"I also reveal that Empress Dowager Fu Rui shows that there is a sign of heaven and man, and that there are countless skyscrapers in Xiangruizhao, and there are countless Nanyang sea passengers paying tribute, so the husband and wife belong to heaven and man, and they still hope that Empress Dowager Shuntian should respond to people’s demands, and that the soldiers and civilians in the Great Sui Temple will sacrifice blood and food."
Pei Ju said that he begged Xiao Huanghou to allow him to bring auspicious things into the temple to offer iron cages. It was not just some birds of paradise caught in the alpine forests of Nanyang Java Islands. Xiao Xian had been sailing for ten years. It was as easy as usual to go to Ryukyu and Japan. Although the Javanese islands are still some savage sites of Kunlun slaves in this era, there is no trade value, but a trip can still be done to catch birds. The local Malay Kunlun slaves have long known that the birds of paradise, Han Chinese tourists, want to trade and buy rare things, and they don’t have to go deep into the tropical mountain forests that made the Japanese army afraid in the era of "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Circle" even after more than a thousand years.
In this era, of course, the Central Plains people have never seen the bird of paradise, Xiao Huanghou, who had only a trace of unwillingness before and was quickly replaced by shock.
Although she married a husband and was loyal to the Great Sui Dynasty, there is nothing to say, but after all, she was born as Princess Xiliang, and by the time she was ten years old, the country of Daliang had not been cut off. This year, Xiao Huanghou was forty-seven years old. In her life, she spent ten years as Princess Liang and spent the remaining twenty-nine years as Princess, Empress Dowager and Empress Dowager of the Sui Dynasty (of course, four years overlap).
It may be the best choice for Xiao Huanghou to restore the girder when the Qi of the Great Sui Dynasty has run out. History, she has gone from place to place and experienced the twists and turns that Turks supported puppets and finally had to give in to Tang Yuan. She has endured it. Today, it is obviously not unacceptable to be raised by her nephew and son-in-law in another identity.
Perhaps it is Xiao Xian’s wife, Princess Nanyang, who is more difficult to accept this fact than her mother in the whole Sui Dynasty. Of course, it is the hardest thing to say, and perhaps it is even more important to calculate that Da Sui devoted her life to becoming a princess. Yang Guangtang’s sister, who weakened the Turkic policy in her early years, sacrificed her life’s happiness. She has already paid too much for this court’s history. Princess Yicheng eventually died at the hands of Tang Dynasty general Li Jing instead of surrendering to the imperial court like her imperial sister Xiao Huanghou. Li Tang chose the imperial court of Da Sui’s daughter.
"This matter the qing to discuss the composition is given ….. mourning for the elderly faint mai can’t discuss this today can go safely …"
Everyone knows that Xiao Huanghou agreed.
Xiao Xian’s Victory Dynasty entered Danyang Palace to offer prisoners for delivery, and then returned to the new investment residence for less than two months.
Only when I entered the second entrance did I see Yang Jieying, a wife of more than ten years, and greeted her with a graceful demeanour. It was a little weird in the atmosphere.
"Male and female servants see positions" Yang Jieying slammed on her knees and paved the courtyard pavement regardless of the pain in her knees, but she did not bow her head. She gazed at Xiao Xian’s knees and unyielding eyes, which made people feel comfortable.
Xiao Xian thought of ten thousand possibilities of reunion, but he didn’t think of such a cruel gesture. For more than ten years, husband and wife have never been so respectful.
"Lonely … husband knows about it … husband doesn’t want to … forget it and say no, don’t want to, but it’s just a matter of virtue. Now it’s already recoverable and cheap in the big Sui Dynasty. Don’t be a thief, it’s better to get up."
Xiao Xian helped Yang Jieying up. Yang Jieying’s delicate body resisted by natural forces. Xiao Xian took advantage of the situation and took it into his arms. After slightly lifting Yang Jieying’s resistance, he hugged her and went back to the house.
"You … you can swear that you really didn’t have such a plan at the beginning!"
"Solitary can swear, of course-what was not done before was to save the father of the Great Sui Dynasty. Although the Southern Dynasties were wiped out, Wu people never oppressed Li Shu in the Southern Dynasties, and those who were damaged by Zhou Min’s reason only had a surname without damaging Li Min’s solitary desire to be loyal to this life.
Although Li people suffer from this loneliness, they know that the expedition to the East is a grand event of eternal peace for the Han people. Even if our generation is going to suffer deeply, we should endure it. After the rebellion of Yu culture, my father was killed and I wanted to help the young master rebuild the court’s moral hope-everything is fate today. "
Yang Jieying knew in her heart that everything Xiao Xian said was true-before Shaoyu culture rebelled against regicide, all Xiao Xian’s performances were perfect, and there was not a spark to replace Yang Guang’s personal ambition. Yang Jieying was naturally the most real person in Xiao Xian. Xiao Xian’s explanation finally shattered the defense in his heart, making it easier for her to completely blame heaven for the demise of the Great Sui Dynasty.
"Madam, cry if you don’t want to cry, but don’t put it in your heart. Don’t think about it. Thirty years ago, my mother changed from a princess to a princess. Who can resist it? Let’s see how many princesses become queens and how many queens become princesses … "
Behind the screen of the room was an excuse to visit Yang Xue Ai Xiaoxi, the princess of Nanyang Communism. When she came back, she made an excuse for her cousin Yang Jieying to arrange for her to hide and meet each other awkwardly, but no one actually knew-including Yang Jieying, her sixth aunt Yang Xue Ai Huaizhong was carrying a sharp short blade.
If today she concluded that Xiao Xian had usurped Sui Dynasty and was seriously ill and dying today, and it was also arranged by Xiao Xian, then Yang Xueai would approach for an excuse, and then this blade would assassinate him and then kill himself.
It’s a pity that she also listened to the dialogue between Xiao Xian and Yang Jieying. The deep sense of resistance and strength made her unable to lift her arm again.
"Big Sui … finished …" Desperate Yang Xueyi pulled out a short blade and decisively put a blood spatter on the soft abdomen, which almost made Xiao Xian and Yang Jieying jump with surprise.
"Not good! Find a doctor too quickly! "
The first chapter Mingfeng Yuanbao
It’s been many days since Princess Yang Xueai of Yicheng attempted to recover from a coma. It should be January of the thirteenth year of Daye when she was counted. She was not lucky enough to see that scene, which should make her sad.
Oh, not exactly, it was Yang Xueai who waited on her maid-in-waiting to see her wake up and ask about the time. It was roughly said that the date was in the thirteenth year of Daye, and this title was Yang Xueai’s own brain supplement. Only when she could move and know the truth clearly did she know that the title of the Sui Dynasty had become history.
Yang Xian has died of illness four days before Yang Xueai woke up. Emperor Xiao Xian did his best in benevolence and righteousness. Instead of letting the seriously ill Yang Xian perform the abdication of the throne, he let Yang Xian quietly occupy the throne and walk to the last day of his life. It is said that when Yang Xian died, Xiao Huanghou had acquiesced in Xiao Xian’s plan, and many pictures were taken from Long Gong. Minister have it both ways advised Xiao Xian to accept the abdication from Yang Xian, but Xiao Xian sternly refused.
Although this made Xiao Xian not as polite as the historical follwed Cao Pi Sima Yan, Xiao Xian won a lot of hearts-quite a few ministers of civil and military affairs actually believed that Xiao Xian was really forced to move the idea of "solitude" only when the Sui master could stand.
Xiao Xian saw this very thoroughly. He believed that Sima Yan, Wang Mang and Cao Pi, needed abdication because they couldn’t wait for the opportunity of the imperial clan to wither completely before they could pursue the perfection of the ceremony. Now that he can get this opportunity, it is obviously more appealing to stick to the minister’s day until the last moment than to complete the ceremony.
After Yang Lan’s death, Xiao Xian waited for several days until the first day of the first month of the thirteenth year of Daye’s great cause before he officially accepted the imperial decree of abdication from Xiao, the Empress Dowager.
"Princess …"
"Don’t call the princess! The palace is no longer a princess! " Yang Xueai, who was still weak after the recovery, pushed the maid-in-waiting diligently. Since she learned that the Great Sui Dynasty had perished, her heart was already dying, and she burst into tears when she heard the word "princess".
"Princess … said that besides Princess Nanyang, all the former Sui princesses can keep their titles and treat each other like princesses for life … so you are still a princess … After you practice it, you will continue to give preferential treatment to the distant relatives of the imperial clan of Da Sui, and please don’t worry about it."
The maid-in-waiting persuaded Yang Xueai to calm down a little bit. A person can be martyred once, but after being rescued, he will eventually stay for a long time and don’t know what to say. Then he resumed the princess frame and asked, "You are in a palace, and now you are still here to serve the palace. Where is this to recuperate?"
"This is princess royal’s bedroom, and princess royal is very sorry to move the princess for treatment after hearing about it."
"Big princess royal? Not to say that you don’t all keep the titles with Yinger … Hehe, is it time to change your name to Queen now? Where to big princess royal … "
Yang Xueyi here seems to think of something suddenly stopped. Yang Jieying has of course changed from princess royal to the queen, but when Xiao Xian became emperor, princess royal naturally had someone else. Isn’t that the original Empress Dowager Xiao?
Your own Empress Dowager Huang has turned into a grand princess royal. This kind of life record reminds Yang Xueyi of her cousin, the first emperor Yang Guang, and the princess Leping, Yang Lihua. Isn’t it that Yang Lihua has changed from the Northern Zhou Dynasty Queen to the Sui Dynasty Princess?
Just a name made Yang Xueai fall into a trance, and the sense of historical crossing seemed to have dissipated all her resentment over the downfall of Yang Sui, because a belief that "Heaven has its own way" was implanted in her mind.
"God’s will is god’s will! Those who usurp the country by consorts will eventually be usurped by consorts! Xiao Xian is the Great Sui Dynasty, and it’s just that he stole the old law of the previous dynasty and did it again … The Great Sui Dynasty died unjustly! I hope that Xiao Xian Sun will not face such retribution in the future! "
There is no white flag above my door in Yang Xue Ai’s heart, but I didn’t hear footsteps outside. Since she woke up, there have been maids to inform her that someone will come to see her.
"I won’t be ashamed to get back the original thing just because I ask myself-the loss of reunification of the girder is not a loss of virtue, but a lack of force, so I have to pay for the temple. Although I have gained a lot from my father, I have succeeded and usurped it from Emperor Hui Zong."
Yang Xueai knew it was Xiao Xian without looking back, or who would dare to call herself me? Although she heard the word me for the first time from Xiao Xian’s mouth, looking back, she realized that Queen Yang Jieying had followed her to visit.
Yang Xueyi kept silent and knew that Xiao Xian was telling the truth. Perhaps there are so many regime changes throughout the ages that Xiao Xian has no moral flaws. After all, he still has the birthright of restoring his motherland.
"Emperor Hui Zong … is it the temple name of Xiao Cong?" It is considered extremely disrespectful to call the first emperor by name, but Yang Xueyi is the so-called disrespectful person, and it is also disrespectful. Xiao Xian will not dispute with her.
Xiao Xian also won’t mince words and answer questions directly. Soon Yang Xueai found out the reality. Xiao Xian’s uncle was dead, and he once abdicated to Xiao Cong, the late emperor of Xiliang. The Huizong Temple was included in the Seven Temples by Xiao Xian. In addition, Xiao Xian’s biological father Xiao Xuan and grandfather Xiao Yan were only princes and county kings before their death, and they were also sealed by Xiao Xian.
However, this kind of thing is also excusable. In general dynasties, if the emperor’s grandsons are cut off and a monarch needs to be established from the imperial clan captaincy, if the captaincy is stronger, it will also make others not the emperor’s father but his grandfather pursue the title of emperor. In the later Song Dynasty, there was a case of "Pu Yi". Song Renzong’s heirs could adopt a position from their nephews, and then Song Yingzong, while Yingzong had to find a way to make his biological father Zhao Yun make the emperor take an examination of the court. So was the general farce.
Although there are not so many examples for reference in Xiao Xian’s present era, he is a Zhongxing Jun in Ma Detian. Who dares to disagree with him? It was at this moment that Yang Xueai realized that Xiao Xian had changed his New Year’s number to "Ming Feng", taking the new dynasty as the tripod, and there was a phoenix instrument in the south, which boded well.
The title of historical Xiao Xian is Ming Feng, but I don’t know where I got the Phoenix auspicious sign. At that time, Xiao Xian didn’t deliberately make any efforts in this respect, and he didn’t intend to change the title. It was all natural. The only difference was that he mastered the powerful maritime trade power and really went to Nanyang Java to find Kunlun slaves to get back the bird of paradise. All the phoenix instruments auspicious signs were completely realized, and the ignorant people even said that they were worshipping God.
Although Yang Xueai had an affair in Xiao Xian in those days, it was just a coincidence that Yang Xueai was in a very unstable mood on the eve of "national sacrifice". Now Xiao Xian is in the throne, and Yang Jieying is your queen. Yang Xueai has been married to two generations of Turkish khans, and it is even more impossible to make more friends with Xiao Xian. It is also because of a little human feelings that Yang Xueai woke up from her injury and took a look. After calming down, Yang Xueyai recognized the facts and left. She also told the ladies-in-waiting that if everything was fine, they could walk around at will without restraint.
Before he left, Yang Xue Ella Xiao Xian asked the last question, "What will save me or what is the main reason? If you do this, I will be wrong from you … "
"You think too much about me because you have made contributions to the Han people-whether it’s a big Sui day or a girder day, it’s all Han people’s days. Since ancient times, Hu Han has been at odds with each other. If you help the Han people weaken the Turks, I naturally respect you-Li Yuan belongs to a private Turkic collusion, although it’s appropriate to make a pretence, I also look down on him."
Xiao Xian never looked back at this sentence and left Yang Xueyi with palpitation. I don’t know what to do in the future.
Yang Xueai will rest for a few days because it is a spatula wound rather than a stab wound. After waking up, she will recover very quickly. In a few days, she will be able to get to bed. She is naturally curious about everything after Xiao Xian’s regime change. She wants to know how much Xiao Xian’s previous look seems to be self-serving. YoYo’s national false boasting is not willing to suppress the palace and go back to the palace on her own. The maids are all instructed not to be bound. Princess Yicheng informed Xiao Huanghou, Xiao Huanghou and Yang Xueyai, and then let her go.
Yang Xueai, who used to be familiar with Danyang, seems to have some strangers in his eyes. Although people are still those people’s houses or those houses, just a few days after the new dynasty came to power, it actually made people’s livelihood look brand-new
When Yang Xueai was a teenager, he was used to living in Daxing and Luoyang, and Kyoto was a square city. It seemed that shops and businesses could be crowded in the city. Now Danyang may have created a new city because of everything, but there is no distinction between square cities, which have to pay taxes according to regulations and can do business everywhere from the control. It seems that the whole city seems to glow with poverty and vitality, and there is no gone with depression.
"I hope I can be a gentleman, but I know how to rest the people after chaos."
Seeing this, Yang Xueyi went back to the office to prepare to put curtains and stop watching the city scenery, but a pile of congestion and noise in front attracted his attention and hesitated. She still asked aminah, the Persian maid who had followed her for many years, to take the eunuch to see what was going on, so she wouldn’t join in the fun and wait for the bus.
A moment later, aminah came back and brought her some objects and explained them in detail. "In return, there is a city order to set up a field to exchange copper coins. It is said that after the new emperor ascended the throne, the weather of the new dynasty felt that the five baht coins in the last years of the previous dynasty were excessively cast with lead and tin, and the color of copper coins was too white. People suffered from this, so they prepared to cast new money and gradually abolish the five baht coins in a few years-the old money can be exchanged for new money according to the quality of copper."
"It is understandable to exchange new money for five baht, but what is the truth? Since the Han and Sui dynasties, five baht has been spent for 700 years, and how many times has it not been changed? Hum, I just wanted to rest with other people, but it’s just an exultation … "Yang Xueyi chanted here, so it’s not good to say any more, because she thought of her brother Yang Guangtian’s exultation. Who can surpass Yang Guang for the emperor? So she really has no position to criticize Xiao Xian.




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