
"Did Lena Lu Bin bully you?" President Du pointed to a bruised but domineering man on Wu Yu’s left and said to Lena
"No, no, Lu Bin didn’t bully me." Lena’s small voice had a little fear of infarction
"What Lena! That bastard Lu Bin bullied you. If you say it, the headmaster will make decisions for you! " Wu Yuyin is excited, even the decibel is much higher.
"It’s true that Lu Bin asked me a secret literature question at that time, because I wouldn’t be worried at all." Lena’s voice trembled a little and bowed to Wu Yu. "I’m sorry to make you misunderstand."
Wu Yu roared, "You can’t have cried."
Wu Yu haven’t finished the headmaster Du Wen interrupted him "Wu Yu enough you don’t be unreasonable now even the parties say no you still have what words? You beat your classmates. Roland College doesn’t need a brave student like you, even if your talent is no matter how good. From now on, you will be excluded from all combat cards and leave the college! "
Chapter one hundred and ninety Sure enough, I’m the real face bump.
Wu Yu hung his head and clenched his fingers tightly, and a drop of blood flowed down to the floor, splashing a drop of blood.
"Sure enough, people can’t pin their hopes on others. It’s not wrong for them to rely on their parents before they die." Wu Yu muttered with unspeakable sadness in his language.
Turned around and pushed the door and left the principal’s office, headed for the guidance office, ready to return those combat cards issued by the school, and then went to the dormitory to tidy up and prepare to leave.
Lu Bin chased him to arrogance and said to Wu Yu, "Aren’t you awesome? How can you touch the card with your talent 7? No matter how good your qualifications are, you will become a strong person. In the future, you and I will be able to crush the bug in Lena’s little girl’s watch. She has already succumbed to me, and I will be good to her. "
Lu Bin said Gaga strange smile away from the short figure drifting away.
Wu Yu didn’t respond to Lu Bin’s words. When Lena lied, Wu Yu had no illusions about it.
He can study in the only school in Faroland, and he can also go to other planets. His only idea now is to save money to buy a boat ticket, but he also knows that he is a first-class two-star warrior and he can earn the cheapest boat ticket for a generation.
His generation has also been able to restore family glory, and I hope that those who are lucky in the family can successfully restore family glory.
The federal hierarchy of the earth is divided from low to high: slaves, civilians, citizens, knights, lords, barons, barons, earl, marquis and duke. There are four existing dukes, and each duke rules hundreds of thousands of life planets, resources planets and tens of millions of precious ectopic planes. Some mixed knights can also rule a planet. Although this planet may have less materials, it is actually a planet.
Wu Yu fled to Luolanxing with his parents. His parents were already seriously injured. His mother died at the age of 3, and his father died again at the age of 7 because of his injuries.
Wu Yu’s father hastily confessed some family matters before his death, and both died. It turned out that Wu Yu’s family Tianjia used to be a huge family with 17 branches.
In Wu Yu’s father’s generation, there appeared a baron, three barons and nine lords who ruled nearly a thousand living planets, large and small. This was also the most glorious moment in the history of Tianjia, but when they found a plane, disaster followed.
It turns out that this plane is an angel flower high-level plane rich in fifth-order materials. At that time, the heavenly family discovered this plane at the same time, and there was also an earl, a second earl, Wayne James. This plane was jointly discovered by two families and should be held by both families, which paralyzed most of the heavenly families.
Then he secretly handed the news to his father, Count George James. When he learned the news, Count George knew that he could not win this plane alone, so he hooked up with four dukes, the Duke of Violet, in exchange for 99% of the angel flowers, and the Duke of Violet sent someone to help the heavenly family perish.
However, the lucky ones in Heaven are not so fond of revenge. They will give him information about the angel flower plane, hoping to lend him the hand of a big shot to destroy the James family. Unexpectedly, the final result is that the angel flower share is three floors, and the duke of Martin accounts for 20% of the duke’s share. Although the share is small, the earl of George is sheltered by four dukes. This is also the confusion of the lucky ones in Heaven. What does not destroy the James family? On the contrary, it is strange to share one floor.
Angel flower: also known as the elixir, the seventh-order light magic plant has six petals shaped like angel wings, and the milky white stamens form a circle shaped like the aperture on the top of the angel’s head, hence the name angel flower.
Angel flower is an ordinary milky white stamen. Angel flower can prolong life for 6 years, while gold flower can prolong life for 1 year. There are also blood petals and black stamens in fallen angels flower.
Only when 100,000 people are watered with blood can they spend their lives for thousands of years. The most important thing is that there is no maximum number of angel flowers, which means that if you have enough angel flowers, you can live forever.
At present, the spiritual practitioner knows that the maximum life span is only more than a thousand years, and the attraction of angel flowers to dignitaries can be imagined. Several nobles would rather exchange planets for ordinary angel flowers, each of which is worth a commercial star, let alone rare fallen angels flowers.
Wu Yu walked with his head down in front of the guidance office and bumped into a person. Wu Yu felt very depressed because of being removed, and said "I’m sorry" without lifting his head.
Later, Wu Yu was ready to bypass this person, and at the same time, he was ready to be ridiculed, but when he bypassed, he did not hear the taunts.
Just when Wu Yu was curious, a sentence came behind him, "Wu Yu, according to your current situation, there is no other chance in this life. Do you want to turn over? I can help you. "
Wu Yu heard the words and said that it must be the enemy. I didn’t expect to escape to the edge of the star field or someone found it, but on second thought, it’s wrong. If the enemy had already started work but knew his identity, who would it be?
Wu Yu has made up his mind whether the people behind him are enemies or not, so he can fight hard before returning the card.
Wu Yu quietly held a second-order combat card soul blade, which is a secret card and the strongest card in his hand at present. Wu Yu froze when he turned around and prepared to launch the card.
Wu Yu looked at Wu Tian’s eyes, and he looked exactly like himself. Wu Tian was also very curious. It was the third time that Wu Yu bumped into someone else’s face. The second time was Ning Wu and Huang Zheng’s third time. Wu Yu Wu Tian couldn’t help but think that I was the real face-bumping monster.
What’s even more bizarre is that Wu Tian actually slept for two years after he came to this world, and in these two years, Wu Tian’s consciousness was actually integrated with Wu Yu. However, Wu Yufa found Wu Tian’s consciousness, which means that Wu Yu lived little by little in these two years. Wu Tian was very clear because Wu Tian had consciousness since Wu Yu was born. Speaking of it, Wu Tian knew more about Wu Yu than himself.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-one Fool into madness
"Are you an orphan like me?" Wu Yu looked at Wu day that Zhang and his identical face gawk asked.
Wu Tian said in an understatement, "I’m not an orphan of Tianjia. From a certain point of view, I am you."
Wu Yu heard it must be impossible to believe, but the same face made Wu Yu feel that Wu Tian was definitely not the enemy. "What can I do for you? Without me, I walked first. "
Wu day once again increased the tone to Wu Yu and said, "Wu Yu, I said that there is no other chance in this life according to your current situation. Do you want to turn over? But I also said that I can help you. "
Wu Yu laughed at himself and said, "You help me. What can you do to help me? My enemy is the four dukes of the Earth Federation. Even if you have the ability to subvert the entire Earth Federation and crush the four dukes, what qualifications can I ask you to do it?"
Listen, if Wu Tian is not confident, Wu Tian is immediately angry. He wants to install 13 cars. The old driver wants a car. Wu Tian waved to Wu Yu, and a pile of cards in Wu Yu’s hand flew to Wu Tian.
Wu Tian pointed his finger at a card and lit it. Then a flame flew out of the card and flew to the sky, getting bigger and bigger, and finally surrounded the whole Lorraine star.
A spaceship that was about to enter Luolanxing outside the planet escaped from Luolanxing because it turned into a fireball. In addition, the same star, both of them organized people to retreat.
Wu Yuzheng looked at Wu Tian dumbfounded. He just came to Wu Tian’s side and saw the card in Wu Tian’s finger. The lowest card is the Mars card. Generally speaking, this card will be rejected by people when it is used for children to play. If it weren’t for Wu Yu’s poverty, he would have thrown it away.
Wu Yu turned to look at Wu Tianyi. The weakest card can make such a big appearance. Is he a fifth-order war king?
Wu Tian will look at Wu Yu’s expression in his eyes and be very satisfied. It seems that this 13-pack is good, but this is not enough. "Wu Yu, do you hate these people? Now if you nod, everyone on this planet will die. "
Wu day froze for a second, but then he thought of those neighbors who had never moved to Roland College. Wang Shu’s daughter waved her hand repeatedly and said, "Don’t, don’t, although I wish some people would die, there are still many people who die because of it."
Wu Tian ha ha smiled. In the sky, the flames fell towards the earth and exploded continuously on the way. Mars flashed strangely. "I didn’t intend to kill people when I came. You chose not to let me down. If you choose to kill them, I will help you kill them, but I won’t help you again."
Real Wu Tian wants to say another word, that is, Wu Yu is the protagonist of this world. If Wu Yu really decides to kill the innocent, Wu Tian will try to kill the protagonist, and will it make the world collapse into a world pearl?
"What the hell are you! A lowest card can be so severe. "Wu Yu actually put his hand on Wu Tian’s shoulder and spoke like a friend of Wu Tian’s.
"If I were a warrior in accordance with your beliefs, it would be the tenth order." Wu Tian dialed the shoulder and Wu Yu’s hand was shameless. When it comes to Wu Tian, it is the dominant force to do this.
The tenth order is the fact that Wu Tian pulled it out. At present, the world knows that the highest is the fifth order war king Wu Tian, and he doesn’t know what level he is. The so-called tenth order is just a tiger skin.
"Ten order? Impossible!!!! The highest order of the earth Federation is only five. How can you be ten? By the way, the practice method of faith soldiers is just an ancient relic. It is still possible to have ten orders, but even if you are ten orders, you can’t be human! How can ancient Chinese be human? "
Wu Yu was very excited, and I don’t know if he couldn’t introduce him because of the sudden appearance of a tenth-order Wu day, or because he said he would help him because Wu day was a tenth-order Wu day. Anyway, he just didn’t believe Wu Tian dialect.
"Who told you that the ancient race was not human? Who said that human beings were the original creatures of the earth and planted the origin of human beings? Who can make it clear that the universe is so big that no one can know that everything is secret today, let alone that I am the tenth order, even if there is a twentieth order?" Wu Tian immediately retorted
Wu Yu a listen to like being struck by lightning muttered to himself, "that’s right! Who said that the ancient race is not human? Who said that human beings are the original race of the earth? The origin of human beings is unknown to human beings themselves. I am just ignorant, so it is also possible to have ten orders and twenty orders. "
Then Wu day just smiled and said that these are all things that Wu Yu thought after receiving those things from Wu Yu in his body over the years. You know, for two years, you can’t rest, you can’t have a body, you can’t have entertainment, you can have thoughts, so what else can you do except daydream? Just guess at the tip of this iceberg. Wu day is very proud of driving Wu Yu to be puzzled.
However, Wu Tian still has to disturb some Wu Yu. Wu Yu has played himself crazy.
Wu Tian gave Wu Yu a puzzled look and said, "I never said I was an ancient scholar. I have already said who I am. I am you, but I am not you. Do you understand?"
Wu Yu looked at Wu day binocular god "don’t know don’t understand"
After a while, Wu Yu got angry and said, "Don’t talk about that. I just want to know who you really are. Are you talking to me all this time?"
Wu Tianyi, listen, the protagonist is going crazy, but now the protagonist can’t be crazy. Wu Tian has to find a way to figure out what his consciousness will appear in the protagonist’s body and stay for twenty years.
Wu Tian was afraid of driving the protagonist crazy, so he prepared the rhetoric as soon as he spoke. "I am another soul in your body and lived with you for 2 years, but I became independent because all the dead souls in Tianjia were unwilling, and you became so strong. Do you believe it or not?"




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