Gao Feili has a point in refuting Hank’s words.
When Hank finished smoking a cigarette, they left the stairs with their feet before and after.
On the way back to work, Goofy met Sheriff Schneider, who just handed Frank’s "Courage Award" to Goofy.
Staring at this outstanding young police officer, Sheriff Schneider, I was amazed. "Are you really Frank’s nephew? Are you sure you grew up with him? "
"Well, sheriff," Goofy admitted.
Sheriff Schneider looked horrified. "It’s the same life together. Why is the gap between two people so big?"
Goofy stand stand hand maybe because Frank didn’t control.
Now that he has resumed his work, Goofy will patrol with Hank again. Brooklyn police will patrol in three shifts. Hank and Goofy will be arranged to patrol at night most of the time.
Night patrol is not only hard and dangerous, but also extremely dangerous. After all, there are frequent crimes in Brooklyn at night, and there will be shootings every so often.
Most police officers try their best to avoid disadvantages. Hank is serious and responsible, but he is not smooth enough. He is often assigned to night shift positions.
It is for this reason that Hank’s wife Serena often quarrels, and her old partner has resolutely left and left him.
Good officer Goofy made up for the lack of help when he was in the snow. Not only that, Hank didn’t expect that Goofy was not only complaining about the night patrol, but also a little excited.
It was past midnight when Goofy drove slowly through the dark streets of Brooklyn in Hank’s new police car.
New police car or Ford Taurus NYPD has a soft spot for this model, and Hank is satisfied with this new guy. After all, he has long been used to this car.
It’s already extremely cold in the early winter night. Hank, the co-pilot, can raise the temperature in the carriage by smoking constantly. When he is flying high, he looks at the surrounding blocks while driving. He is eager to meet any unexpected events.
It was calm around midnight, and Brooklyn was wandering around illegally. When I saw the police car, I stayed away, but at about three o’clock in the morning, a sudden report came from the station.
"96th Street, someone reported that someone was calling for help in No.17 house … I repeat, No.17 96th Street, someone was calling for help …"
Hank immediately came to the spirit and pinched his forehead. "Come on, let’s go for a run. Two or three o’clock in the morning is the peak of criminal cases. We must cheer up at this time!"
Hank was 100% excited without saying anything about flying high. He hung up the warning light and slammed on the accelerator to the end and went straight for No.17, 96th Street!
Street view, car window, siren, street, long tone, Ford Taurus galloped all the way, and in just seven minutes, it arrived at No.17, 96th Street.
But at this moment, Hank, the co-pilot, suddenly frowned slightly. Seeing that he was in a wrong state, Goofy asked, "What’s the matter?"
Chapter 33 Hostage taking
Hank, an old police officer, was very keen. After hearing the report, he diverged and associated with the information he had obtained so far, and then immediately made an inference.
House No.17, 96th Street. It seems to be the most common but independent two-story building in the suburb of Brooklyn, but the address is not simple. This is Jaquel’s address.
It was just a few days ago that Jaquel played a key role in the suppression of smuggling gangs, hiding his identity for a long time. After the suppression of black gangs, Jaquel did not stop undercover and continued his activities as a member of black gangs.
Due to the growing cunning and prudence in the NYPD contest of new york’s black gang, it is hard to get an excellent undercover who goes deep behind enemy lines. In recent ten years, NYPD undercover infiltration plan has been frustrated repeatedly. The background is monotonous and the undercover detective is lonely, which easily causes the black gang to suspect that new york married with children, a native of Jaquel, Jack and others have won the letter of the black gang because of their full background.
However, the bloated family is suspected to be the weakness of several undercover officers. Their implementation is also equivalent to exposing their family members to danger. NYPD solemnly promises to protect their families. The addresses of these undercover officers are the key targets of NYPD patrols.
Therefore, Hank became very nervous when he got the alarm message from Jaquel’s house. He did not doubt that it was the action a few days ago that exposed the identities of these undercover agents and attracted the remnants of the black gang to retaliate.
And if Jacquel’s family encounters misfortune, it will not only be a devastating blow to NYPD’s prestige, but also disappoint the undercover’s trust in them.
Hank took a deep breath at this thought and said to Goofy while tidying up his equipment, "Goofy, bring a good guy. This is undercover Jaquel’s house, and his family is likely to be retaliated by crime!"
Goofy was impressed by Jaquel, and this guy gave him more than 5 points of worship at a time. After hearing Hank say this, Gao Pegasus became serious and copied the guy and followed Hank to the car.
Hank walked around the yard with a gun and walked near the main entrance. He didn’t rush to the door directly, but shouted through the front window, "NYPD, did you call the police?"
Gao Fei walked cautiously around the courtyard for a week to screen for suspicious signs, and then found signs of violent break-in in the living room window in front of the house. Someone should have sneaked into the house from here.
"Hank people go in from here." Goofy woke up low.
Before Hank could answer, there was a panic in a small window on the second floor for help.
"Officer! Help, officer! Someone has broken into my house, please help us! "
Goofy looked for help. It was a young girl. She should be Jaquel’s sister, and there were two little boys poking around behind her.
"What’s going on inside? How many gangsters are there? Are you safe now? " Goofy hurriedly asked
"I saw a gangster. I’m hiding in the bathroom with my two younger brothers. The washing machine blocked the door. The gangster won’t be able to get in for a while, but my dad’s building is in danger!" The girl said nervously, "Please, police officer, help my father!" "
"I will. Don’t worry," Goofy tried to stabilize their mood. "Keep the sanitation door and don’t let gangsters rush in!"
On the other hand, Hank also heard the story clearly and put pressure on the gangsters in the house. "You are surrounded! Let go of your weapon and surrender. Don’t call it resistance! Repeat, you’re surrounded. Drop your weapon and give in! Don’t call it resistance! "
The constant footsteps in the house should be desperate gangsters looking for an escape route, but at this time, they came to patrol near the siren not far away, and other police officers came to support them.
Support troops rushed to the scene, and the gangster ran away. In a blink of an eye, two police cars arrived at the scene, and four police officers from his jurisdiction cooperated with Gao Fei and Hank to surround Jaquel’s house.
It’s hard for the gangster to fly, but according to Jaquel’s sister, the gangster should be holding a hostage now, which makes the situation difficult
In order to better control the gangster’s emotions, Hank shouted to the room, "Listen, you are surrounded now, and our support forces have arrived. You’d better come out quietly, and don’t wait for the sniper to be in place, otherwise it will be a matter of one shot."
This sentence was indeed a short while later, the front door was hit.
A burly middle-aged man hijacked a white-haired old gentleman and slowly walked out of Xuan. He held a M1911 gun in his hand and held it against the old gentleman’s temple.
"The police officer advises you not to act rashly, or I will change my life and let this old man bury me!"
The gangster’s attitude is arrogant and he smiles and says
On the second floor, sister Jaquel saw her father being hijacked by gangsters and screamed, "Dad! You let my father go! "
Hank quickly gestured to make the girl scream, which would stimulate the gangster’s sensitive nerves and force him to shoot.
The gangsters were afraid to take the stairs step by step. Although several NYPD police officers gathered at the scene, none of them dared to make a move.
"Give me back! Come on! If you don’t do as I say, the old man will die! " The gangster threatened him.
The police officers are hesitant and will make up their minds for a while, but everyone will not retreat, pointing their guns at the gangsters.
"The leng wear stem? Do as I say! Do you want this old man to die in front of you? Huh? !”




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